Hannity posters hall of fame

Who would you include in the list of best, worst and most notorious Hannity posters past or present?


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26 Responses to Hannity posters hall of fame

  1. Bill Fan says:

    Bayoubill is da man! Savoir faire, joie de vivre, je ne sais quoi!

    And he still has a thread on the front page of Trivial Pursuits. 😀

  2. Visitor says:

    Gene deserves a plaque.

  3. DJ Jazzy Jeff says:

    Darth Oilfield now known as Nunyadb.

    He in large part helped create the Darth Forum. He then had an affair with another poster and sent her pictures of his “rig.” He then started the all time classic thread “Heres the Drill” where he let his fuckbuddy know just how he felt about her. She fired back and they began posting all kinds of graphic and personal messages to one another including how Oilfield’s semen quality was thin and gruely. Mods were pretty inactive back then so thread lasted for nearly 24 hrs and hundreds of posts.

  4. haha says:

    so thats where thin and gruely comes from

    • the REAL who says:

      I’d heard the phrase joked around a bit by hannity veterans and exiles – and never knew the context before either.

      Now, I’m not so sure I wanted to know what I just found out. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  5. fuckwit says:

    RayMan and Mr. M top the list for me… always seem to have the right thing to say at the right time…

    there’s many others who hold a special place in my heart…

  6. Songs of Pogo says:


  7. konigsberg says:

    My votes would have to go to either Databyter or LauraKBF.

    Databyter for his amazing debating style which roughly amounts to “I’ve already explained why you’re wrong. If you don’t understand it and kneel before me admitting your ignorance, then I’m not going to debate you any further”.

    LauraKBF for her warm, understanding posting style and her ability to hold her ground while treating opposing viewpoints with respect. And basically calling anyone who isn’t a conservative Christian a c**t.

    • HST says:

      She’s a piece of work (Laura). She fawns all over Goose in any thread he posts in and pretends to be rational trying to impress him. I think she has a hard on for him honestly. If he’s not in a thread she spews her ignorant twit hate all over the thread.

  8. Ahelluvalady says:

    Croupier101 was/is the most aggravating member. It’s impossible to have a discussion with that guy. He makes one sarcastic post in a thread, then leaves it never to return. People respond to his posts, but he never replies back. Basically, a troll.

  9. haha says:

    i like old guy…

  10. tribble01 says:

    LauraKBF for being almost as nasty and passive aggressive as LadyGunSlinger was.

  11. NoNameJones says:

    The Good

    The Bad
    B’ en Natuf – Total jerk
    LouC – Very close runner up

    The Funny

    The Stupid

    The Silly

    • fuckwit says:

      your list has alotta holes in it…

      and you forgot to include a classification for “Most Annoying”… 🙂

    • LouC says:

      “The Bad
      B’ en Natuf – Total jerk
      LouC – Very close runner up”
      Woo Hoo!
      I made someones list.

      • Sammy says:

        Most annoying? All the fucking know it alls at Hannity. The losers witb no lives. Check out post counts for those names. The horse faced woman and the dog faced man. The losers who think anyone gives a fuck about them or their pathetic lives. Retreads rule the place and the mods are helpless and they know it. So many people post from so many mobile devuces now. I have 3 accounts myself.

  12. Ed spacer says:

    I used to be DEGOP-ed

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