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Your updates

JonasBrothersFan: I hope you will keep this blog going. It’s nice to have updates of which posters have been banned and a forum for discussion on the ban. Thank you, JBF.  For now we still do not plan to add … Continue reading

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Thank you for your contributions

Our perspective has been changed by the news that Sean personally invited Rick back to his moderation staff after Rick already exposed himself as an irrational and vindictive moderator. We naively believed that Sean did not know the state of … Continue reading

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Goodlife weighs in on Rick’s past leave of absence

Goodlife says: Let me clear this up for you. Rick voluntarily took a leave of absence to help his wife with illness and recovery. He was not asked to leave nor was there reason for him to be asked to … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity

Are you a fan of Sean?      

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A General Discussion About The Hansterland Mods

By special request      

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Goose’s SocCon thread – why did Goose single Trip out for a report?

Who should have been reported for their behavior in Goose’s thread?, ATTN SOC CONS: Family Values Trumped By Economy Start with Goose himself.   He made  demeaning posts to Satchmopants.  Two examples: Your ignorance of history is noted. Try reading … Continue reading

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TrapperMN: four day time out for f-bomb

Since we learned that the filter bypass committed by treadmill was for a word other than an “f-bomb” here is a different incident to compare to Eventual’s permaban. On March 1, TrapperMN received a 4 day time out for an … Continue reading

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