Your updates, II

Happy Halloween.  Hoping the best for those digging out after Sandy.

We are on the edge of our seat waiting for Nov. 6.  Get out and vote … even if you are voting for the wrong guy.  😉

Here is a new updates thread for the top of the page.

Edit: This thread never took off.  The original Your Updates thread below is where most post when they check in.  Thank you for the continuing input.


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16 Responses to Your updates, II

  1. Sidestreamer, in the pixels says:

    Now would be a good time to revisit your favorite conservative board to watch some heads explode.

  2. Infamous St. Niklaus says:

    I was finally able to see a meltdown! Hooray! Did anyone else catch that thread in TTTM by AVI? What a fucking lunatic. A crybaby, and a racist piece of shit to boot. Thanks for playing, asshole.

    • Sidestreamer, in the pixels says:

      Who the fuck is Avi?

      And unless you’re a chronic ass-kissing hall monitor like Wildrose, it’s only a matter of time for anyone there that’s worth anything before they find themselves outside the walls of Hannity’s Sandbox. It’s not the forum it once was in the early 2000s.

      • Oh No. says:

        Who is it that banned you? I remember it seemed retarded at the time. But now I do not remember what happened.

        I also wonder if liberals from the us message board got tired of it there and showed up at hannity forums. It seems like some of the posters left usmb after the election so may be they are bored.

        Where did Liability end up going to?

  3. Citizen says:

    Can anyone pinpoint the beginning decline of Hannity’s place which has now become a joke? Reconrick being made a Moderator you say? Ding! Ding! Ding!

  4. Oh No. says:

    Now there are 2 update lines going which is annoying. Maybe someone could redirect or something.

  5. Oh Yeah! says:

    So, Lee is still an asshole. Apparently, being a Hannity mod makes one a clairvoyant. And unable to be mistaken. Fucking power drunk buffoon.

  6. Oh Yeah! says:

    Looks like Lee’s favorite new puppy is taking a shit all over the rug. But since he “manned up” in another thread, I’m sure poor Lee is hesitant to do anything about a member straight up calling another an idiot, then refusing to edit. Let’s see if dipshit Lee can man up this time, or hide behind some cowardly ruling like a little bitch.

  7. love_bites says:

    Please come visit us at You might see some familiar faces, at least.

  8. Oh Yeah! says:

    Good to see that the Hannity board is letting their moderators start threads that are nothing more than troll threads. I guess since little bitch Ricky has taken leave, Iggy and that vapid whore SirChucky are going to go ahead and take up his mantle. That place is quickly becoming a joke that just isn’t funny anymore.

    Still, it’s a fucking trainwreck that I just can’t stay away from.

    • JT says:

      Rick is gone? Do tell! It has been forever since I visited Hannity. Was there much hooplah? I should not care but I can’t help a little smile when I hear that his reign of error is over.

      • Oh Yeah! says:

        I don’t know if there’s a story or not, but according to his “Goodbye” thread he’s taking leave of the place. God knows it ought to be a permanent one.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What happened to “Tommy?” Why was he banned

  10. Kat Canuck says:

    Lee sure loves protecting his butt buddy Neo-Indie by allowing him to make other posters to feel unwelcome…

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