Goodlife weighs in on Rick’s past leave of absence

Goodlife says:

Let me clear this up for you. Rick voluntarily took a leave of absence to help his wife with illness and recovery. He was not asked to leave nor was there reason for him to be asked to leave. Rick has always been an excellent Moderator and friend. Sean did indeed ask Rick personally to come back when I decided to take a leave to deal with my own Father’s illness. The comments on here absolutely disgust me to a level beyond belief. I’m glad you people remain anonymous because I would be tempted to ban you myself. If you have any questions regarding MY identity, feel free to message me at Hannity, Facebook, or my email provided here.


Waterboy replies:

Interesting spin by Goodlife. I suppose her version could be true but its very spun. Immediately prior to Firewatch stepping down he got overruled on a decision by Goose and the other mods. He made one of his famous arbitrary heat of the moment decision to punish a poster for no valid reason. The next day comes the announcement that he’s not a mod anymore. A little birdie who would know given his / her connections said this did not go over well with Firewatch. Now its entirely possible that it was suggested that he take a break from moderating to focus on the problems in his personal life since he allowing the stress / concern to affect his decision making as a mod. Backing this up is the fact that immediately after he did come back it was if a pod person had replaced him and he was much more even tempered and fair as a mod. Unfortunately the new Rick only lasted a short while before he started moderating like the old one again.

Here is a fresh page to continue the conversation if anyone is so inclined.





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  1. ahelluvalady says:

    Assuming the poster truely is Goodlife, I find it odd that she would come here and threaten people with a ban. It tells me how much she hates the truth, hates reading the truth, hates people having a chance to report the truth, and hates the fact that the truth can be told HERE, without anyone needing to have fear of being banned.

    Her threats are empty threats, yet it’s interesting to see how her mind works. When faced with a problem, instead of trying to work with people or trying to find ways to improve the moderating at Hannity, she immediately wants to punish people. Interesting.

  2. lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

    given the latest thread by Goose and his personal attacks followed by his insertion of
    ““We’re big boys and girls here. We didn’t survive all that by being sensitive and tailoring our ideas and comments so as not to offend people.”
    Don’t you think it’s time for the mod’s to grow up? Hannity is supposed to be a discussion forum yet the actions of the mods is inconsistent with that goal..

  3. ahelluvalady says:

    Let’s get back to basics here. Because Sean Hannity is a professional, we expected the moderators of his forum to also be professional. So we were very surprised, even shocked, to learn that that is not the case. The Hannity mods are not only NOT professional, they are corrupt and without honor, greatly lacking in integrity, disrespectful, spiteful, shallow, thin-skinned, and last but not least, they are bullies.

    I keep going back to Sean, and how his mod team represents him. So yes, the mods have caused me to take a dim view of Sean, as I shake my head, wondering how in the world, can he not know. He must know. I find myself wondering who Sean really is, and have to say that he is not who I thought he was. Which brings me great grief and disappointment.

  4. Wavefarer says:

    To Goodlife
    Wow, this response is so very wrong and not thought out, that it highlights the source of the problem with the Hannity Mods – the Sr Admin. Do you really think that a threat of bans on Hannity is appropriate for comments made on other places than Hannity, and when Rick was so obviously removed for inappropriate conduct? It’s not as if the many events involving Rick are unknown to anyone with any real time on Hannity.

    Your response here shows the corruption in the Hannity forums and arrogance of the moderation staff overall have clouded reasonable judgment involving rick and moderations in general. Seriously, you’re threatening people with bans here? Not only have you made your objectivity about him being an “excellent Moderator” extremely suspect, but also provided further reason to question your reasonable judgment. The reference to him as only a “friend” is laughable, as some of us know what is going on. You’re not nearly as sly as you imagine.

    What is clear is Hannity doesn’t give a damn about what happens on the forum, as long as none of it explodes and gets on him. That is why the problem exists among the Hannity forum staff in the first place, and why this blog now exists, and why your attitude is certain to make things far more messy. Lady, who the **** do you think you are, threatening bans. This blog came about because things have deteriorated to the point that the conduct of the Hannity staff is no longer tolerable, and people no longer care about bans, but you’re apparently too arrogant to recognize that too. Its no surprise at all that Rick started a thread on Hannity about this blog, hoping to intimidate – more of the same consistently bad judgment.

