New moderator: SirCharlieBrown

Announced by Rick:

We’re honored to welcome SCB to the Hannity staff. She’s a consistent, level headed Conservative woman with high standards (except for that whole marrying Jungulator thing, but we’ve decided to overlook that). Her integrity and character are above reproach and we’re confident she’ll make a fine addition to the Mod team.

Condole..err..congrats SCB and welcome to the team.


Rick praising integrity and high standards.  The laughs continue.  Why does the moderation team let him speak for them?  Does this mean that he has taken the lead role on the team or is it no more than a sign that they continue to support him?  It is understandable that they would not want to admit to the error in judgment which allowed him to be reappointed as moderator.  Letting him take the lead in this way is harder to comprehend.


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37 Responses to New moderator: SirCharlieBrown

  1. Nobody Important says:

    White Rabbit, have you nothing better to do than obsess over a message board? Who were you before the big bad mods banned you?

  2. Visitorrr says:

    Rick is in fact the head of the Mod team, he answers to no one but Hannity himself. He acts with Hannity’s blessing and came back to the mod tead at Sean’s request.

    You however are a complete tool and need to seek help.

    • white rabbit says:

      The prevailing opinion was that Sean is too busy to know about his moderators’ misadventures.

      If Sean approved Rick personally then the Anointed One has nothing on Sean for how he picks the people who represent him to the public.

  3. Visitor says:

    I thought Lee was the head of the mod team.

  4. Visitorrr says:

    the “prevailing” opinion you’ve posted is equally as valid as the rest of your opinions posted on this blog, meaning absolutely worthless lol

    No, Lee is not nor has ever been the head of the mod team. Goodlife was until her hiatus at which time Sean asked Rick to come back and head up the staff.

  5. Visitorrr says:

    The “facts” are few and far between. It’s nothing more than your ignorant, biased, opinion on things you only have partial knowledge of.

    What stands out on this blog is the glaring fact that you need serious therapy and quickly. Your obsession with that site is scray.

    • white rabbit says:

      We have chosen to post verifiable snapshots of current forum activity.

      We could post more personal information and information from the past but we choose to focus on the present. If the Hannity moderation team acts in an aboveboard manner then this blog will not be busy. If the moderation team continues to ignore the rules of the site in their own actions and in the reasons they use for banning members then this blog will have more to report.

  6. Blue Jackets fan says:

    They actually made sirchaliebrowne a mod. Sorry but she did a pretty good job of baiting Jenyeliza into getting herself banned.
    My last time on there her and I got into it big time over a news report of a sex offender suing the victims family and I got the TO whammy for it.
    Good riddance Hannity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nobody Important says:

    So, White Rabbit, not going to let us know who you are/were before the evil mods banned you, huh? Figures.

  8. Can I get drunk and hack Goodlifes computer to be a mod too? says:

    Cuz we all know thats how Rick first got his mod status. For those who don’t know there was a New Orleans meetup where Rick, Goodlife, and many others were present. Story goes from some that were there that they were all drinking and as a joke Rick got onto Goodlife’s computer and made himself a mod using her account to do it. Unfortunately they let the joke stick.

    Edit: for some reason when I first posted that it got stuck under another comment.

    • Visitorrr says:

      You suffer from the same disease that White Rabbit suffers from baby, diarrhea of the mouth talking shit you dont know enough about.

      I was there baby, get it from the source! Rick didnt hack Leighs laptop, they were all in on it. Rick even called Leigh later when he left and told her to unmod him but Leigh, Lee, Gene, and T decided to keep him as a mod.

      Jealousy is an ugggly outfit on you baby. You have a blessed day.

  9. Visitorrr says:

    baby you suffer from the same disease as White Rabbit, diarhhea of the mouth. I was there baby, get it from the SOURCE! Rick didnt hack Leigh’s computer. They was all in on it. After Rick had gone home, he called Leigh and told them to unmod him, but the other mods decided they wanted to stay, so they talked him into. Get your facts straight before looking more like the fool you are. Now, you have a blessed day!

    • Can I get drunk and hack Goodlifes computer to be a mod too? says:

      Nice to hear from you plsd2mchu.

      Obviously you didn’t read beyond the initial headline or you would see that I got the story straight.

  10. Blue Jackets fan says:

    I think you double posted!

  11. Geraldo Rivera says:

    There is an unhealthy co-dependency between the membership and the mods on that board. Look at the tattle-board for a little clue. The gaggle of dipshits who line up to report the slightest infringement of any absurd rule are unified not only in their desire to make points by turning in members but also in kissing up to the bosses. No one dares to make a substantial disagreement with the mods about their mod choices. Even in other discussion areas people tiptoe around the mods and use words that only an authoritarian parent would require when addressing them. Dimwits like Lee Kington are obviously thrilled to be in charge of anything. He probably puts a little badge on before he signs in.

    Oh, and for the morons who posted in TP that they have better things to do than to read this blog 1. Hello (lol you idiots) and 2. if you really had better things to do would you be rated as a Great All American Experienced Patriotic Debater? I think not.

    Go suck the dirty anuses of your moronic authoritarian mod staff.

  12. Blue Jackets fan says:

    I like it when Sircharliebrown said “former” member. I wonder if she knows my account is still active.
    Guess she will be the one to hit the ban buttion on it (not that I care).

    • white rabbit says:

      You must be an imposter attempting to get BJ banned. Current members could not possibly object to the state of affairs at the forum. 😉

      • Blue Jackets fan says:

        I do have to admit Chiefy, she proberly will make a much better mod than Rick and Goose.
        All I know is I don’t plan to return anytime soon. Pretty much a good number of members such as Rhet2 (who has been on there way way longer than I have) have either left on their own or been banned.
        I left for both the way the forum been going and also my schoolwork.

