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I hope you will keep this blog going. It’s nice to have updates of which posters have been banned and a forum for discussion on the ban.

Thank you, JBF.  For now we still do not plan to add new commentary but here is a page for anyone who wants to talk about new bannings.


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  1. Lee Kingston says:

    Henceforth and for to with, in advance of advancing and moving forward in progress I am currently on vacation…okay actually I’m drunk and lost. I shall require the assistance of a board member to locate me and provide me with sustenance and beverages…

  2. Fibbins says:

    That place is boring now. Like butter scraped over too much bread. Or something.

    • Oh No. says:

      Seems like a lot of new posters there now. Seems like they replaced a lot of old time posters that are pretty nonexistent now since Nov.

  3. Oh No. says:

    What happened to Laura? Where did she go?

    • LouC says:

      Didn’t know she was gone?

    • tribble01 says:

      She stopped visiting after Obama won. She was one of the unskewedpolls disciples, I’d almost say she was embarrassed but I don’t she she was capable of that particular emotion.

    • Fibbins says:

      yeah I did a search the other day to find when she last posted. It was in November just before the election I think. I guess she didn’t have the cojones to stick around and defend herself or her positions. She was a flake.

  4. LouC says:

    biggles53 is flaming out for some reason. Low key, but still headed in that direction.

  5. LouC says:

    And biggles53 is out of there. So much for standing on imagined “principles” on a private message board.

  6. Oh Yeah! says:

    As I mentioned in the other update thread, Lee was nothing more than a sniveling bitch throughout that whole thing. What an unadulterated jackass. The other mods should have pulled a Gene Doan on that asshole and over ruled that smug bastard.

    • Fibbins says:

      I don’t mind banning people but Lee is such a little bitch about it like you say. He calls people names, demeans people up the wazoo. I can’t stand that old turd.

  7. Oh No. says:

    I hope they change armycowboys name to homocowboy. That would be good. People thanking him for his service is a joke when all he has done for the last four years is spend every minute on the forum. I hope his “free time” does not mean he will be posting more.

    • Waitwhat says:

      Where has HomoCowboy been? Oh that’s right. He isn’t getting paid by the taxpayers to sit in his fat ass and post lib bullshit all day. Typical. He is one of the biggest liars on Hannity, next to his lib fake disability friend “Tommy”. What a couple of idiots.

  8. LouC says:

    Goodbye ChicoLibertarian, not that it comes as any surprise, not after reading the posts in question.

    Oh well.

    • Waitwhat says:

      Chico was a moronic troll. Should have been gone a long time ago.

      • LouC says:

        If all those who have behaved as moronic trolls at Hannity were suddenly all gone it would be like the end scene of On the Beach on that website. 🙂

        But CL had been amply warned that such behavior would show him the door.

        He can’t say he wasn’t warned.

        So that does make the make the full court press of violating posts he was finally booted for moronic trolling.

  9. LouC says:

    Hyperion5182 is vowing to post no more, lol. Just leave, no need for all the Drama Queen antics as you exit. Just go, and don’t let the Hannity Forum door hit you on your Drama Queen ass as you leave.

    Too funny.

  10. LouC says:

    I knew my Wiener thread title would likely get Mod attention, but I couldn’t help myself, it was too perfect.

    “Wiener Explodes In Un Kosher Intercourse At Jewish Deli”

    Nothing untrue about it.

    Little too much innuendo for the WP Front Page I guess.

    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  11. LouC says:

    TTTM paradigm shift?

    • Passing Thru says:

      What has been happening?

      • LouC says:

        Taunts in the face of legitimate reports in the TTTM, like the most recent response of “Poor baby” instead of just stating “no foul”, and another Mod recently ranting about so called Mod Posse reporting saying the following “So understand this, every time someone reports something as “offensive” in the Mod forum, it sickens me a little bit. We’re becoming a nation of sissies and I will stomp out this viral sickness in the world I live in whenever I can. Including this one.”
        I have been quite supportive of the Mods there, and willing to give them a great benefit of the doubt, and support when others have had nothing but bad to say about their decisions.
        It just seems though the there might be Mod burnout afoot, or something else, either way it is disquieting.
        It has in part changed my participation there.

  12. LouC says:

    Wow, just wow. But not surprising. Not the way moderation has been going of late. As I indicated with my last post here.

  13. Yuck says:

    I stopped by and read some posts in TTTM and felt icky. It’s an offensive joke for them to claim consistency in moderation.

  14. Yuck says:

    I had forgotten that posting historical facts about Rush Limbaugh could be considered a TOS violation.

  15. Oh No. says:

    Talk to the moderator looks like romper room. Basicgreatguy should have thought about whether being such a dickish condescending drill Sargent right out of the gate was a good plan.