    • JonasBrothersFan says:

      Great post!

    • Visitor3 says:

      “This blog came about because things have deteriorated to the point that the conduct of the Hannity staff is no longer tolerable,”

      No…this blog came about because someone had an axe to grind. Let’s not make this bigger than it is.

      • Maelstrom says:


        Sure, axe to grind…that’s it.

        You stick to that, and if you believed it, you wouldn’t have bothered posting it…actually neither would Goodlife, and I do love her, but things are what they are.

  5. GWH says:

    Goodlife, thank you for bitchslapping these cretins. Which should actually be the title of this thread, speaking of spin, Goodlife Bitchslaps the Cretins of Hannitywatch, because that wasn’t a “weigh in” on Rick’s leave of absence. It was indeed a verbal bitchslap to those of you on this site who choose to spew vile hateful rhetoric. You people are sick and disgust me as well.

    Please, Wavefarer, you pompous twit, please make your identity known to Goodlife, or Rick, or any other mod and let’s see if you really believe your statement,”and people no longer care about bans.” Be that sacrificial lamb, that martyr that this site needs you to be, to show everyone how unfair those bad mods really are. And that goes for any of you little douchebags, make a stand you candyass! Step up to the damn plate, man up, and make your statement in TTTM. Hell, I hope they do ban every one of your sorry asses.

    The hannity forum has obviously gone to hell in your eyes anyway. What’d be the harm in getting banned from there? Or do you lack the courage of your convictions?

    • Visitor3 says:

      Don’t hold back…

      • GWH says:

        The only ones holding back are those cowards who choose to be anonymous. It is known who I am and where I stand.

    • JT says:

      It’s not a verbal bitchslap to say that Rick is a good moderator. lol. Goodlife’s name gives her post some gravitas until you read the post and see the doublespeak for what it is. Goodlife has been protecting Rick a long time. Rick was a bad moderator then and there was a rebellion. He is a bad moderator now and there is a rebellion. The moderators have circled around to protect him at Hannity. Rick can go hormonal on people and they have his back. But burying the bodies doesn’t make him a good moderator.

      • GWH says:

        “The comments on here absolutely disgust me to a level beyond belief.”

        That’s about as hardcore as she can get as a representative of Hannity. I, on the other hand, am totally free to call you a stupid twit, a vindictive narcissist dingleberry, a condom testing road whore, you get the drift.

        Now, had you and your band of merry Johns taken the time on this site to actually critique each and every mod on that site beforehand, then there’s a possibility that your arguments might hold a little water, but only because you took a reasoned detailed approach. As it stands, anything you say about Goodlife at this point is simply untrue vindictive rantings of a bunch of lunatics in effort to continue to paint Rick in a bad light. Even going so far as to suggest they are engaged in some type of affair…

        “The reference to him as only a “friend” is laughable, as some of us know what is going on. You’re not nearly as sly as you imagine.”

        ….rather than just accepting Goodlife’s explaination, Wavefarer tries to drag her name through the mud as well. Waterboy gave her a B on her moderating duties just the other day, which is it?

        You people are sickening turds.

      • JT says:

        Stories involving sexual improprieties between Rick and members of the Hannity forum have traveled far. Goodlife has been splattered by Rick’s ****. When Goodlife comes here and tells us not to believe our own memories that brings the rumors back out. It sucks for Goodlife if the part about her isn’t true but Rick is a creep. Defending him makes her look like Pelosi defending Weiner.

  6. cynic says:

    Don’t believe your lying eyes.

  7. Wavefarer says:

    GWH why should anyone give a damn who you are, here or anywhere? You’re nothing but lackey. If you imagine anything in Goodlife’s post was a bitchslap you’re even more clueless.

    I did my time at Hannity, I made my complaints and played their game by their rules hoping to point out the increasing problems. I havent been a member there for almost a year now. Here’s a news flash, despite how much you’d like to make it so, this isn’t about me or anyone else here.

    There’s something else I’m certain of. It doesn’t matter who you are, and obviously no one even cares, when you’re clearly a carbon copy of any one of the unthinking toadies there. Do us all a favor, sit down, shut the hell up, and let the adults talk.