    • Wemus Wupin says:

      Oh be honest already. You got a deserved timeout and then you say sayanora when it was up. . . . . you obviously are still pouting over that as evidenced by your posts here.

      And btw Goose is by far the best mod that board has ever had in terms of fairness and level headedness. If SCB can even be 1/4 the mod he is than SCB will be the boards 2nd best mod.

      • white rabbit says:

        How could he be four or more times as good as everyone else and still tolerate everyone else? If you look the other way as a colleague does wrong that lowers you.

      • Blue Jackets fan says:

        That was the funny thing “I got a a deserve TO” for what exactly Dlaw? Because I don’t kiss up to you lawyers and the legal system.
        Trust me that wasn’t the only reason why I left. Add the fact they fired Gene for what, putting ya potheads in your place?
        Or the fact Dagoosemon is a (best not go there).
        I’m not even to repond to you anymore.

    • Wemus Wupin says:

      Its funny that you think I’m DLaw. You two have always had an unhealthy obsession with one another.

    • Wemus Wupin says:

      And Goose is by far the best mod there for several reasons:

      1) He’s not batshit crazy like Gene was. Gene as a mod grew into being a fairly fair mod but as a poster he was an utter embarrassment to Sean Hannity’s name and to outsiders you can’t separate the poster from the mod.

      2) He actively participates as a mod unlike Iggy- who would be okay if he ever actually did mod stuff but his mod activity can be summed up as people making jokes about him breaking the board -, Goodlife, and T.

      3) He stays even keeled unlike Lee and Rick who get angry a lot and retaliate or ban people “just because.”

      4) He’s not hypocritical in banning people for doing things he himself does *cough* Waterboy er FireWatch er Rick *cough* Rick banned a long time poster for using MILF yet lo and behold a google search found that he’d used that very term himself in his recono lodge thread. It was pointed out and it got edited away but hypocrisy it is. He banned IpricanPryncess simply because she was a lib who annoyed cons by actually intelligently debating them.

      5) Goose holds cons to the same standards as libs instead of overlooking conservative trolls like Trip, Remus, Spinach, and the like who are constantly trolling and making veiled personal attacks.

      • Blue Jackets fan says:

        I guess you are sidetremer then.
        Me a” conservative troll?” I think you got hit on the head one too many times. I’m not even a conserative, and if I’m not that good of a troll.
        Guess we can both agree about Fire Watch. Dagoosemon however I will keep those comments to myself.
        The reason for my leaving wasn’t because of the TO by Rick but many other different reasons (just it was the final straw in the camels back).
        The forum is losing a lot of good posters over the last few years. Not even Rhet has been there (that could be her issues with her husbean being sick since she hadn’t been active at the other forum).
        I simply like so many others say said “adios amigo.” Another reason is because of my needing to stay focused on my scholwork (my grades had been picking up big time since I been studying more).
        I wish you well Sidestreamer.

      • Wemus Wupin says:

        Still wrong. I’m not the rat either (his nickname since he used to be Rationality).

        My definition of a troll is someone who is constantly going ad hominem and crying to the mods about people acting one way but then doing it themselves. That fits you, Trip, and Spinach perfectly. You rarely maintained even a modicum of civility in talking to many people on the board yet you ran like a good little hall monitor every time you saw someone else acting uncivil even when it didn’t involve you.

        And if you think Rhet was a good poster that doesn’t speak highly of you. She was loony tunes and could not control her temper which led her to very nonsensical angry rants far too often. And its what led to her ban.

        And the board is always shedding posters, many thanks to people like you who report every little thing. Yet the board survives and actually has more people posting now than ever before. Losing a prolific poster doesn’t kill the board – anyone remember Divecon, Shanty, Blue Collar, Robodoon, Godzilla avatar guy (I can’t remember his name), Baretta, Stormy, Dreamy, etc. Some of those go back years since they’ve been seen but the board goes on.

        And its funny that you claim to have walked away for personal reasons yet here you are still talking about the board.

  13. Geraldo Rivera says:

    Looks like that dipshit Lee Kington needs to have the last word on a SCB “ruling” regarding youtube clips:

    Guess who thinks he’s better than you SCB? Lee Kington.

    Notice how I didn’t even bother to mention that the clips were obviously removed because they were in support of a liberal poster. Clearly there is context here if the discussion is about the merit of the artist.

    The irony of how these idiots control discourse is so ironic that they will never be able to see it.

  14. ahelluvalady says:

    Dang, this is a good blog……..

    My 2 cents, Rick is a panzy ass, who gets his panties in a wad if anyone dares to question him. A sissy, who can’t stand anyone posting the truth about him. I can’t believe he is actually a Marine, most Marines are tuff as nails, Rick is a momma’s boy, who cannot tolerate the least little comment that “might” tell the truth about him. He constantly makes posts that disrespect the members, calling the members ugly names, as if that somehow makes him superior. It doesn’t. It makes him look like a fool. He breaks TOS all the time, which also makes him look like the fool he is. Nothing about him is professional. A jerk, with no clue what it means to be professional, mature, and respectful. All of which makes Sean look very very bad.

  15. ahelluvalady says:

    Is everyone here aware that Gene wrote MOST of the rules for the Hannity Forum? Rick was out of his mind with jealousy, and took great pleasure removing Gene. Gene was the best mod at Hannity, always fair and always respectful of the members. Even when he banned someone, he did it with respect, and NEVER lowered himself to take cheap pot-shots at the members, like Rick does.

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