  16. Oh No. says:

    Are there any good political forums now? BGGs over the top thought and behavior police are the last straw. US Message Board does not do it for me. The people there are boring, stupid and predictable. Politcsfreeforall never seemed to get going. One post every 24 hours is not exactly interesting.

    Any other forums doing better?

  17. Yuck says:

    What is BGG?

    I’m sticking with USMB. However, I have noticed that a lot of people who left USMB to go to PFFA are now at The Political Forums.

    • Oh No. says:

      Basicgreatguy is the new mod. He is insane to put it mildly.

      I think he has had more time outs and lectures in his first two weeks than all of the other mods combined in 8 years. F**k that. He thinks he somehow needed to fix the level of civility at Hannity. He would s**t a brick if he went to USMB. LOL

      Here is his “welcome” thread in TTTM.

      I say he should go shove his d**k up his a*s if it can reach.

      • Yuck says:

        With Rick gone, I thought about going back but then I see people getting in trouble for stating facts about Limbaugh’s history and remember that escaping the clutches of the “speak no ill of Hannity or friends” group was a blessing. Even if it means braving the horrors of USMB. lol

  18. Runs With Scissors says:

    I’ll say this about BGG. At least he put a mod smackdown, albeit slightly mild, on Iggy. That was fun to see. Seems like no one in that joint is capable of discussing a topic without dragging Hitler and the Nazi’s into the mix.

    • white rabbit says:

      Sounds like a good story. What happened?

      • Runs With Scissors says:

        There has been, or at least it seems like there has been, a noticeable increase in the amount of Nazi comparisons being made on the the boards lately. We can hardly make it through a single thread without someone screaming “Hitler!!!”

        So BGG, as well as our favorite douche-nozzle mod Lee, have started cracking down. From now on, the boy who cries nazi will be shown the door faster than you can put a pizza in the oven. Along comes Iggy into yet another abortion thread, and immediately starts in with the holocaust. Many posters informed him of BGG’s rulings, to which Iggy merely scoffed.

        When his comments found their way to the mod forum, they were deleted, with BGG lamenting the fact that he couldn’t do more. I would love to be a fly on the wall of the next mod meeting.

      • white rabbit says:

        Thank you.

        Sorry that your posts haven’t shown up right away. Nazi was one of the words which got filtered here. I have changed that setting now.

    • Oh No. says:

      Iggy hasn’t returned since then. I would take him over Basic GOOD GOD mod.

  19. Runs With Scissors says:

    No apologies needed, I hadn’t even noticed.

  20. tribble01 says:

    BGG seems to be trying to crack down on some of the more prolific offenders. Haven’t agreed with every ruling he’s made, but at least he tries to be as fair as possible.

    • Oh No. says:

      By “cracking down” you mean scaring away?

      He’s a piece of crap. He is an arrogant man, and the worst Mod that has ever been put on the “job” on that website. Although Sir Charlie Brown is a close second. He was a huge mistake.

      Somebody post here when he decides to resign, and maybe I will return.

      Maybe being the key word as most of my favorite posters are nowhere to be found posting there anymore as they do not want to be treated like five year old kids.

    • Meow says:

      He loves throwing his weight around there. I think he’s on a serious power-trip. If he’s not basically inventing new regulations and saying they’ve always existed, he’s deleting posts left and right. If he’s not deleting posts, he’s going in and editing them, but not explaining why. You’ll just see someone’s post end with “edited by BasicGreatGuy.” If he’s not editing people’s posts, he’s threatening people with time-outs like we’re all in preschool. Daddy BGG comes in with his belt and says, “If you all don’t behave, I’m gonna have to dish out punishments. I don’t *want* to give people secret points, time outs and bans, but if you *make* me, I can do it without a problem.” I think he needs to get a life and/or some counseling. He’s a total fuddy-duddy and has brought the forum to a screeching halt.

  21. Meow says:

    You know it’s out of control when WildRose is saying BGG needs to lighten up. “You are attempting to limit discussion in ways here that it has never been done in my entire time on this forum by placing such restrictions.”

  22. Oh No. says:

    It looks like Hannity forum is bringing back everyone that has got booted out over the years. An amnesty of sorts.

    Lee is no longer a mod. Iggy is no longer a mod. More ability to call people out. It is about time.

    • The Band says:

      Who is “everyone”? I tried to sign in. When that didn’t work I asked for a password reminder. The message said my email wasn’t recognized. Maybe I’m not even in the system anymore. Would I be banned if I reregistered?

    • The Band says:

      I just read a few posts and saw some faces who made me shudder. Bad memories. So I don’t care very much if I can rejoin but I am curious.

  23. Oh No. says:

    Just register again with the same name. If it has been a long time maybe it would let you in? I saw that they reactivated Sidesteamers account, with his old post count etc.

    There are some cringeworthy people coming back. but it is better than it being dead there.

