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Goodlife weighs in on Rick’s past leave of absence

Goodlife says: Let me clear this up for you. Rick voluntarily took a leave of absence to help his wife with illness and recovery. He was not asked to leave nor was there reason for him to be asked to … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity

Are you a fan of Sean?      

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A General Discussion About The Hansterland Mods

By special request      

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Goose’s SocCon thread – why did Goose single Trip out for a report?

Who should have been reported for their behavior in Goose’s thread?, ATTN SOC CONS: Family Values Trumped By Economy Start with Goose himself.   He made  demeaning posts to Satchmopants.  Two examples: Your ignorance of history is noted. Try reading … Continue reading

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TrapperMN: four day time out for f-bomb

Since we learned that the filter bypass committed by treadmill was for a word other than an “f-bomb” here is a different incident to compare to Eventual’s permaban. On March 1, TrapperMN received a 4 day time out for an … Continue reading

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Treadmill: one week for filter bypass

Treadmill – Filter Bypass, DaGooseMon: Post removed, week off for bypass. 6 years he’s been here. Did he suddenly forget?   __________________ __________________ Compare to Eventual who was banned for saying “F Obama”.  Eventual: Filter Bypass?, DaGooseMon: Eventual … Continue reading

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Through the looking glass, version 2.0

Who do you see?  A special request has been made. so… white rabbit… how ’bout a blog thread wherein we all try to guess who each of us are…? We live to serve. __________________ Continued from  Through the looking glass because … Continue reading

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