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Bayoubill: banned for asking a question about forum rules and traditions

Background — Earlier we reported that WhereSheStops received a 30 day time out from Rick.  We missed that he upgraded it to a full ban as a result of her attempt to appeal.   Apparently he told his fellow moderators that … Continue reading

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Calm on the Hannity front

Tonight the penalty for saying Republicans have sex with sheep or calling other honored guests liars is 4 days in the slammer.   Not the same as it was yesterday and probably not what it will be tomorrow but not bad. … Continue reading

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Blemonds banned, the comedy stylings of Rick

SCB’s announcement in TTTM, Blemonds banned, Blemonds has been banned for making a crude, sexual comment about a minor child. Several people quoted the comment and those posts have been subsequently deleted. The thread “Teen Girl vs. Michele Bachmann” … Continue reading

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Fame, Flame & Shame

Let it out!  You have the floor.

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New moderator: SirCharlieBrown

Announced by Rick: We’re honored to welcome SCB to the Hannity staff. She’s a consistent, level headed Conservative woman with high standards (except for that whole marrying Jungulator thing, but we’ve decided to overlook that). Her integrity and character are … Continue reading

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utvdriver banned for frustrating WildRose in a debate

utvdriver posted this question, Has Sean fired back at Jon Stewart about his Common piece?, I didn’t get to catch Hannity the last 2 nights. Has he fired back about Jon Stewarts piece he did about the full lyrics … Continue reading

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UK Glenmont: banned without notice

Whisked away in the night.

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