A General Discussion About The Hansterland Mods

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55 Responses to A General Discussion About The Hansterland Mods

  1. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    thanks for the thread, WR…

    before I post further, I just wanna say that I tend to piss off anybody that knows me…

    I imagine you may have just experienced that feeling… 🙂

  2. Waterboy says:

    Goose B+: Usually very fair and reasonable. Holds people on both sides accountable which drives many cons nuts since they think they should get a free pass.

    Iggy – C: On his rulings I’d give him a high B or low A but he rarely actually does anything as a mod despite posting semi frequently. As such he loses points for having the title but regularly failing to show for work.

    Sir Charlie Brown – Incomplete. Too new and I’ve not really seen her do anything but some very obvious decisions.

    Lee – D: Is a cranky old man who allows his temper too often guide his decisions. Also shows bias sometimes.

    Rick -F: he is a embarrassment to the board as a mod. As a poster he routinely does things that would get others banned and he routinely is incivil to others. He is extremely arbitrary in his decisions, very biased, and seems to moderate while intoxicated with great frequency. The board vastly improved when he got fired / suspended as a mod a while back and got worse again when he was brought back.

    Goodlife and Tislaw don’t get a grades / comments since they seem to have retired from moderating duties. If they were still active I’d probably give them B’s.

  3. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    given that the Mods have a PITA unpaid job… and are assaulted from all sides on an hourly basis…

    Goose gets an “A” from me… he’s fair-minded and doesn’t allow himself to belittle the person being brought before the Mods… and, even more importantly, Goose leaves TTTM threads open to allow a response from the offending person.

  4. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    I don’t think I can rightfully assign a grade to Rick because he and I have a particular history with each other… and I feel that I must recuse myself…

    that said, on his best days, Rick deserves an “A”… I’ve seen him to be very conscientious as a Mod…

    but then again I’ve seen him to be petty and hateful…

  5. JT says:

    No one’s life should be judged by their worst day. But who wouldn’t receive an A on their best days? If they can’t suppress their pettiness and hatefulness they should retire from the PITA job and give it to someone with a better attitude.

  6. WSS says:

    As one of Rick’s roadkills I don’t feel like recusing myself. I think I might have set a record for being banned for things which weren’t TOS violations so Rick gets an F from me.

    He banned me for making a truthful report (in private) about his religious harassment, and then banned me permanently for appealing the ban … even though the TOS say people are allowed to appeal.

    And yeah, I had a ban before that, but that was gleefully administered by Rick when someone accused me of calling an honored guest a racist. Only problem … if I had called an honored guest a racist then someone should have been able to say who I called a racist … but they couldn’t because I didn’t direct it at any particular person. I only implied that there was a racist posting in the thread. Rick was looking for an excuse to get rid of me and I can’t help thinking it was related to whatever personal hangup made him think he could get away with accusing me of being a Mormon.

    I never got to know the rest of the moderators that well. I always heard good things about Iggy but mostly Iggy was posting in WP and not moderating.

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      I’m still mystified why Rick had it in for you, WSS…

      ‘course, it’s no mystery why Rick had it in for me…

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      meh… we all need ta get together in a bar with a good jukebox….

      • JT says:

        That is what Hannity needs. More people getting drunk with the moderators. That has been so good for the forum in the past. 🙂

  7. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    I’m gonna be a grandfather again in the next coupla days…

  8. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    ehh ehh… tainted love…

  9. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    meh… I’m pushin’ 60…

    I don’t deserve this stuff…

  10. Bwuhaha says:

    I get it now lmao, you’re all people Rick has banned. This shit is too funny. By the way douchebuckets, Rick wasnt fired or suspended. He took a leave because his wife was dealing with breast cancer, but you go ahead and keep posting opinions based upon ignorance and hate. It does wonders for your reputation and reveals exactly what this blog is all about.

