What happened to LouC?

As someone pointed out, in LouC’s posts his name is not a clickable link anymore and his post count is “n/a”.

For example, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2332521.

That is not what happens in a run-of-the-mill deHannitizing.


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30 Responses to What happened to LouC?

  1. fuckwit says:

    everyone, including myself, wants to know what the fuck happened to LouC…

    so… who’s gonna go into TTTM to ask about what happened…?!

    I’d do it myself, but, at present, I have no access to Hansterland…

  2. fuckwit says:

    meh… way too quiet in here…

  3. Ahelluvalady says:

    OMG, I love LouC, seriously, this is very sad, very confusing!!!

    K, I am now remembering, it’s been a while since he posted………..

    Even so, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????????????????

  4. Ahelluvalady says:

    K, this is pissing me off, big time, what the helll did they do with Louci, My God…

  5. Ahelluvalady says:

    My God, My God, what the hell, Lou is good people…….

  6. Ahelluvalady says:

    I swear, I hate that damn board. They cut the throats of regulars, folks who have been there for years. What the hell did Lou ever do, NOTHING. Excuse me, I just am so upset. I just wanna scream.

  7. Ahelluvalady says:

    Good bye dear Lou. I’m so glad you were able to find your sister, after so many years. Such a great day, when you met her, and you shared that moment with us. My best wishes for you Lou, I know of your health problems, what you have shared with us, not meaning to focus on that, just sayin, you are like a friend. K, I’m just sad now.

  8. LouC says:

    LouC doesn’t understand what happened to him either. I updated information in my user profile and got locked out the next time I tried to log in. After many attempts to try to restore contact, through temporary accounts, and through direct e-mails to the webmaster there, even e-mailing another member with a request they might contact a Mod for me, all to no avail.
    I figured I was no longer wanted on the boards so I quit trying to get back on although I have stopped in to see what is up now and then.
    It does my heart good to know there are those who notice my absence and miss me, ::hugs::

  9. white rabbit says:

    Thanks for dropping in and letting us know, Lou.

  10. fuckwit says:

    I’d saved Lou’s avie in my photobucket account ’cause it’s so wickedly cool…

    lemme see if this link works…

  11. LouC says:

    It works. Cool. I can’t remember who it was that had animated it for me originally?

    • fuckwit says:

      mebbe ThrowCop…? he was always good for that kinda stuff… helped me fix my first avie…

      or BasicGreatGuy…? who, as I recall, fixed me up with my first sig pic…

  12. LouC says:

    I think it was TC, pretty sure that it was him now that you mentioned it.

    • fuckwit says:

      funny thing… TC’s been pretty much absent from Hansterland for the last year or so…

      mebbe he’s simply given up fighting with ski for time on the computer… :=)

  13. LouC says:

    Okay, just out of curiosity I tried one more time a couple hours ago to create a temporary account to gain access to the TTTM, Still no confirmation e-mail was sent so I can complete the log-in procedure. What the heck……? Is my IP address being intentionally blocked?

  14. LouC says:

    Just read this in TTTM.
    “It appears his account was simply purged due to inactivity as many others were. Many inactive accounts seem to have been removed with the database update we received a couple of weeks ago. If he wishes to register once again he has that option.”
    “If he wishes to register once again he has that option”?????????????????????
    Apparently not.
    Every attempt to do so has failed, and all of the e-mails asking for help from the webmaster address I received with my original registration in 2007 have gone unanswered.

    • fuckwit says:

      based on what you’ve told us and what the mods have said, it appears that your disappearance was simply a blip in the system…

      congrats on your reestablishment, Lou…

      feel free to use this tune as your theme song…

  15. LouC says:

    There is no “reestablishment”.

    I still can’t get a confirmation e-mail in order to log in.

    I get the message my e-mail address is already in use when I try to register.

    So I guess I am still out in the cold.

    I don’t know what to do?

    Frankly it just doesn’t make sense.

  16. LouC says:

    I haven’t been unable to post for that long of a time, I don’t know why the hell my posts would have been purged. Didn’t think they did that but every six months or more?

  17. fuckwit says:

    is it my imagination, or did “Liz’s” latest’s posts just now get deleted from here…

    not that I’m complaining, mind you…

  18. Ahelluvalady says:

    Looks like you are back in Lou, congrats! 🙂 Sorry you lost your post count, wow, what a bummer! 😦

  19. eventual says:

    As one was permabanned BECAUSE of LouC the tattle tale, I’m only sorry he didn’t remain banned.

    • LouC says:

      If you got “permabanned” it was because you deserved it. If It was something I reported you for well that is just too bad. Boo freaking Hoo!

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