Calm on the Hannity front

Tonight the penalty for saying Republicans have sex with sheep or calling other honored guests liars is 4 days in the slammer.   Not the same as it was yesterday and probably not what it will be tomorrow but not bad.

Here’s to a meaningful Memorial Day for everyone.  Stay safe.

Give a hand to the tornado victims and others who are in need.



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31 Responses to Calm on the Hannity front

  1. watching from under the stairs says:

    where is the list of protected Hannity posters??

    and the list goes on…

    • watching from under the stairs says:


      and a host of others that are protected from ban or time out…

      Noose being the biggest offender….. so far

      • ahelluvalady says:

        You forgot Stu. Goose said, in TTTM, that Stu NEVER breaks any rules, never. There ya go, a mod admitting a member is protected.

      • Visitor3 says:

        Or that Stu doesn’t actually break any rules…

        You know, one of the two…

  2. Visitor3 says:

    How are they protected?

    Because they call people out on their bullshit?

    And Noose has been given multiple TO’s. Remember when Who got banned for suggesting that conservatives wanted the Civil War to end differently?

    • white rabbit says:

      You answered your own question. They are repeat offenders who continue to have a free run of Hannity. Sometimes they push so hard that the moderators have to do something but it’s a slap on the wrist considering how other people are treated.

      This is what Goose said about Noose’s 30-day TO in March — “For trolling, insulting guests, and basically being a pain in the ass. I’ve asked him nicely to mind how he responds to perceived insults. He refuses. Maybe he’ll learn some self discipline with a month off.” Goose didn’t even give Noose the usual empty threat that next time the ban would be permanent. Why not? Maybe because he knew he didn’t mean it. LMAO. At least he was honest about that.

      Compare that to Lee’s reason when he banned HeyJude forever — “NO…. I am simply going to ban you because I am tired of you.”

      • ahelluvalady says:

        Lee cannot tolerate the truth. Lee cannot tolerate folks who tell the truth. They must be banned, immediately.

      • Visitor3 says:

        Goose pretty consistently gives people multiple chances, whether they’re liberal or conservative.

        Honestly…I AM a little surprised that Stu or WR haven’t lost their TTTM access.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Stu doesn’t break any rules? Oh come on, everyone flubs up eventually. Except for bots, I guess. Is Stu a bot? The rest of us are human, and are subject to error. Stu isn’t? Hmmm… might be a bot then.

  3. Visitorrrr says:

    WildRose, are you still bitter you didnt get the promotion rather than SCB? Haha, bless you baby.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      lol, you are a bitch, yes you are. Now get yourself down to New Orleans and kiss some Lee ass, which you love. Baby!!

  4. CutiePie says:

    Is that Jenyeliza getting in some of her Hannity hatred? Relax girl! You gotta let shyte go baby!

  5. CutiePie says:

    As for the protected list, it’s laughable. You’re just mad, WR, that some liberal posters have figured out how to outlive some many conservatives on a conservative board… Bitterness is so unattractive on you, WR…

  6. CutiePie says:

    Bye bye BayouBilll, you won’t be missed…

  7. hello says:

    Hi Cutiepie, or should I say Malcontent, or even retread stopper.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      I suspect Cutiepie is probably Rick himself. Only Rick would make such assinine posts. Yep, Cutiepie is Rick, no doubt.

      • CutiePie says:

        Oh no hun… way too cute to be *ewwwwww* Rick… my genetic material is too pretty for that. And you think Rick would call himself CutiePie? HA!!!

      • white rabbit says:

        Cuter than Rick? Rick probably disagrees but if you say so then okay. It would be rude to argue.

  8. ahelluvalady says:

    I guess everyone saw where Noosey got his pudgy little hands gently slapped with a feather by daddy LEE?

    lollollollollollollollollollollol……….smooch, smooch, smooch, kissy, kissy, kissy.:)

    Hannity forums, a laugh a day, the mods trip over themselves smooching up to the libs.
    I get a kick seeing them make fools of themselves.

    • white rabbit says:

      pudgy little hands. lol. Noosey’s little lip is trembling but daddy will sneak him up some ice cream and he will feel better soon.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        LOL. What gets me is how these guys “claim” to be Marines. I seriously have my doubts. I can tell ya, my son is a Marine, and he would laugh at the likes of Noosey wiff his wittle wip poked out. LOL.:)

  9. Semper Fi Noose says:

    Some very reputable posters on the board, well maybe reputable is too strong a word since they are mods, know Noose in real life and have verified that he was indeed in the Marines.

  10. Semper Fi Noose says:

    Also that sorta explains why Noose gets away with some things: he’s friends in real life with several of the mods.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Well, if Noosey truely is a Marine, then damn it all he should ACT like a Marine. I’ve never seen such a sissy who also claims to be a Marine. The least little thing gets his panties in a wad. a REAL Marine, who actually went thru Paris Island, and later fought for this country, would rather puke than be associated with the likes of Noose. Noose is an embarrassment to those who proudly wear the title of Marine.

      If he is a Marine, then his brothers need to spend some time telling him what an embarrassment he is. Last I checked, Marines don’t wear lace-lined panties.

  11. WildRosiePalm says:

    Wasn’t it Goose who banned LadyGunSlinger?

  12. Visitor says:

    IIRC, it was Goose. He put up with LGS time and again and was tired of it.
    It was a good move by Goose if you ask me.

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