    • Sidestreamer, In the Pixels says:

      I regret that you find me “cringeworthy,” though I do believe I don’t occupy that many kilobytes of the forum in the grander scheme of things over there.

      Carry on with your shit-talking.

  24. Oh No. says:

    I do wonder how the exmods that did a lot of the bannings will feel if they want to come back and post. seems like they might be embarrassed to me.

  25. CaptainAwesome says:

    On Twitter: @HannityForum

  26. Lou says:

    So much for the grand experiment.

  27. passing through says:

    Just heard that Rick is back. Glad I never got around to dropping back in.

  28. LouC says:

    Getting very interesting over in Hannityland.

    Two death by Mod’s this week, with a third on the way.

    • Oh No. says:

      I missed all of the action? Who left, and how is it even possible to do death by mod anymore without TTTM?

      • LouC says:

        It is as easy as it ever was.

        Just now people are doing their flame outs in threads on the open forums instead of in the TTTM.

        Apparently some may have slit their throats via PM’s to Mods.

  29. LouC says:

    And people wonder why I say I don’t think “you know who” doesn’t like me.


  30. ?????? says:

    so let me get this straight. h-minus called basic great guy on teh phone and verbally threatened him and cussed him out over a new profanity filter???? and after he was banned for it other on teh forum decided to change their avatar to his to support him? what a bunch of idiots

    • tribble01 says:

      Pretty much. Because apparently making actual threats over what happened on an internet forum is behavior worth supporting to some of the posters.

      • LouC says:

        Even if the calls were “off line” they were a direct action brought about by an “on line” participant in direct response to “on line” activity.

        I would have banned him as well as reporting his calls to the police.

    • LouC says:

      If people changed their avatars without knowing the back story for the banning I can almost forgive them for their wishing to show support, but if they did know what happened, that is as you state, the action of idiots.

      • ?????? says:

        based on some of the idiots who changed their avatar they knew full well what they were doing

  31. LouC says:

    I’m certainly not losing any sleep over BGG bowing out, if he does, but no poster or Mod on there deserves someone making it personal like what it appears happened.

    So much drama.

    Wondered what the Duck Dynasty avatar BS was all about?

  32. LouC says:

    “…The number of people with the avatar is enough for me to permanently leave these forums.”

    What a drama queen.
    Funny thing is, he is still there.


  33. LouC says:

    Well, hopefully the drama queens will quiet down now and things will go back to normal.

  34. BasicGreatGuy says:

    SixFoot is the one who started the Si revolt against BGG. He sent pm’s to several people asking them to use the avatar as protest against BGG banning H-Minus. He, along with others, encouraged people to contact the Hannity staff via the contact us button on the forum, to try and get BGG removed as a mod.

    That is to speculation. That is fact.

  35. BasicGreatGuy says:

    And SixFoot has been banned for doing what he did. That is also a fact.

  36. BasicGreatGuy says:

    A lot of the people sporting the Si avatar knew exactly what they were doing. Others were mislead and some put it up when asked not knowing why. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you had tislaw (exmod) in on things as well. There people signing up on hannity and immediately clicking the contact us button to do their part to try and get BGG fired. And people want to try and paint BGG as the bad guy in all this.

    SixFoot was also trying to recruit hannity members away (via pm) to USMB all while acting like he wanted the best for the Hannity forum.

    Amazing how so much are so quick to attach themselves to half the story or even lies, while parading around as if what is being done is noble.

  37. BasicGreatGuy says:

    Some need to learn what duty and honor really means. Those things aren’t something you put on and take off when its convenient, as if they were nothing more than wrinkled clothes. They are things you are supposed to live and walk through hell for, if need be.

    Many disagreed with things BGG did. He will tell you he had mistakes a long the way. One thing he never faltered on, was doing the best for Sean and the forum, regardless of whether it was popular with the cons or the libs, as far as rulings went.

  38. LouC says:

    It is becoming like a reverse Rapture over there where it is the bad apples that are being taken up. lol

  39. LouC says:

    Someone would have to pay me a lot, a hell of a lot, to ever consider sporting a Si avatar.

    Maybe for a new Ram pick up truck, or some such.

  40. LouC says:

    Looks like the drama is continuing.

  41. LouC says:

    One thing that I recently discovered in all this brouhaha was that posters were soliciting other posters for Reputation points.

    My God that was hilarious.

    I laughed my ass off at learning that.

    I would never have ever considered doing any such thing as that.

    Too funny!

  42. BasicGreatGuy says:

    It is best not to post anything at all, when you don’t know the facts, such as the H-Minus ban. That is how things get so screwed up on the internet.

    He wasn’t given a warning by a moderator over the mod test filter, nor did his banning have anything to do with it.

    What happened was unfortunate and could have been avoided. And now the forum is at risk because of the drama surrounding the ban, that so many sporting the Si avatar brought to the forum.