    • GWH says:

      Awww, him’s upset he got banned and can’t come back and play anymore. So him lashes out at eberyone responsible. You poor pitiful soul.

      HEY DICKLICKER!!! Newsflash, you’re the child here. The grown-ups are still at the big people’s table eating their meal. Now run along, and play in traffic until we’re finished eating.

      • Wavefarer says:

        Class act, a tower of intellect, wisdom and profound thought. Surely you have the respect and admiration of your peers. BTW, you still got a good deal of that shinola all over your nose from your last foray into TTTM.

        People still don’t give a damn who you are, and we’ve moved the punk table to the other room.

      • GWH says:

        Hey, same to ya Mr. “The reference to him as only a “friend” is laughable”
        “Lady, who the **** do you think you are?”

        You make shit up, then get all Billy-bad-ass on someone I respect….you get called a dicklicker. I say you earned it well.

        The punk table? Is that the best you’ve got? Tower of intellect indeed.

        Here, I got you’re next comeback;
        Yeah, well the jerk store called and they said they were all outta you!

    • Maelstrom says:

      It is amazing how thoroughly your point was verified by the respondent. *snicker*

  8. ahelluvalady says:

    Goose is showing a lot of good common sense today in his rulings. Kuddo’s to the Goosemon! He was respectful too, which counts for a lot in my book. Showing respect, or at least not showing disrespect, is a sign of professionalism. I hope Goose will continue with this refreshing attitude. Maybe things are changing a little. We have held a mirror up.

  9. Visitor3 says:

    “There’s something else I’m certain of. It doesn’t matter who you are, and obviously no one even cares, when you’re clearly a carbon copy of any one of the unthinking toadies there. Do us all a favor, sit down, shut the hell up, and let the adults talk”

    “Unthinking toadies” = “people who think the moderators do a good job overall”?

    Y’all are all jacked up on hate. Pull back from the dark side.

    • Skidrow says:

      People who “think the moderators do a good job overall” aren’t doing much thinking at all.

      Hannity moderators so continually abuse their authority in every manner that it has become defendede SOP there – personalizing addresses to guests, continually using the TTTM responses to inflate their egos, TTTM reports being left entirely unresponded because it conflicts with their bias toward the reportee or reporter, and other reports left unlocked to turn into peanut bonanzas with open season comments on some guests, meanwhile other Guests are untouchable due to their connections from Hannity gettogethers. There are mods reading bypassing security measures to read Guest PMs messages, and then being so arrogant as to write about having done so in a TTTM posting! We have mods threatening, harassing, and abusing Guests in PM, and then prohibiting the Guest’s comment in TTTM to hide their gross misconduct, with the other mods knowing of this and equally guilty in whitewashing it.

      They don’t just fail to apply rules equally to all, but absolutely refuse to do so, particularly to the moderators themselves. This then allows the extreme abuse of personal prejudice and whim to reach such intolerable levels.

      All of these abuses and more are based on the personal prejudice of the Moderators, worsened by them being given free reign without any checks, with them even gloating that they can blatantly insert their fragile egos into every single thread, having no constraints whatsoever, not from Leigh, not from Mod1, and certainly not from Hannity. And Kington does nothing but validate the worst abuses of these policies, turning them into procedure.

      Then there’s Mother Goose, who played a big roll in getting Spinach banned for his blanket statements about Liberalism and not adhering to a Special Spinach Rule of saying “some”. This same Mother Goose now has his own thread defiantly declaring what a “real conservative” is, where he abuses his Mod authority calling those who disagree trolls, idiots and ignorant. And then he has the gall to post a complaint against poster claiming personalized posts, where he shows even more corrupted objectivity by demanding the banning of a person in a thread he’s posting in! .

      This nonsense is long past reasonable conduct. The Moderators are doing a “good job overall” when we don’t really notice them doing their job at all. That is not the case here.

      • Visitor3 says:

        “This nonsense is long past reasonable conduct. The Moderators are doing a “good job overall” when we don’t really notice them doing their job at all. That is not the case here.”

