reflechissez: 3 day TO for repeated violations

Rick announces:


has received a 3 day time out for repeated changing a posters username in an effort to insult the poster after the poster asked him to stop.


Abuse of Honored Guests:
The guests of these forums enjoy the welcome of Sean Hannity and Premiere Radio Network and are to be treated as you would treat other guests at any other sort of venue consisting of mixed company. Calling our honored guests names, intentionally abusing them personally or otherwise making them feel unwelcome can result in your own welcome being withdrawn and you may be banned.

3 days.

One for the “Do liberals at Hannity get away with more than conservatives?” file.


Attempting to pass up a laugh that it is  Rick who cited the rule against “Abuse of Honored Guests”.  Failing.  LOL


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3 Responses to reflechissez: 3 day TO for repeated violations

  1. ahelluvalady says:

    reflechissez is a liberal idiot who admits that her entire family, including her extended family, either works for the government or is a former employee of the government.
    Her purpose at hannity is to ridicule and mock conservatives.
    Rick loves those types of members, hence the 3 days.

    • white rabbit says:

      This one continues to perplex. It is easy to understand them pretending the insults didn’t happen but once they reach the level where they have to say it was an actionable offense, a penalty of only 3 days for repeated attacks is hard to reconcile with other decisions.

  2. new4now says:

    Unless reflechissez job is to post idiotic shit on Hannity, she is just drawing a welfare check and calling it her “Job.” She is such a dumbass. I don’t think she has ever even started her own thread outside the Mod forum. She just does drive-bys in everyone else’s threads. She is so stupid, and never provides anything intelligent to a thread. She is too lazy to look up anything and never post any back up to her stupid posts. Talk about a troll. I bet she is one fugly beast, too.

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