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Music & other diversions

Not everything HAS to be about Hannity! Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows Advertisements

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Crimes & misdemeanors

Many feel that the punishments at Hannity do not fit the crime.  Some receive warning after warning with not even a time out.  Some are banned for what another moderator might have  called “no foul”. Some feel that conservative posters … Continue reading

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Suggestions are welcome.

This is obviously a brand new site.  How many days or months will go by before anyone else sees it? To our as yet unrealized future readers and writers: If you have any suggestions for topics, categories or improvements of … Continue reading

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The moderators of Hannity

Did we leave anyone out? DaGooseMon, gdoane, goodlife, Iggy, Lee Kington, Rick, tislaw

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Fire Watch

How Rick AKA Fire Watch got his job as moderator and how he keeps it are cause for concern.  

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Welcome to Hannity Watch

Some things are going on at the Hannity forums which we don’t think Mr. Hannity could approve of. This can’t be said at the forums without threat of banning so let it be said here.

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