Vanishing Ron Paul supporters? Ideological bannings?

Are Ron Paul supporters given a fair shake at Hannity?

Are posters banned for reasons which are more about ideology than about their actions?  Are Paul supporters banned on technicalities, or even on whims?  Does the moderators’ animosity toward “Rong Paul” affect how they moderate?

While on this subject, have you noticed any other groups treated capriciously because of their ideology?





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15 Responses to Vanishing Ron Paul supporters? Ideological bannings?

  1. anon says:

    Most definitely. Mods allow horrible threads degrading Ron Paul to remain in the main section of “Washington Politics”.

    Say all blacks are brainwashed and that’s okay. Say “teabagger” and you’re banned.

    Not a good board for discussion. Their moderator staff, with the exception of a few, are power mad. Notice how only certain moderators really hang around anymore, the better ones have been ran off.

  2. ReconRick says:

    If Romney or Paul gets the nomination I’m banning everyone.

  3. snicker says:

    I could give at least 3 links, maybe 4, where Paul supporters were banned “just because”. Mostly accused of being trolls. The fact of the matter is, the mods hate Paul. Seriously hate Paul. Any member who dares to support Paul is on their radar. Long time members are given a break, but new members who support Paul are considered trolls and banned.

    That’s the facts kids.

    Disclaimer: I am not a Paul supporter, but I detest biased mods.

    • JT says:

      That is the sense I get … that being a Paul supporter gets you on the radar. So you’re getting closer scrutiny and less benefit of the doubt than any other random poster would.

  4. fuckwit says:

    meh… I’m a long-time libertarian (prolly the only person you know of who voted for Ron Paul in the 1988 presidential election), but I gave up on RP four years ago after he refused to even try to reign in and instill discipline amongst his out-of-control supporters…

    • snicker says:

      Ya know, those dots you use…. the dots….

      makes Goose nervous….

      don’t use dots…. just sayin….

      people have been banned for…… wait for it……..

      for dots….

      just sayin……


    • LouC says:

      I voted for Ron Paul in 88, would never do that again, just too much revealed to me since then.

  5. LouC says:

    Not all PaulBots are summarily banned, some have managed to remain active and under the Mod radar.

  6. Sidestreamer, in the pixels says:

    … this appears to be a dead garden of the malcontents (apologies to Tha Malcontent).

    Oh, and ahelluvalady… fuck you. You ain’t even worth an afterthought.

  7. Sidestreamer, in the pixels says:

    Her getting my posting style straight? She’ll know me by the trail of cum I wrung out of her after she obsessed over me for so long.

    Let’s get this garden of the malcontents blooming again! Swing your dicks an’ cry like chicks, everybody!

  8. Sidestreamer, in the pixels says:

    I’d post on topic, but… ah fuck it, I know my role.

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