        I will tell you what I tell everyone who bitches about how they’re “mistreated” there, or that there are “too many liberals”, or whatever…

        If you don’t like it, leave. Or get the fuck over it and keep posting. I probably won’t miss you when you’re gone.

  10. Visitor3 says:

    Check that…SOME of y’all are jacked up on hate.

    Some of you recognize the skill, and complain only when it warrants it. Respect.

    • GWH says:

      Yeah, I’d be weary of that sentiment. They still have to try hard at coming across as “caring” so the site doesn’t look too much like a hate site. I’m only guessing you’re refering to ahelluvalady. Check her other posts.

      • Visitor3 says:

        Eh…I’m referring to quite a few of the people posting in here.

        I don’t think they care about coming across as “caring”…they’re claiming to be “muckraking”, after all. You know, “exposing the unethical conduct” of volunteer moderators of a rippingly-successful message board.

        Pretty sure the main descriptor for a large percentage of the people posting on here is “hater”.

      • Wavefarer says:

        Visitor3, so volunteers cannot be corrupt, and this is still a “rippingly successful” board despite the fact Hannity has seen its most substantial and conservative members choosing to leave, because of a liberal biasing and the overall corrupt conduct? Numerous posters have indicated this even in the TTTM forum!

        To be honest, I don’t buy into your Funky definitions at all. They’re self-serving.

        If any of this were actually true, you’d be rather foolish wasting any of your time here at all. Yet here you are protecting the corpse of Hannity nonetheless.

      • Visitor3 says:

        Just out of curiosity, which “substantial” conservative posters left of their own volition?

        All I can think of off the top of my head are Liability and CrusaderFrank. The rest were banned, either for doing something mind-numbingly stupid (DarthBush, Jibaro) or not knowing when to let it go (Bayoubil)

      • Wavefarer says:

        Visitor3 the problem with you is garbage in, garbage out. I don’t think you’d recognize conservative posters. BayouBill may be a nice guy, but he’s clearly a libertarian, and no conservative. There is in fact a significant difference. Oh, that’s right, this is the overflow from the “”Soc Con” thread and you’re a member of Goose’s Band of Misfit Boys, who all imagine that Johnson or should be the nominee and yet are already making excuses why he didn’t get the support. .

        It’s those damn Social Cons, I tell ya,..and the strawberries!

        That pathetic crew of whiners and fabricators spent an entire thread under the cover of a Mod threatening and abusing people for challenging their fundamentally dishonest premise – that libertarians are any sort of paleocon.

        Let me be clear, you don’t have that fucking safety net here. And if you’re gonna swear, you really need to learn how to do it properly, that was just fucking pathetic.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        lol… yep… that dang BayouBill is definitely one of those good-for-nothing libertarians… 😉

      • Visitor3 says:

        Oh, so you’re one of those “I know better than you do about what you are”-type of idiots. They’re my favorite. It’s always a lot of fun debating with idiots like that, because it doesn’t matter what you say, they’ll figure out how to disagree with it based on who they’ve decided you are…OR they’ll just claim that you’re lying. I’d call them/you intellectually dishonest, but it’s not really fair to those who actually ARE intellectually dishonest. I think I’ll stick to “partisan hack”. It works well.

        I was just looking for the people who’d left on their own who were “substantial” conservatives.

        As for Bill…whatever. Nit-pick the one person I noted who’s “not conservative” enough.

    • Wavefarer says:

      Visitor3 said, “Oh, so you’re one of those “I know better than you do about what you are”-type of idiots. They’re my favorite. ”

      Oh the sad irony! Remember, you’ve no net here!

      Then you must have gotten joy out of Goose’s bullshit thread where the Libtards were repeatedly telling people what a “Conservative” was, who was a Conservative, and even telling a number of Guests what they believed to their very faces, all but calling those guests liars.

      In fact it was such an ugly display that it bled over to other threads. It was like watching the prepubescent chimpanzees engage territorial displays, as they realized they’re not what America wants for yet another election cycle.

      Of course the Libtards don’t like Social Cons, as Social Cons are the one’s who believe that “individual freedom” comes with obligations and responsibilities.

      I don’t believe anyone is born with a conservative tattoo on their ass, nor should anyone be presented as intrinsically conservative. I do know that Libertarians quite certainly are not it. The founders were not such abject fools as to change “equal protection” to be “equal outcome” and engage a bunch of false social engineering to claim what is common sense is now equivalent to something entirely fabricated. This isn’t conservative either.

