Eventual banned, ruthlesspno1 seven day time out

If the president wanted to visit you would you let him in and let him eat dinner?, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2255101


I would show him the respect that someone holding his office deserves.

eventual’s response to don_p:

I used to think this way, even when Clinton was in office.

Obama has since changed my stance on this.

You gotta give respect to get it.

F Obama.

ruthlesspno1 quoted eventual and added:

EXACTLY I AGREED 150% with this statement.  His politics also determines the kind of man he is and quite frankly I don’t like what I see.

Eventual is banned. ruthlesspn01 is on a 7 day vacation.

Eventual: Filter Bypass?, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2255371.

There are many foul things Eventual would have been able to say without penalty about Obama, some filtered and some not.   For saying “F” instead of spelling the f-word out and letting the filter replace it with asterisks, he is banned and the person who quoted him is on a longer time out than reflechissez who repeatedly abused a guest of the forum.


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10 Responses to Eventual banned, ruthlesspno1 seven day time out

  1. Eventual says:

    Well, this sucks. I’ve emailed the mods a few times, and no response.

    I guess I do remember saying that, but it is something you can do on most forums without worry. Guess i forgot where I was.

    Can’t believe it is a freaking permaban. I’ve been nothing but respectful on the Hannity forums.

    • white rabbit says:

      The Hannity forum is strange that way. Actually saying the F-word is okay but saying F is not. They let some euphemisms through but you can never tell which ones they will allow.

      Maybe they will commute your sentence if you make a temporary ID to apologize.

      • eventual says:

        Maybe so. Permaban just seems a bit much for a slipup like that. And it’s not like I circumvented the filter with ‘fuuck’ or ‘fock’ or something like that. It was the letter ‘F’!!

        The only trouble I’ve ever been in at Hannity was for posting an image that was too big, and now I’m banned for life.


    • white rabbit says:

      Do you remember this one from April?


      Mick R got a 7-day TO and an infraction for an f-bomb bypass. Mr Capitalism got 30 days for quoting him but that was reduced to 7 days I think. The 30 days was when Goose thought Cap had quoted an article with an f-bomb bypass.

    • white rabbit says:

      Let’s see if we have the penalties straight now.

      • Permaban for f-bomb bypass if you don’t know it’s wrong, so you don’t edit in time.
      • 7 day TO and an infraction if you post an f-bomb bypass but know it is wrong and edit it in time.
      • 30 day TO for quoting an f-bomb bypass from an article
      • 7 day TO for quoting an f-bomb bypass made by another poster

      But then what would the penalty be if someone quoted this page from the Hannity site?

      30 days? Would someone be banned for quoting a Hannity blogger?

    • white rabbit says:

      There were a couple more filter bypasses recently. The moderators continue to be all over the place in their response. From post removal and stern warning to time outs. I don’t remember any more bans. They need a sticky note on the refrigerator in the moderator lounge with some truth in sentencing guidelines.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        ConservativeValues was banned for an f-bomb in their sig. But that person needed to go anyway. He/she was a liberal who loved to mock conservatives. Probably a liberal retread.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Eventual, sorry you got a permaban. But here’s the deal. The hannity mods take great delight in banning folks. It gives them some kind of sick and twisted thrill. An egomanical power-trip.

  2. Blue Jackets fan says:

    The forum is dying a slow death. It used to be where you can post without having to walk on eggshells. But Goose and Rick changed that.
    I was there since 06 and back then it was a great place to post. Still fuming Gene got fired like that.

    • Visitor2 says:

      Dude…get off it. Gene was getting more and more belligerent and abusive towards EVERYONE as the days went on.

      He deserved to go as a moderator.

      But I do have to ask…what has Goose done to deserve your scorn? He’s banned ME (for violating the One and Only rule) and I think he’s still EASILY the fairest moderator on there.

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