Thank you for your contributions

Our perspective has been changed by the news that Sean personally invited Rick back to his moderation staff after Rick already exposed himself as an irrational and vindictive moderator.

We naively believed that Sean did not know the state of the leadership at his forum. Now that we have learned that he specially chose Rick for his moderation team in spite of Rick’s demonstrated unfitness for the job, we have readjusted our expectations of Sean and of the Hannity forum. Good luck to new people who walk unwittingly into that world where rules are made up as they go and Terms of Service apply only when convenient.

We have documented enough knee-jerk moderator reactions and randomly applied penalties for anyone who wishes to see. There are also many other sites online where discussions of this nature can be found. We intend for the site to stay open for viewing and for your comments within reason but we are taking a break from commentary for now.

Thank you for the information you have added and for making the discussion interesting.

We might return sometime and open new threads for discussion. We will leave the door slightly ajar.

White Rabbit


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57 Responses to Thank you for your contributions

  1. tinydancer says:

    Does this surprise you?

  2. tinydancer says:

    Why would you shut down this forum when you have realized Hannity has actually recruited Rick? The moderator who lies.

    I only popped in this morning to give a heads up and a big thank you to all the posters who came to my defense at Hannitywatch.

    My temp ban was based on bullshit. Bullshit dragged to the mod forum by It’s Joanne. And then Rick manipulated my posts to make it look
    like I was calling Proud Mom and Teacher a bastard.

    I really hate liars. I digress. Thank you posters who caught Rick out for me.

    I really hope you don’t shut down this forum. I had planned on becoming a very active member.



    • ahelluvalady says:

      Hi TD, feel free to post here as often as you want. We are here, and we will hear you. I am one who saw how Rick screwed you, accusing you of things you didn’t say. All of his crap is easily accessable thru the google cache. However, count your blessings I guess, if LEE had ruled, he would have given you a permaban. So give the devil his due I guess. 3 months is insane.

  3. white rabbit says:

    Hello td. We are glad we were able to provide space for people to set the record straight about your actual posts.

    The reason we are stepping back now is because as we said in our first post, we started the site under the impression that Sean did not know what was happening at the forum which bears his name.

    Some things are going on at the Hannity forums which we don’t think Mr. Hannity could approve of.

    This can’t be said at the forums without threat of banning so let it be said here.

    The Hannity moderators who have visited this site told us our assumption was wrong. Hannity is more personally involved in moderator selection than we realized. One early poster said Rick heads the moderation team. The moderators who posted under their own names did not confirm that but they made it clear that Hannity knowingly inflicted Rick on his fans who visit that forum. We have come to terms with that. We had hoped that by making some noise we might make Hannity’s public relations department aware of a bad situation happening in his name. Learning that Hannity personally set the stage for the bad situation changes everything.

    It takes time and ingenuity to document the arbitrary decisions and the occasional bullying. The effort is complicated by the deletions which take place, such as Rick deleting what you actually said and replacing it with his version. If Sean personally installed the bad moderators onto the moderation team, there is little hope that our efforts can change anything. Sean is human. A funny thing about humans is that they do not like to admit their mistakes.

    People who fall victim to capricious or vindictive moderation at Hannity are still welcome to tell their side of the story here. However we will not try to keep track of the wheel of fortune style moderator decisions anymore. We think we have made our point in the information we have already posted here.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      I don’t think we have any solid proof that Sean appointed Rick. There was a thread, a year or so ago, I think it was in TTTM, someone asked if any of the mods had ever met Sean. The answer, by all the mods, was that NONE of the mods had ever met Sean, never spoken to him. None, ever. I think it was Goose who said he went to one of Sean’s concerts, and got a good seat up front, but even then, he never spoke to Sean personally.

      Believe me, Sean has never interacted with any of the mods. He doesn’t have a clue who any of them are. As the old saying goes, “follow the money”. If the website is making Sean some bucks, then that’s all that matters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but, you gotta understand, Sean doesn’t have the time or the desire to bother himself with the forum. It either makes money or it doesn’t. End of story.

      We like to think that all of this is somehow important to Sean, but it ain’t. Not in the least. Sean has his people who handles all this for him. No way in hell has Sean ever interacted with Rick, much less even know who Rick is. Sorry, but that’s the truth of things. The forum is nothing but a tool.