  11. Wavefarer says:

    Caring? You pathetic ****ing flake, this has nothing to do with ‘caring’ any more than it does with ‘hate”. This has nothing to do with fairness, equality, gay rights, or the rainbow coalition either. This is about the serious misconduct and flat-out unethical behaviors of the Hannity Moderators. Go back and finish your desert in the playroom and let the adults enjoy their coffee.. and stop using your groin as a napkin.

    • GWH says:

      Yes, idiot, caring. As in caring for the well being of hannity forums. As fans of Sean Hannity we would be happy if Sean would hear our voices and investigate some of the problems we bring to light. 
      Either you care about the site and want to set the record straight, or you’re just an asshole trying to stir up bullshit because you got banned. I guess I know in which camp to assign you.

    • Visitor3 says:

      You’re swell.

      Big hugs!

  12. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    For the record, I’m not a hater…

    anybody who knows me will back me up on this…

    I do sometimes tend to stay in discussions after I’m one beer over the line…

    which sometimes gets me in trouble, as alluded to by GWH and V3…

    I loose sight of the boundary lines, say sumpin’ stupid, and come back the next day to find myself banned…

    • Visitor3 says:

      You are one of the reasons I corrected myself and pointed out that not everyone here is a hater.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        thanks, V…

        even though I don’t know which of my H’Land buddies you are…

        I know that I love you like a brother…

      • Wavefarer says:

        Visitor3 said, “You are one of the reasons I corrected myself and pointed out that not everyone here is a hater. ”

        Give the “pride” and social engineering a rest, Bucko It’s really, really tiresome. This blog and posts here have nothing to do with being “haters”, or hatred of any sort, and your claim is not only insipid but detestable on its face for its level of dishonesty. This blog is about legitimate and specific beefs with the conduct of the Hannity moderators, Period Are you at all capable of dealing with that honestly, without fabricating some sort of emotional trauma and victimization?.

      • Visitor3 says:


        This blog, and at least YOUR posts within it, are ENTIRELY about hate.

        You can’t STAND the moderation staff at Hannity. It shows in everything you say here. You’re so damn transparent you make glass seem translucent.

        As for emotional trauma and victimization, well you seem to be suffering from both in spades. I’m not quite sure from where it arises, but it’s irritating.

        You seem to feed on rumor and innuendo as it relates to the moderators.

      • Wavefarer says:

        My comments are about “hate” eh? What am I or anyone hating on? There is no hate and you’re just being a contemptible PC ass, all while you were on the bandwagon trying to dictate how conservative libertarians.

        I don’t mind mods, they are a necessity. What I mind is a subjective and dishonest standards that are flagrantly employed, along with the blatantly dishonest methods. Come on, accessing people’s PM messages, or making false statements about a PM exchange with them, and then prohibiting them from making a public comment about it, is not exactly demonstrating any sort of above-board methods. But making it public is just corrupt arrogance and that is what we see there regularly. Evidently you’re ethically challenged or just believe in bowing to whatever authority. That’s led the world to some wonderfully dark spots in history. .

        And, no, none of what I’ve said is rumor or innuendo, and it pretty much is all common knowledge. I dont have time for either rumor or innuendo. But so far from you two clowns we’ve seen the hate card repeatedly and the victimization card. I’m sure the racist and bigotry cards are being worked trumped up too. The whole stick from the Libertarian fruit patch is just like the libs, only far more tiresome.

        No, I’d never stand with the moderators staff at Hannity. Too much familiarity with their MO has led to deep contempt.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      We love you Bill. 🙂 Maybe ask to come back, you are missed!

  13. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    I wish the folks in here would rein in the hateful language…

    I’ve hesitated posting for the last several days because of the ugly words being thrown around…

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Yes, please, especially GW. He has posted some mighty ugly stuff. Really ugly and nasty. Which is why I don’t respond to him. His posts make me want to puke, oh and I’m sure that is his goal.

      The thing is, folks can say what they want to here. With no fear of being banned. Here, we are free to say what’s on our mind. Too bad we can’t express ourselves freely at Hannity. Which is what this blog is all about, a place where we can freely post our concerns, without fear.

