UK Glenmont: banned without notice

Whisked away in the night.


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9 Responses to UK Glenmont: banned without notice

  1. Visitor says:

    I noticed he got the boot … anyone know why?

  2. Geraldo Rivera says:

    LOL. Those mods are festering shit piles… the only thing worse is watching the membership suck up to them.

    • white rabbit says:

      It’s fascinating and disturbing. It’s human though, predictable group psychology. People naturally suck up to those in power for the privilege of staying on their good side and not being the next one targeted.

      From the playground to the office to the internet to dictatorial regimes – people become sycophants and even participate in tormenting for the privilege of staying in the in-group and not being the one who is tormented.

  3. Visitor says:

    UK Glenmont is back. Still don’t know what the ban was for.

  4. Visitor2 says:

    Glenmont got banned for using a verboten term. He wouldn’t tell me which one, but he said he deserved it.

  5. UK Glenmont says:

    i used the word “stiffy”. its all about context though.

    i also have ate a 30 day ban for using the word “mangina”, even though i have seen it used 4 times since, including by a mod, with no repurcussions.

    context, context, context. BTW, i like your blog.

    • white rabbit says:

      I saw your post about Gingrich. I completely agreed with you. I don’t know why your “stiffy” was worse than who’s “horny” but maybe that is why I am not a moderator. LOL

      At least you didn’t get a permaban for it. Thanks for solving the mystery for us.

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