  4. UK Glenmont says:

    well, i have enjoyed your blog.

    i know, it sounds sick, but it was fun watching people take out their frustrations.

    i hope you can keep the momentum going, so im going to check in every once in awhile.

    take care everybody.

  5. Goodlife says:

    Well “ahelluvalady”, once again you show your complete ignorance. The majority of the mods have indeed met Sean. There are even pictures of several of us with Sean at a Freedom Concert. Sean DID personally ask Rick to come back. Rick is in fact the head of the moderator team. He hired Goose and SCB. In addition to meeting Sean, he has called us personally on several occasions, birthdays, Christmas, and he even wished me a happy birthday on air this year. On top of that, we all have standing invitations to sit in studio with Sean during his radio or TV show if we’re ever in New York. Sean does read the forums quite often. I’ve had numerous emails from him regarding threads and posts, he even read a thread OP by Rick on air a couple of weeks ago. We all have his personal cell number and are welcome to call him at anytime. So, crawl back under whatever rock it was you emerged from and see if you can find some accurate information to spew forth.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      LOL. Who should I believe, you or my lying eyes!! Hey bitch, you crawl back under YOUR rock. I clearly read that the mods had NEVER met Sean, and NEVER spoken to him. The mods were asked, and I remember being a bit surprised that none of the mods had ever met him or spoke with him. It made an impression upon me, because of the disconnect. I was surprised that Sean had never interacted with any of the mods. I remember I even felt a bit sorry for Goose, that he was sitting very close to Sean at the concert, yet wasn’t able to speak with him or meet with him.

      • Visitor3 says:

        I regularly read TTTM and do not recall seeing the thread you’re describing.

        I also specifically recall Gene, Lee, Leigh and Rick all mentioning having personally met Sean.

        If you choose not to believe them, that’s your prerogative…

    • duncanmccloud says:

      So, you are telling the world that Sean approves of the arbitrary, selfish, personal, mean, left-wing methodology of the current mod-set.
      Seems a bit far-fetched, but…
      Judging from the impunity with which the mods and their pet libs operate, it can almost be believed.

    • JT says:

      Well “ahelluvalady”, once again you show your complete ignorance.

      So she got some facts wrong about who’s been schmoozing who. And she was mean about your weight. She shouldn’t have done that.

      But that doesn’t mean she’s wrong about what’s going down at Hannity. Whether Rick has met Sean or not doesn’t change anything about moderators getting personal with posters or other moderators AND Sean looking the other way for whatever the hell reason.

      So, crawl back under whatever rock it was you emerged from and see if you can find some accurate information to spew forth.

      Lady has accurate information. She is good at retrieving Rick’s screwups from the Google cache after he deletes the evidence.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        JT, thanks, yeah, GL came in here attacking me, when I had not said a word against her. So I attacked her back, which was bad form, I admit. But it’s bad enough that the Hannity mods attack the members on a daily basis, then come in here and attack people here. I’m just sick of it.

      • JT says:

        I know what you mean Lady. They have things locked down so tight over there. They don’t take kindly to us telling our sides anywhere do they.

  6. MaDhAtTeR says:

    The bloggers have woken,
    The PCers distressed,
    Now is hardly the time
    For Alice to run for the hole,
    Especially not in that blue dress.

    If a blog was made to stir the issues
    And put a light on the stench,
    Only a mad little rabbit would run
    Based on the weight of one unruly wench!

    This is time for fight, not flight,
    So put thy feet on the ground,
    It’s time to focus on issues.
    And let the trumpet sound!

    We need to be human,
    we need to be kind,
    But now is no time
    To forsake our own mind!

    There is work to be done, more than a few Gooses to cook,
    This book is not at an end.
    I can tell with one look
    Take it from me, the Hatter, your friend!

  7. Goodlife says:

    Well, here’s a picture of me and Sean together 🙂

    I know there are several of Rick and Sean, T and Sean, I cant recall if Lee ever posted his. Have a nice night 🙂

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Dang, girl, you need to lose some weight. Put down the cheetos!! Regardless of the pic, I KNOW WHAT I READ.