      • GWH says:

        Sorry to offend your sensibilities, but ah hell, Goose banning Spinach made you want to puke too, so ime guessing you’re stomach isn’t exactly cast iron anyhow.

        Not to tell you how to more effectively foment desention at Hannity, but if you people would back up you’re claims with screenshots, links and so forth, rather than blind accusations, you’d do a lot better “telling your story.”

        The jabs at Goodlife were totally unacceptable by my standards and made me want to puke. The same goes for the accusations about Rick that don’t deal with his capacities as a moderator.

        If people want to take it to a personal level, it will be my pleasure to counter those claims with like tactics. If, on the other hand, you want to take the mods to task on their jobs, I will counter that as well but with more tact than if you level offensive acusations without substantial proof. White Rabbit be damned, that IS slander.

  14. GWH says:

    You got it Bill.

  15. Ignacio the Great says:

    For whatever it’s worth Bill, having spoken to Rick on an instant messenger he’s almost completely unaware of what takes place here. He maintains that he’s not read this blog since the thread he created in TP and he’s certainly never posted here. I dont know who most of you are, and I couldnt care less, I suspect Wavefarer is Dreamy though, having seen the same disgusting, baseless accusations regarding Rick and Leigh come from Dreamy on another board. Back to my point – Bill, Rick made a comment to me that he would most likely let you back at Hannity if you’d ask, but of course that decision is entirely yours.

    I can also guarantee that Blair Cullen has never posted here. Goodlife’s post seems genuine in my opinion, but I cant speak on that for certain not having asked her about it.

    I wont troll here, post here again, and I doubt I’ll ever read here again. I only became aware of this blog because of a PM sent to me at Hannity today. I couldnt believe some of the things they reported were being said here. Some of you really need to reevaluate your life and your priorities. Love us, hate us, or dont care, we’re just human. No one deserves to have their name, reputation, and family put at risk over a damned message board.

    • white rabbit says:

      Dreamy has been made aware of this blog but has never posted here. There is reason to believe that Rick has posted here based on the IP information and the style of posting. Your word about Rick’s word means little, because Rick’s word means little. Your word shows your support for him. That is all.

      We are 100% certain that Dreamy has never posted here. She is beyond reproach in this matter. She left behind the ******* of Hannity moderation antics long ago.

      • GWH says:

        Actually, she’s not. She started half the rumors that Wavefarer is now spewing as “fact.” And when called out on it, W backs up those assertions with “it’s common knowledge.” It’s also common knowledge that that’s all bullshit.

        “She left behind the ******* of Hannity moderation antics long ago.”

        How long ago, would you say? Hmmmmm?

      • Outside-In says:

        GWH, so you’re REALLY crying foul about false rumors, but yourself are making up rumors that Dreamy started them? Obviously that’s something you could not possibly know. Really “half”? Your antics are quickly earning you joke status. I for one am quite sure this has nothing to do with Dreamy, or the Bilderbergers, or Bigfoot.

        What Wavefarer said is common knowledge and factually documented on the Hannity forum threads and in TTTM over years, and seen pretty much daily. Specifically, we know that Rick was in fact accessing people’s PMs in their accounts, which lead to at least two persons being banned, with no cause ever shown. There’s quite a lot of reason to question Rick’s claim of forum invites too. We also know that Rick threatened a female in PM and then prohibited her appeal so that she might not reference the actual terms of that PM exchange with Rick. Yet Rick wants us all to take him at his word alone, while having an established history of not acting honorably. But then Rick isn’t the only problem here by a long shot.

        You’re all bent out of shape that Goodlife said “friend” and Wavefarer pointed out that this characterization of the relationship is not exactly honest. No one seems to be arguing that this relationship is directly relevant at this time, but there are questions as to how this problem child became a moderator in the first place, not to mention how he has been allowed to remain one. Apparently this also began at one of those infamous “gettogethers”.

        that is an awful lot of fabricated melodrama on your part. No one is having their “name, reputation, and family put at risk over a damned message board”.