    • Read between the lines says:

      If his wife is sick then he is a jerk with a sick wife. Her being ill doesn’t make us douchebuckets or ignorant. If Hannity is happy with his own John Edwards or Anthony Weiner on the moderation staff that still doesn’t make us douchebuckets or ignorant. It makes Hannity look like a jerk too.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Oh and let’s don’t forget, according to Tricky Ricky, she also gave birth to Triplets!! Oh yeah!! and Tricky Ricky gets to baby sit most of the time, which explains WHY he has a GAZILLLION posts at Hannity, coz he’s so busy watchin 3 little babes, uh huh.

      Ya know, if I had cancer, AND, if I had 3 little ones, and my sorry ass hubby spent all his time at a damn website, I think I’d be wringing his sorry ass neck.

      Not to mention, he’s supposed to be holding down a J-O-B??? Oh really?? When is that, inbetween his gazillion posts at Hannity?? Or while he is watching the kids??

      If I were his wife, I’d tell him to take a short walk. What a low life, irresponsible jackass.

      • Bwuhaha says:

        More stupidity, ignorance, and hatred from a douchebucket. Scores of us Hannster’s are friends with both Rick and his wife on Facebook. We know for a fact that Rick and his wife have 7 or 8 yr old triplets. We KNOW for a fact that Rick’s wife dealt with breast cancer last year. We know for a fact that Rick works nights so that he can care for the kids during the day so that his wife can work and deal with her health issues. We know for a fact that Rick is a combat veteran of the Marine Corps who was injured in Iraq and discharged as a result of those injuries never expected to walk again. These things we know about Rick. All we know about you ‘ahelluvalady” is that you’re no lady at all, but a hate filled, venomous, spitefull, sorry excuse for a human being. Also, we know for a fact that you’ve fallen right into our trap of baiting you morons into proving our assertions that this is indeed nothing more than an attack blog. I think we have more than enough to satisfy WordPress’ abuse moderators at this point. Thanks for playing.

    • Waterboy says:

      Go on thinking we are banned posters by Rick. My account is alive and well there and I’ve never been banned or even warned by Rick or any of the other mods for that matter. I don’t let myself get baited and I always avoid going personal so I’ve got no worry of getting banned unless its in retaliation by the Waterboy for thing’s I’ve said here if he figures out who I am. And if he does that he just proves my point about what a bad mod he is.

  11. Bwuhaha says:

    It does indeed make you ignorant. The coward above posted “The board vastly improved when he got fired / suspended as a mod a while back”

    Rick wasnt fired or suspended, therefore the post was based upon ignorance.


    the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

    Your lack of knowledge of the definition of ignorance also makes you ignorant. This is fun isnt it 😉

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Oh and we won’t talk about Ricks ADVENTURES in Vegas, uh uh.

      No no no, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas,,, riiiiight??


      • Bwuhaha says:

        More stupidity and ignorance based upon hate. I’ve seen the pictures of Rick and his wife in Vegas. They went together to celebrate her having beaten cancer and recovered from her masectomy and subsequent augmentation. The pictures and story are on both Rick’s and his wife’s Facebook.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        As we all know, ALL good hubby’s get drunk and run out in the desert, while in Vegas. Yeah, it’s quite common among the responsible men. Uh huh…

      • GWH says:

        It would seem Bwuhaha has satisfied your initial complaint, so you went to the well to disparage Rick with yet another baseless attack. B is right, this place is a craphole designed to slander Rick, nothing more.