      • Visitor3 says:

        Perhaps if you could SHOW us what you read, since no one else seems to remember it?

      • CutiePie says:

        God, that was rather vile. Not a mod pet by any means but anyone who spews out this much horrific diatribe must have some serious issues… specially over a SIMPLE INTERNET DISCUSSION BOARD. Seriously, seek help and go outside, meet people and connect without the benefit of an IP address.

        If Sean Hannity needs help running this board, email him but this… It’s beyond childish… it’s like creating a school gang whose sole purpose is to bash the friends who won’t let you sit with them at lunch anymore… because you had B.O.

        Seek help…

    • duncanmccloud says:

      Does anyone know the name ‘PhotoShop’?
      My daughter created an image of me sitting with Winston Churchill…

      The above pic, if not altered, looks like a ‘fan photo’ that any cleb will do with a fan.

      Don’t let a single photo, or the words of a few known manipulative liars sway…

      • duncanmccloud says:

        The photos and words of the play-actors on the moderator staff at Hannity are not reliable nor to be trusted.
        The defense of their acts with vitriol and falsehoods has been seen before, do not fall into the trap.
        Do not fall for the BULL shoveled out of the maw of a known LIAR.!

  8. Lee Kington says:

    And there you have it folks. The evidence and testimony of quite a few others matters not to this “lady”. Leigh did not resort to personal attacks, yet this “lady” makes a comment about Leigh’s weight. You’re full of hate and reason cannot break through it. Yes, we all with the exception of SirCharlieBrown have met and talked to Sean on multiple occasions, and everything else Leigh attested to is the truth. Not that any of that matters, Sean could state as much on camera tonight and you’d call him a liar as well. You expose this blog for exactly what it is, nothing but trash and hate, a reflection of your true self.

    • MaDhAtTeR says:

      Evidence? Testimony? A picture with Sean somehow cleanses all that has been done by the moderators? Do you mistakenly believe Sean to be our idol.

      Who is truly the Mad Hatter here, surely not I! “Leigh did not resort to personal attack” >chortle< only the threat of bans and a host of demonstrably false statements, about an issue that isn't true and shouldnt involve any focus, if that were the case. We've had Rick, then Goodlife and then Iggy show up and claim Rick was not here, and couldnt be less interested, after he started the thread about it on Hannity and posted here several times. And now you!

      I've talked wit Sean too, and it didn't pay my taxes, win me the lottery, involve any celestial signs, nor serve as testament that I'm a better person. In fact quite a lot of persons of low caliber and ill intent have appeared with Sean. The Truth is many believe Sean's program only serves to validate their anti American agendas in the political arena, making it all fair game in politics.

      Is Hannity testifying to the fact that there has been no off-again, on-again affair for nearly a decade that began with someone's notorious PC cam fixations? Is Hannity going to testify "I cannot swear that picture is not me … I mean him!"? And how is Breitbart to be involved in all this? Perhaps we should call this "Breitbart's Watch"?

      Lee, be thankful God gave you a fool's face long before you went on this fool's errand. The shame is so few can tell you the Truth on Hannity.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      And why don’t you crawl back under YOUR rock “Lee”. I’m sure the orderlies at the old folks home are out looking for you. Get back to your room!

    • duncanmccloud says:

      All of this defensive activity, by supposedly fair and capable moderators strikes as being the reaction of those with guilty knowledge of their own bad acts.

    • duncanmccloud says:

      Evidence, testimony?
      Just the unsupported claims of unknown people claiming to be a known untruthful entity.
      An individual that claims intimate knowledge of the acts of others, while not being honorable enough to do the right thing is as untrustworthy a source as the person(s) claiming unverifiable connections.
      If you are who you say, clean up your act on the other forum.
      Show the others that there is a definable right and wrong, before you claim the high ground.

      In plain words: If you won’t walk the walk…BITE ME.!!