        That really is a dishonest claim. What has happening is their name, reputation and position on a damned message board are being undermined by their own damned acts on that message board. The fact is the moderators on Hannity have worked long and hard for the contempt they are held in. Deal with it.

        The only threat in evidence here was by Goodlife, and that was to silence dissent and the facts, which sadly is the only response to moderator-caused problems on the Hannity forums. .

        Pretending to be hapless victims of mysterious malevolent forces is just not appropriate here at this late juncture anymore. But nice spin, Iggy.

      • GWH says:

        Outside-in, you are incorrect and Dreamy has indeed tried in pm to “warn” me of certain members, propagating rumors for which she had no evidence. I can only imagine the countless other members she has told her stories to, and they bought it hook, line and sinker. Many are probably here continuing this vile vicious vendictive venom spewing. That was the first set of pms, which I paid lip service to, basically to get her to stop pming me about this person, as I didn’t believe her and just didn’t want to create more conflict, get in the middle, involved in any way. The second set, about six months later, began in the same fashion about the same poster. I forwarded the exchange to Rick, and ultimately Goose handled it as Rick was asked to recuse himself by Dreamy after accusing him of several of the things you fine people have mentioned here.

        So, my reasoning, Dreamy on two seperate occasions has tried to plant the seeds of discontent in my mind, and I’m not even a well known poster at Hannity. She has most likely gone to others there, and the fact that she hasn’t been run off by virtue of ban or dislike by the other members, means that most are totally accepting of her malicious rumors. She claims to be well connected in terms of Sean’s people, as she illuded to in our pm exchange where she tried to bully me around when I wouldn’t blindly accept her rumors as truth, it would seem she has an axe to grind as to why she’s not a mod or some other formal capacity at that site. Kinda reminds me of a business partner’s wife who likes to inject herself into every part of that business thinking she has a hand in it just because she’s married to the guy.

        So yeah, I could know about these things because Dreamy exposed them to me herself. This all happened about a year ago, I have no idea how long it’s been going on. It seems to me though that she’s the cancer, the root cause of the rumors that have propelled others here to continue their crusade against Hannity mods.

      • Outside-In says:

        GWH, I’m gonna sketch this out plainly so even you can follow along.

        Dreamy is not here and has nothing to do with this blog. As far I know Dreamy isn’t aware of this blog’s existence and could care less. She walked away from Hannity Land and its perversions long ago. You need to drop your obsession with Dreamy, as does Rick.

        “By your reasoning”! “The seeds of discontent” Listen up, if Dreamy told you something, as witnessed on a first-hand basis, then it would not be “rumors” at all. I sincerely marvel how anyone might bring us this nonsense and still pretend any credibility.

        And, GWH, you could not possibly give any credible statement as to Dreamy fabricating things, not even if you were sitting on Rick’s lap manipulating him for the Qik Cam yourself. The fact is you cannot possibly posses or claim knowledge to assert the negative, i.e. Rick not having done something.

        Your “testament” is undeniably no more than you airing your own prejudice.

        Seriously, stop trying to use reason or you’ll hurt yourself. Do us all a favor and shut the hell up about Dreamy. No one needs any more proof you’re a Mod toadie and idiot. . The only thing you’re doing here is engaging blatant defamation and showing how tremendously your statements cannot be trusted. This is just embarrasing.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Assuming you are in fact Iggy, I wanted to say thanks for not coming in here expressing a desire to punish people, as your buddy Goodlife did. However, I think it is quite comical that you would believe that anyone’s family is at risk here, lol. 🙂

  16. Ignacio the Great says:

    PS: Leigh’s account of Rick’s leaving the mod team is 100% truth and without spin.

  17. Wavefarer says:

    Ignacio “PS: Leigh’s account of Rick’s leaving the mod team is 100% truth and without spin.”

    Despite the fact that it conflicts with known events and statements that were recorded on the forum. This doesn’t even touch on how Rick became a moderator to begin with. Perhaps somehow has pictures of the blessed event. And Rick hasn’t posted here, despite an IP address a mere handful of miles from a known location. And Rick is always known for his self-restraint too.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled propaganda, but first rinse, lather and swallow.

  18. Red Herring says:

    Rick is not a victim. He is a bully and a liar.

