Fame, Flame & Shame

Let it out!  You have the floor.


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20 Responses to Fame, Flame & Shame

  1. Corn Squeezer says:

    I would like to begin shit-talking about several posters by name. Is this allowed? They are a spectacular klatch of jackasses IMO.

  2. white rabbit says:

    There might be limits. We don’t want a triple XXX rating.

  3. Thin and Gruely says:

    Nunyadb is actually Darth Oilfield. In other words he’s a retread from the most infamous banning in the history of Hannity. Oh a retread with permission I’m sure but a retread nonetheless. If it was before your time Darth Oilfield basically founded the whole Dork, er Darth, movement on the board. He was their leader. And he was carrying on an affair, cyber at least and maybe real life, with a Dorke, er Darthe. It all spilled out on the boards one night when Oilfield posted his rant against his cyber lover and she fired back. Hundreds of posts later between them and shocked other posters and it finally got locked and Oilfield was reluctantly banned. The highlight of the thread was learning Oilfield’s semen quality is thin and gruely.

  4. Nobody Important says:

    So who is Darth Bush, now?

  5. WildRosieO'Donnell says:

    Anyone want to predict which Honored Guest status poster will be the next to get banned?

    My money is on Accused. I sense a meltdown anyday now.

  6. Whoa boy says:

    Things are quiet on the Hannity front. Too quiet!

    • white rabbit says:

      They’re on their best behavior. Rick knows he is being watched. In the past he has had periods of good behavior. Maybe this time he can keep it up.

      • Visitorrr says:

        All four of you are watching him? I’m sure he’s trembling in his boots. Lmao, bless you baby.

  7. Geraldo Rivera says:

    You know what else sucks about Hannity’s website? Those pathetic team-blogs or whatever they’re called. One might as well stick to the empty regurgitation of headlines within the discussion forum.

    Unfortunately even within the forum the good writing is generally not contributed by the most prolific posters. Nimrods like nunayab think word count = persuasiveness, and then there are the countless imbeciles who think they’re actually having a meaningful discussion by adding comments like, “Yeah, because they hate America” or “Typical liberal”.

    WHat’s worse than a robot who thinks he’s a person? A stupid robot.

    WHat’s even worse than a stupid robot? A retired bigot who gets his meaning in life from bullying stupid robots and posting his amature photography and a thinky veiled request for validation.

  8. Trippity Trip Drip says:

    Word Count! LOL. Trip and his 2000 word rebuttals are always good for a laugh even though I don’t read them. The mere fact he wasted so much time of his life on a message board to type that is LULZ enough.

    • Lamertame says:

      Trip puts his cards on the table and presents an argument. While you may imagine that your vapid opinion matters, the rest of us are quite sure it does not. The “LOL” and “LULZ” pretty much tagged you as the sort of blithering idiot that Trip could hook, gut, shake, bake and fry and you’d still be there with a bubble-fish look on your face. Everyone’s aware that words are wasted on you.

      The one thing ya got right was hiding behind that nick. You’re pretty much standard for the Left, so it really doesn’t matter who ya are – just another coward lowlife.

  9. Just Passing By says:

    Blemonds was shown the door … at the rate long term posters are getting the boot the forums are going to be quiet pretty soon.

  10. Visitor3 says:

    Longtime posters who say really dumb shit on a repeated basis deserve to get the boot.

  11. watching from under the stairs says:

    i wonder if those who read Trip’s long posts actually understand that he has facts to back them up…???

    probably not.. they are just hacks

  12. Visitor3 says:

    Trip’s long posts do have facts.

    Then he twists them into a pretzel of misinformation and bullshit.

    He and johnwk share those traits.

    • HatTrick Trap says:

      Trip’s and JohnWk’s argument’s have very little in common. Your equal dislike of them only shows your false equivalence.

      I’m guessing your own clear “traits” involve a failure to provide relevant and accurate argument, which would tend to make your claim of “misinformation” and “bullshit” only the result of having no real ammo of your own.

  13. ahelluvalady says:

    Can we get a list going of all the stupid crap Rick posts? Besides his infamous “window-lickers” bullshit, hands down, he wins the prize for the most idiotic posts at hannity, ever!!

      • ahelluvalady says:

        Or even a list of his numerous TOS violations. Just yesterday, Rick called an Honored Guest a “thumb sucking adolescent” …… “like the kid put in time out during recess”

        If any other member typed such idiotic crap, they’d have been banned long ago. But Tricky Ricky believes he is above the rules.

      • white rabbit says:

        I agree. It seemed too much to catalog everything he has done wrong and if he was willing to leave it in the past we decided there was no need to dwell upon it, so we started this blog as a place for ongoing offenses. However, if you or anyone would like to share what stands out for you from days gone by you are more than welcome.

        Thanks for adding his crack about Bluejacket.

        Whose idea was it to put a bully in charge of the schoolyard? In another thread someone said Sean asked him back specially. If that is so it makes it harder to respect Sean. We actually thought he couldn’t know the kind of person his other mods had let on board. To hear he not only knew but wanted him back is tough to swallow.

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