        I repost this assertion:

        This whole place is funny, and I’m sure it’s nice to have a purgatory for those of you who couldn’t make it the tough cruel world that is Hannity forums. 
        Bill, sorry you got banned, but you pushed the limits everyday you were there bro, kinda surprised it took this long. 
        White Rabbit…I have an idea of who you may be, but I’m not going to be so foolish as to play a guessing game. But let’s see who you are on this site. You obviously have a beef with Rick, and I can only suppose Lee as well, but moreso with Rick. In fact, your second archived thread on this site is entitled “Firewatch” the first being a welcome thread. It is only until the third thread that you decide to include the rest of the moderator staff. Then you posted some kind of TP thread for music interests, or maybe you just got bored at that point. Who knows, but it is clear that you created this site with one person in mind, that being Rick. Maybe you’re jealous, ticked off at some infraction you’ve received, or just don’t like the guy. Or maybe you’re just a control freak and can’t stand to see the site go in a direction that isn’t of your choosing. You wouldn’t have chosen Rick to be a Mod, and now you just can’t stand it that he is.
        I happen to think he is a good mod, for the record. He rarely puts up with a bunch of crap, has a sense of humor, and gives plenty of chances if your intent is honorable.   
        So what if you compile a bunch of crap on a wordpress site that you call inconsistancies in the moderation of Hannity forums? What are you going to do with that info?You probably don’t even know anyone, even in the ether, that is influential enough to do something about your frivolous claims. So really, what’s the point? Other than a sounding board for the damned, or the gutless. 

      • white rabbit says:

        This place was not designed to slander Rick. Slander is false statements. We designed hannitywatch to document facts. If you see any false statements we have made, please bring those to our attention. If you do not see any false statements we have made then that undermines your assessment of the site.

        We allow wide latitude in responses from others. We are still working out how wide the latitude will be.

      • KloknDagr says:

        Yeah, “Rick is a primary focus here by mere chance, and nothing to do with his own repeated actions! This Rick who must be a good Conservative, has a “sense of humor”, and always operates with “honor”, seems to be a continual problem child. In fact the claims against Rick are a lot more than “inconsistencies in the moderation” and “frivolous claims.”

        It is not exactly good form, much less any sort of “honor”, especially as a Moderator to go into one thread, and ridicule people there using mental retardation and “window lickers” on the short bus. How smart was it for Rick to come back in a second post and emphasize he’s making fun of real kids he’s driven behind in short buses. Honor? The professionalism Hannity should expect? Not exactly.

        Or how about this idiot’s statement that he was reading people’s personal PMs in a post in TTTM, and then using this info to pursue people for what was said in private! Yeah, Lee Kington had to rush and delete that bit of “honor” Rick put on display on the forums. Unfortunately web history caught a snapshot of Rick’s thread, turning that “honorable” Rick into the idiot with his tongue forever frozen to a streetlight.

        Then there’s Ricks threats to people in PM messages, a whole topic on its own, and this even involves Rick becoming a Mod in the first place. It was particularly good when Rick was threatening a woman in PM with false accusations, WhereSheStops, Rick then bans her for that PM,exchange, and indicates in the TTTM forum yet again, that he told this woman that she could not attempt appeal the ban under a temp-nick, or it would be made permanent.

        Rick stated:
        “In the response to the PM you sent me and the other mods, I said that any temp account created for appeal
        during your month long time out would result in your permanent ban. That response was forwarded to the other mods as well for the record. The ban is now permanent.”

        That’s strange – it sounds like “Honorable” Rick is coercing her so she won’t reveal any of the ‘inconsistencies’ of that PM exchange. This lapse in honor and integrity also slipped past you, eh?

        Obviously the problem here isn’t just Rick being a train wreck, and the other mods are actually turning a blind eye to what he’s doing. Wonder why that is ?

      • duncanmccloud says:

        KloknDagr, Damn Jeff if you continue with such long posts, someone is going to think you are Trip…LOL

    • Waterboy says:

      Isn’t revisionist history fun. If he was just taking a leave of absence he would have just quietly stopped moderating like Goodlife and Tislaw have done. Instead they made a big announcement that Rick was no longer going to be a mod just like they did with Gene.

      • DS says:

        No numbskull, Rick made a post in TTTM that he was taking a break. Dickhead.

