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Window licking retarded?

Proud Mom and Teacher posted┬áJust checking, Window-licking retarded is now acceptable in describing a group? Thanks for the clarification. The question was asked without a link, seemingly because giving a link would have implicated a moderator. Iggy’s reply: Link … Continue reading

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WhereSheStops: Another light … another ban

Another poster foolish enough to ask about moderator caprice, another ban. Concern about interacting with moderators. , WhereSheStops asked in part: What is the right way for us to handle situations where we feel personally threatened by a moderator? … Continue reading

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The morning after

The new day at Hannity has given way to the next. Rick appears to have gone back to business as usual. We hoped that Rick would be sobered by what happened to Gene and watch his own act. Possibly he … Continue reading

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