  43. BasicGreatGuy says:

    It doesn’t really matter who I am Lou. I know the facts and I have relayed some here, because I saw people grasping at straws and making judgments, without really having a clue.

    • LouC says:

      Well, in my opinion, to me, it very much does matter.

      Every other board I have joined I have kept the Hannity identity which is the same one I had used originally at the only other board I had ever been at before joining Hannity going on 8 years ago.

      • BasicGreatGuy says:

        What matters, is the right action was taken, whether some want to believe it or not. For those who think it is ok to calls a person’s home and curse them out with vile hateful language as a mod and the staff as well, you need to think again. Just because a number was given out in good faith at one time, that does not magically give the person who was given the number the right to call and act in any manner he or she wants. And when he called the next day and left a threatening voicemail, that sealed his fate of never coming back to the forum.

        And for the record, SCB and BGG did not hand out the voicemails, nor did they say that anyone who wanted a copy could have one. Whoever is saying those things, is either passing on a lie they heard or making it up themselves.

        There is also a claim being made by tislaw, that a mod posted H-minus’ personal information (including real name and medical information, SS #) in the Goodbye thread. That never happened. Any mod that had done such a thing would have been banned by New York.

        Take the emotions away from all that occurred, and things become very clear.

  44. LouC says:

    Don’t know whether I should feel pleased or put off that i was not secretly solicited to sport the Si avatar?

    Prolly for the best, me being that consummate “Liberal Troll” and all. lol

  45. Jerry Springer says:

    The personal info posted about H-minus was just that he was in really poor health and was disclosed in order to illustrate the point that Robert was trying to help him get medical help he couldn’t afford. SCB went on to say that Robert had even requested through NY that Sean try to help as a grand gesture.

    • BasicGreatGuy says:

      That is exactly what happened.

      • Sidestreamer, In the Pixels says:

        Which is nobody’s damn business. HIPAA comes to mind, actually… If I had my medical history disclosed to the forum without my explicit approval, I’d be more than angry, myself.

  46. BasicGreatGuy says:

    H-Minus is making the voicemail available to people on his Facebook page. He is using that to try and show that he was banned wrongly, because there is no threat on the voicemail. BGG never claimed that there was a threat on the first voicemail There was on the second voicemail that H-Minus left the next morning. And he has many people believing his lie because they want to.

    The second voicemail clearly demonstrates a threat to BGG. And it is this voicemail that New York has gotten the police involved on.

    H-Minus was banned for the first voicemail left. The threat voicemail guaranteed, that he would never been allowed back on Hannity forums.

    The only thing missing from the voicemail is his name and Robert (which is BGG’s first name).

    The full voicemail with names, so that you know I have posted the real deal and have posted the truth. You will have to turn the volume up.

    BGG did not lie, even though H-Minus keeps twisting things, as do many of his supporters.

    There were two voicemails. He was banned for the first one which did not contain a threat as he alleges.

  47. Jerry Springer says:

    Ultimately, the information BGG posted in the site forum should have never seen the light of day. A goodbye thread LOCKED with limited info on the circumstances of his resignation would have been more professional. I’m not accusing the victim, as he was, just suggesting he should have handled it differently as evident by the deletion of that thread.

  48. BasicGreatGuy says:

    There was nothing private about what BGG posted. He spoke from the heart and he posted his observations and opinions. Many other regular members took it to a level it didn’t need to be.

    Sometimes, people need to see the result of their actions, and I believe that that is what BGG did.

    Maybe next time, people will give thought to what they are doing day in and day out.

    The moderators should have locked the thread after SirCharlieBrown posted.

    • LouC says:

      It should have been locked by BGG after he posted it.

      If some other Mod wanted to follow suit, in this case SCB, they should have posted their own independent departure message and then locked that.

      Then the remaining Mods could have made the decision to leave or remove said adieus.

  49. BasicGreatGuy says:

    Regardless of what some may think, SCB and BGG did a great job for the forum, and put up with a lot more than they should have, in order to try and move the forum towards a better place.

    • LouC says:

      They both did things for the forum, true, I think SCB was better at moderating than BGG, much better, but I think BGG was better in the other things he set about doing for the board.

      I agree, they put up with more than they probably should have, from some.

      • BasicGreatGuy says:

        There is no doubt, that a lady’s touch gets much better results than a man’s in some situations. From what I saw, they worked very well together, and brought a good balance to the board. They made a great team, in my opinion.

  50. LouC says:

    Wow, the Duck just keeps on quacking his garbage and lies, even after he has bid his final farewell, again, and again.

    • BasicGreatGuy says:

      I see he has been removed from the Hannity Forumites FB group. He must have been causing more drama.

      • LouC says:

        I have never been to that place, of course it might be because I was never invited, and even if I had been I am not on FaceBook, so there is that.

        I have heard some rather interesting tales about the place.

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