Your updates, II

Happy Halloween.  Hoping the best for those digging out after Sandy.

We are on the edge of our seat waiting for Nov. 6.  Get out and vote … even if you are voting for the wrong guy.  😉

Here is a new updates thread for the top of the page.

Edit: This thread never took off.  The original Your Updates thread below is where most post when they check in.  Thank you for the continuing input.

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Vanishing Ron Paul supporters? Ideological bannings?

Are Ron Paul supporters given a fair shake at Hannity?

Are posters banned for reasons which are more about ideology than about their actions?  Are Paul supporters banned on technicalities, or even on whims?  Does the moderators’ animosity toward “Rong Paul” affect how they moderate?

While on this subject, have you noticed any other groups treated capriciously because of their ideology?




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Hannity posters hall of fame

Who would you include in the list of best, worst and most notorious Hannity posters past or present?

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What are your favorite internet stomping grounds?

How does Hannity rate?  Which other forums do you enjoy?




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What happened to LouC?

As someone pointed out, in LouC’s posts his name is not a clickable link anymore and his post count is “n/a”.

For example,

That is not what happens in a run-of-the-mill deHannitizing.

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Your updates


I hope you will keep this blog going. It’s nice to have updates of which posters have been banned and a forum for discussion on the ban.

Thank you, JBF.  For now we still do not plan to add new commentary but here is a page for anyone who wants to talk about new bannings.

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Thank you for your contributions

Our perspective has been changed by the news that Sean personally invited Rick back to his moderation staff after Rick already exposed himself as an irrational and vindictive moderator.

We naively believed that Sean did not know the state of the leadership at his forum. Now that we have learned that he specially chose Rick for his moderation team in spite of Rick’s demonstrated unfitness for the job, we have readjusted our expectations of Sean and of the Hannity forum. Good luck to new people who walk unwittingly into that world where rules are made up as they go and Terms of Service apply only when convenient.

We have documented enough knee-jerk moderator reactions and randomly applied penalties for anyone who wishes to see. There are also many other sites online where discussions of this nature can be found. We intend for the site to stay open for viewing and for your comments within reason but we are taking a break from commentary for now.

Thank you for the information you have added and for making the discussion interesting.

We might return sometime and open new threads for discussion. We will leave the door slightly ajar.

White Rabbit

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