    • ahelluvalady says:

      LOL, Lee, she damn sure DID attack me, and I gave her back what she gave. And what do you do in your reply, but continue the attacks? You are an expert on personal attacks, so I guess it comes naturally to you. 99% of your posts in TTTM include a personal attack. You wouldn’t know how to post if you couldn’t personally attack a member. It is common knowledge that you treat the members with disrespect, belittling people on a daily basis. You win the prize for being the MOST arrogant, self-absorbed misfit mod at Hannity. Here’s a bit of advice: TRY ACTING LIKE A DAMNED PROFESSIONAL FOR A CHANGE. Leave off the idiotic personal attacks, and make rulings based on TOS, and not on your own thin-skinned fragile ego. Your moderating style makes Sean Hannity look bad. Have enough respect for Sean to clean up your act, you are disgusting.

      • Blair Cullen says:

        Do you like any of the moderators? Who should Hannity keep around?

      • ahelluvalady says:


        Can you tell us who you are? How you are associated with forums.hannity? Thanks.

  9. ahelluvalady says:

    Visitor3, it was a while back ago, probably in the archives now. It was when Sean was supposed to go to a concert, but FOX made him cancel. People raised hell about it, and the subject ended up being about the mods, and had they ever met Sean.

    • duncanmccloud says:

      That was the thread, months ago, that Rick said that the only one that ever had any dealings with Sean was “mod-1” and no one else had ever met him.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        BINGO. That’s it exactly. Finally, someone besides me remembers the thread. Folks here are lying thru their teeth.

    • MaDhAtTeR says:

      Thank you for helping the class, “You’re all idiots”.

      Now, one last thing, can you tell the class what you imagine this information shows?

      Obviously it shows that Rick had a form response to questions about his call with Sean, but it doesn’t show much else.

      Do you imagine that Sean saying something positive to Rick means Rick is free of wrong doing? Or that his original appointment as a mod was not the result of personal improprieties?

      Or perhaps you’re so foolish as to believe that by virtue of Sean merely speaking to any of the Mods, this is clear indicatation that they are all free of wrongdoing, upstanding Moderators, great Americans, and there are no problems whatsoever on the Hannity forum?

      “You’re all idiots”, the only question resulting from your post is “just how much of an idiot are you?”

      You may sit down now.

    • white rabbit says:

      Wonder why the author of that post decided to sign in as “You’re all idiots” instead of “Goodlife”. Could it be the bad language?


      To everyone who believes they have a legitimate complaint about the Hannity moderation staff — please make your case without lowering yourself to the level of the language “You’re all idiots” AKA Goodlife used. Remember that there are several here who want to bait you into forgetting the main issues. Pick your battles.

      We have deleted a few posts but we do not plan to watch the site closely. Please put out all cigarettes and turn off the lights before you leave. 😉

      • You're a Fraud says:

        What’s even more telling “white rabbit” is your decision to attempt to call out and identify those you believe are Goodlife and others posting under more than one ID here but just deleting those posts by your supporters here posting as “Rick, Goose, Lee, Iggy” ect. You’re just a biased and guilty as those you claim to be trying to “expose”. Identify those of your supporters that chose to post as mods here last night or admit your hypocrisy. I’m not holding my breath.

      • white rabbit says:

        Naturally we are biased. Everyone has a bias. Many of our “supporters” post here because they have not been allowed their say at Hannity. Sometimes under the freedom of anonymity they go too far. We have deleted less than 10 posts of that nature. It is different when someone such as yourself posts under the same IP as someone who called themself Goodlife and said they would be tempted to ban us from Hannity — and someone who posted as Bwuhaha and called ahelluvalady a douchebucket. If a Hannity moderator might be posting here with that language, that is completely different from a powerless Hannity poster venting a little.

        Why are you posting from the same IP as one of Goodlife’s posts? Specifically the post which convincingly said “If you have any questions regarding MY identity, feel free to message me at Hannity, Facebook, or my email provided here”?

        Goodlife has the run of the Hannity forum. People who use aliases to try to make trouble here do not have as much protection as people who are trying to express what they were not allowed to say at the Hannity forum. All Goodlife and the other moderators need to do to neutralize this site is not live down to the worst of the behavior we have documented.

      • You're a Fraud says:

        You’re not the brightest widdle wabbit are you? Try this, go to Google, type in “anonymous browser”, use the first link that pops up post a comment here and see who it matches. Jaaaaaaysus you’re an idiot. Now try several of the other links under that Google search and see who it matches.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Thanks for proving our point that the Hannity mods are classless and without integrity. Take your foul mouth and wash it out with some lye soap. You disgust me. You come in here threatening people, attacking people, as if we care about your BS. Sean Hannity surely deserves better than YOU.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      RE: “You’re a fraud”, “You’re all idiots”, “GoodLife”, blah blah blah…….

