What are your favorite internet stomping grounds?

How does Hannity rate?  Which other forums do you enjoy?





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13 Responses to What are your favorite internet stomping grounds?

    • fuckwit says:

      even though it’s chock fulla assholes, I like USMB…

      some really good people there…

      and, as far as I can tell, the assholes aren’t in charge of the place…

      • Ahelluvalady says:

        Uh, Bill, yer USMB avatar is a bit gross, don’tcha think? Pullin buggers outa your nose,,, hmmm,,, yeah ,,, kinda akward really,,,,

      • fuckwit says:

        did you happen to notice it was the middle finger up the nose…?

        meant to be a “subtle” message to the folks at USMB who’ve been giving me crap at every turn…

        btw… are you Dabs over there, Jude…? 😉

      • Ahelluvalady says:

        lol, yes Bill I did notice that middle finger. 🙂 😀

        Actually I am HeyJude over there. But I only posted there a few times.

      • fuckwit says:

        well, dang… get busy, gal… USMB needs more non-assholes like’ you’n me… 😉

  1. JT says:

    I know five smallish boards which probably a lot of you know – many of the same people post on more than one of them. I hesitate to name any of them though because I don’t want to encourage any riff raff to drop in and change the ambience. 😉

    • Ahelluvalady says:

      I know of 2 small boards: Patriot Council and Below (under?) the Fold, both are kinda dead places. There was another one that was taken over by spammers (I can’t remember the name of the board). That’s about it. Oh and a fairly large Christian board that has a political sub forum. It’s very active, with lots of atheists and libs arguing with Christian conservatives, lol. 🙂

      • Nik Notorious says:

        Oh hell, I remember Below the Fold. I used to post there a few years back. I ended up getting bored as hell with it because it was nearly dead, so I went ahead and got myself permabanned for shits and giggles. I’m surprised that place is still around.

  2. Hmmm says:

    Sidekicks and Debate Policy

  3. marshall says:

    I was once an active membee of political nightmare where hannity hoes and bros used to go to talk dirty and cheat on their mates. Goosemon ran the joint.

  4. USMB torpedoed itself says:

    The administrators at USMB have been seen changing dates on posts. Many changes there. Less freedom. More raunch. Tidal waves of trolls. Moderators playing favorites. Many disappearing threads. And now changing dates on posts. There have always been rumors of them reading installing the patch which allows them to read PMs. You don’t want to believe they would. But if they would change dates on posts, what wouldn’t they do?

  5. Passing Thru says:

    LOL. Check out USMB. If you read while you’re not logged in they filter out the dirty words. No n-word. No f-word. No c-word. No b-word. Who are they trying to fool?

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