Goodlife weighs in on Rick’s past leave of absence

Goodlife says:

Let me clear this up for you. Rick voluntarily took a leave of absence to help his wife with illness and recovery. He was not asked to leave nor was there reason for him to be asked to leave. Rick has always been an excellent Moderator and friend. Sean did indeed ask Rick personally to come back when I decided to take a leave to deal with my own Father’s illness. The comments on here absolutely disgust me to a level beyond belief. I’m glad you people remain anonymous because I would be tempted to ban you myself. If you have any questions regarding MY identity, feel free to message me at Hannity, Facebook, or my email provided here.


Waterboy replies:

Interesting spin by Goodlife. I suppose her version could be true but its very spun. Immediately prior to Firewatch stepping down he got overruled on a decision by Goose and the other mods. He made one of his famous arbitrary heat of the moment decision to punish a poster for no valid reason. The next day comes the announcement that he’s not a mod anymore. A little birdie who would know given his / her connections said this did not go over well with Firewatch. Now its entirely possible that it was suggested that he take a break from moderating to focus on the problems in his personal life since he allowing the stress / concern to affect his decision making as a mod. Backing this up is the fact that immediately after he did come back it was if a pod person had replaced him and he was much more even tempered and fair as a mod. Unfortunately the new Rick only lasted a short while before he started moderating like the old one again.

Here is a fresh page to continue the conversation if anyone is so inclined.




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Sean Hannity

Are you a fan of Sean?




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A General Discussion About The Hansterland Mods

By special request




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Goose’s SocCon thread – why did Goose single Trip out for a report?

Who should have been reported for their behavior in Goose’s thread?, ATTN SOC CONS: Family Values Trumped By Economy

Start with Goose himself.   He made  demeaning posts to Satchmopants.  Two examples:

Your ignorance of history is noted.

Try reading a book sometime and get back to me.


Clearly, if you think neoconservatism of today is what conservatism has always been, your education is clearly lacking. That doesn’t make you stupid, it just make you ignorant. And that’s not an insult. Nothing wrong with that, I assume you are capable of learning.

And yes, I am arrogant. Extremely arrogant when it comes to matters of conservatism. I’ve been a student of conservatism since the early 80’s and I can guarantee you, I’m far better versed in it than most people here. That much is evident in this thread alone, not to mention my 30,000 other posts on this board.

But tell me, where have I promoted redefining marriage or infanticide?

Astonish me with your knowledge young satchmo…

Satchmo’s reply to the latter:

LOL! Could you BE any more condesending?

The 80’s. Really? Boy I guess that makes you an authority,(in your own mind).

The 80’s

Goose’s reply:

You made an assertion about my beliefs. Are you going to back it up or continue to troll?

We’re here to discuss political strategy and issues. Feel free to join in at any time.


If Satchmo was trolling  then there were two responses which would have been appropriate from Goose.  If Goose was acting as a moderator then he should take action against Satchmopants for trolling.  If Goose was acting as a member then he should report Satchmo in the TTTM.

Goose violated the Terms of Service at least by accusing Satchmo of trolling within that thread.  Satchmo had grounds to report Goose in the TTTM.  Of course it would have been futile but it would have been at least as fair as Goose reporting Trip since it is still not clear what Trip’s violation was.


Who else might have been reported if the participants were evenhanded?

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TrapperMN: four day time out for f-bomb

Since we learned that the filter bypass committed by treadmill was for a word other than an “f-bomb” here is a different incident to compare to Eventual’s permaban.

On March 1, TrapperMN received a 4 day time out for an f-bomb filter bypass in the title and a worse in the OP.  F-Bomb: trapper,

Remus Lupin:



An F-bomb filter bypass in a thread title?

Lee Kington:

Title edited.

OP, hence thread, deleted for containing another (and worse) bypass in the text.

96 hour time-out (non-negotiable).


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Treadmill: one week for filter bypass

Treadmill – Filter Bypass,


Post removed, week off for bypass.

6 years he’s been here. Did he suddenly forget?


Compare to Eventual who was banned for saying “F Obama”.  Eventual: Filter Bypass?,


Eventual has been banned.

The other guy get’s a week off for quoting it.


No, it’s clear.

He’s gone.

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Through the looking glass, version 2.0

Who do you see?  A special request has been made.

so… white rabbit…

how ’bout a blog thread wherein we all try to guess who each of us are…?

We live to serve.


Continued from  Through the looking glass because replies are posting out of order there.


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