friend banned “just because”


Lee Kington:

Actually I am tired of his inane games on the boards. I have closed that thread and he is getting banned ‘just because’. Actually, he is connected to one of our historic retreads / trolls.

Another poster banned “just because”.  The “historic retreads / trolls” comment is  weak.   The moderators had already made it clear that they didn’t like having him around.  If they had actual evidence of him being a retread they would have used it weeks ago.

RIP, friend.  Hannity will be worse for the loss of your unique, thought-provoking threads.  Some were thoroughly weird but some were gems. In the words of your defender MoleUK:

They often bring flavor and variety to the forums, people choose to participate in them or not, and he’s not spamming.

“Just because” is not a reason for a moderator to ban you.


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6 Responses to friend banned “just because”

  1. Geraldo Rivera says:

    This ban proves two things. Firstly conservatives lack humor. Second is that Lee Kington is made of feces. Bwahahahahaahaha.

  2. Visitor says:

    Lee Kington’s banathon continues… another unjustified banning. 😦

  3. Blue Jackets fan says:

    Lee did say he was a long time retread.

    • white rabbit says:

      Did he? I only saw where he said friend was “connected to” a retread. What does “connected to” mean?

      Lee had threatened him with a ban at least once before. If Lee had evidence that he was a retread would he have lasted as long as he did? I take Lee at his word that this was ‘just because’.

  4. ahelluvalady says:

    There was no reason to ban friend. Lee did it simply because he enjoys banning folks.

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