      Listen up bitch, take your stupid bully tactics somewhere else. You have proved what a lowlife you are, and “IF” you are Goodlife, then YOU have ruined your reputation here. I hope you are damned proud of yourself. I pretended to be the mods for a VERY good reason, TO SHOW that ANY DAMNED BODY CAN COME IN HERE PRETENDING TO BE A MOD. And as you have shown, anyone can post under any damned name they want to. So I have NO assurance that you are Goodlife. HOWEVER, I am thoroughly convinced that you are a troll with a piss poor attitude. Take your attitude somewhere else, we don’t take kindly to bullies here.

  10. JonasBrothersFan says:

    I hope you will keep this blog going. It’s nice to have updates of which posters have been banned and a forum for discussion on the ban.

  11. Guest says:

    His posts on the seemed a bit ignorant, but I didn’t see anything there that warranted a ban, just a debunking by another poster. I do enjoy reading most of his posts though. He requested reinstatement, I hope it will approve.

    I did see Rick Rhetoric accusing him of a using an alleged racist term in his request thread (referring to himself as a mutt) which seemed like poor form, though RR’s posts have since vanished.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Kuddos to PheonixOps. I’ve had my differences with him, but he is a good egg, and I admire his honesty and forthrightness. Maybe Goose will see that he has screwed up in his latest ruling.

  12. Thin and Gruely says:

    Darth Oilfield got banned for being racist. LOL I don’t know the thin and gruely one very well as either Oilfield or Nuny so I don’t know if he’s truly racist. But I do know that his Trip length replies aren’t helping nearly as much as saying something like “My bad. I’m sorry. Won’t happen again” would.

    • KloknDagr says:

      H-minus, here’s a clue for you.

      Only a preschool child would see anything racist in Nunyadb’s response. Yet the PC tyrants expect us to accept their terms as reasonable, and thereby limiting the discussion in our society. And make no mistake Goose is a proponent of that PC adherence, and group dictatorial conformity, all while he swears up and down he’s a representative of the “original conservative” philosophy. Just look at Goosie’s current signature trying to claim Reagan too, along with distorting what Reagan was saying.

      The fact is that 90% of blacks voted for Obama. which means a number of things, among which is they’re focused on skin color over caliber of character. Also a vast majority of blacks vote for the Democratic Party, the party of handouts. No other racial voting block in this country votes on these stark terms. The facts indicate that blacks overwhelmingly have an ideology that insists they are victimized and must be entitled, and even black spokespersons have engaged this issue, with them being accused of being racists as well.

      And what you’re attempting to do is really unethical, and you know what I’m talking about too.

      • not a preschool child says:

        Only a preschool child would see anything racist in Nunyadb’s response.

        You are mistaken.

      • KloknDagr says:

        No, I’m quite certain that every single PC Progressive I’ve met hasn’t advanced beyond preschool and elementary school mentality. They are simpletons whose conclusions will always be superficial because their analyses, are grossly lacking in real substance.

        Its like the “Gay marriage” routine trying to tell us that Gay’s are somehow being denied Civil Rights. These PC Progressives and Libertarians don’t have any real clue about Civil Rights, equal protect, or the most fundamental concepts involved in the consideration. They are acting out of emotion, nothing else.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        I’m just here for the cookies…

        and to piss off my friends… 😉

  13. Waterboy says:

    You truly are a moron Helluvalady. I’m not a fan of some of the mods, hell my name here directly mocks Rick. But many of the mods in fact have met Sean regardless of what you think you remember reading. And Sean did personally shout out Goodlife on the air. And I completely remember a thread one time where several of the mods were gushing over getting to meet Sean at an event.

    Are you actually Rick in disguise trying to hurt the anti mod movement here because you certainly with your rantings are making the mods look better.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      LOL. That’s all I can think to say to you Is LOL. What damn difference does it make. Not a damn bit. The mods will either clean up their act, or they won’t. They seem to be doing a bit better, however, time will tell.

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