    If his supporters took him to task for his public breaches it might be easier to believe them about what goes on in private. It doesn’t matter though. What happens in public is bad enough. Rick is the one who abuses his power over a lot of people who just want to talk with other Hannity listeners. Dreamy is a private person.

    Listening to Rick’s supporters excuse him and blame Dreamy sounds more and more like listening to Weiner’s supporters talk about how great a progressive he is and what a horrible person Breitbart is.

  19. Who is Blair Cullen? says:

    Who is Blair Cullen? Why did someone post under that name? Why would Iggy care?

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Apparently, Blair Cullen is “somebody”, a Hannity upper sorta person. LOL. As if we all care, lol, we don’t. Here’s the bottom line folks. Sean Hannity needs to get himself some top notch mods, mods who know what it means to be professionals. As it stands now, he doesn’t have that. If anyone here gives a damn about Sean, and Sean’s reputation, let it now be said that you want the best for him. Let it now be said that you want Sean to have a team that is beyond reproach, a team that is not a band of bullies, a team that represents who Sean claims to be, a Christian conservative. All the crap about affairs and other BS needs to go, along with the folks who are guilty of such. If this is true of Goodlife and Rick, then by damn, their butts need to hit the door on their way out. SEAN IS WORTHY OF BETTER THAN THIS.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        If I may press the point, please, this is not about the sorry ass mods, this is not about the bullshit that goes on daily, this is TRUELY ABOUT Sean, and his reputation, and our love for him. I love Sean as much as any damned body here. and it gauls my guts that he has such a band of sorry ass folks representing him. I truely believe, he does not know. He is in some damned Ivory Tower, I guess, believing whatever his twurps tell him, I guess. Sean’s reputation is on the line here, and is being ruined daily by the bastards who claim to represent him. I wish there was a way to let him know. He has no idea, what the hell is going on. If he knew, he would clean house.

      • KloknDagr says:

        Classic! “Someone” uses the nick Blair Cullen to try and impress us, and it doesn’t even register. And then Iggy comes by to assure us that the nick, that didn’t register, wasn’t really the person, that we don’t know anyway. “Gee thanks, Iggy, boy are we relieved!”

        “Oh, and rest assured, Rick isn’t paying any attention at all to this blog either … I mean after he started the thread about it.” You probably should have practiced that line in front of a mirror.

        If this wasn’t so typical of the pathetic freak show that is the Hannity Mods, this would be a lot more entertaining. Send in the clowns! I guess they have to have integrity before they can be humiliated.
        And Iggy was our only hope.

      • Passerby says:

        Iggy, our only hope?

        I had to go check that Iggy was the mod that looked at Rick’s “window lickers” comments and could only laugh. That’s it, just laugh at a fellow Sean Hannity Mod ridiculing the handicapped on Sean Hannity’s forums, another classless maneuver.

        Now Iggy has deliberately tried to place false blame that Rick’s family is somehow being put at risk by recognition of his conduct! And he’s made clearly false testament about Rick’s awareness of this forum.

        Iggy, I gotta say, you’re not worthy of respect as a Hannity Mod, or much of anything else. It is evident that the only reason you got respect was by default, in comparison to the other Mods, only because you are less outspoken. You just had not shared your particular brand of ignorance and ethic challenged with the Hannity community.

        We do appreciate the two Mods that had the audacity to show up, for showing us exactly why the Hannity Mods are deserving of disrespect. We also do know that showing audacity and arrogance aren’t the same as confidence due to having honor and integrity.

  20. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    meh… since I last posted in here, I’ve been told that everybody in the whole wide world is pissed off at me…

    good thing my tribal totem is the turtle… 😉

  21. Waterboy says:

    So is anyone going to explain what “Blair Cullen” means? The only association the name has to me is Edward Cullen (Twilight character if you don’t know) and then only cuz of the last name.

  22. Maelstrom says:

    OK…for the record, *I* know nothing about, and have never said anything to anyone about any “affairs” any Hannity moderators have ever been rumored to have been involved in, whether “Goodlife, Rick, Linda Blair, or…oh wait, I meant “Blair Cullen”. Aw heck, include the lot of Blair Witch Project as well.

    GOT IT?

    Of course, neither am I “Dreamy”, nor anyone other than Maelstrom.

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