      • cynic says:

        I thought they let him pretend to resign instead of kicking him out conspicuously. No one boohooed that he was gone. Should have known better than to assume that Hannity recognized a bad situation and did the right thing.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        Yep. Also interesting is how some of the mods, in Rick’s “farewell” thread, never posted. Never bothered to tell him goodbye, or otherwise publicly say “thanks for a good job”, etc. NO, there was none of that. At the time, it raised red flags with me. And it definitely made it look like Rick was asked to leave. I knew he had the kids to deal with, and I figured (at first) he left because he had too much real life stuff to deal with. HOWEVER, when the other mods failed to wish him a fond farewell, failed to say thanks for a good job, failed to say “come back when you can”, etc., I knew that Rick’s departure had much more to do with than just real life catching up with him.

        He was asked to leave, I’m sure of that. And I’m sure he needed to leave.

      • Goodlife says:

        Let me clear this up for you. Rick voluntarily took a leave of absence to help his wife with illness and recovery. He was not asked to leave nor was there reason for him to be asked to leave. Rick has always been an excellent Moderator and friend. Sean did indeed ask Rick personally to come back when I decided to take a leave to deal with my own Father’s illness. The comments on here absolutely disgust me to a level beyond belief. I’m glad you people remain anonymous because I would be tempted to ban you myself. If you have any questions regarding MY identity, feel free to message me at Hannity, Facebook, or my email provided here.

      • cynic says:

        excellent Moderator? I’d ask if you were window licking retarded but I’m better than that. That makes me better than Rick and you and Hannity and anyone who thinks that’s good moderating.

      • Waterboy says:

        Interesting spin by Goodlife. I suppose her version could be true but its very spun. Immediately prior to Firewatch stepping down he got overruled on a decision by Goose and the other mods. He made one of his famous arbitrary heat of the moment decision to punish a poster for no valid reason. The next day comes the announcement that he’s not a mod anymore. A little birdie who would know given his / her connections said this did not go over well with Firewatch. Now its entirely possible that it was suggested that he take a break from moderating to focus on the problems in his personal life since he allowing the stress / concern to affect his decision making as a mod. Backing this up is the fact that immediately after he did come back it was if a pod person had replaced him and he was much more even tempered and fair as a mod. Unfortunately the new Rick only lasted a short while before he started moderating like the old one again.

      • Wavefarer says:

        To Goodlife
        Wow, this response is so very wrong and not thought out, that it highlights the source of the problem with the Hannity Mods – the Sr Admin. Do you really think that a threat of bans on Hannity is appropriate for comments made on other places than Hannity, and when Rick was so obviously removed for inappropriate conduct? It’s not as if the many events involving Rick are unknown to anyone with any real time on Hannity.

        Your response here shows the corruption in the Hannity forums and arrogance of the moderation staff overall have clouded reasonable judgment involving rick and moderations in general. Seriously, you’re threatening people with bans here? Not only have you made your objectivity about him being an “excellent Moderator” extremely suspect, but also provided further reason to question your reasonable judgment. The reference to him as only a “friend” is laughable, as some of us know what is going on. You’re not nearly as sly as you imagine.

        What is clear is Hannity doesn’t give a damn about what happens on the forum, as long as none of it explodes and gets on him. That is why the problem exists among the Hannity forum staff in the first place, and why this blog now exists, and why your attitude is certain to make things far more messy. Lady, who the **** do you think you are, threatening bans. This blog came about because things have deteriorated to the point that the conduct of the Hannity staff is no longer tolerable, and people no longer care about bans, but you’re apparently too arrogant to recognize that too. Its no surprise at all that Rick started a thread on Hannity about this blog, hoping to intimidate – more of the same consistently bad judgment.

  12. Bwuhaha says:

    You’re really just a pathetic, sad individual arent you? This will be my last post here. If you’re a conservative, you’re an embarrassment to the label. You need serious mental help.

  13. Bwuhaha says:

    You know, I hear you appear in videos fellating donkeys. See? I can make shit up too, but I dont need to. Your stupidity and hate were exposed as lies so now you’re just making up shit. That’s pathetic. Get a life you God forsaken loser.

    • lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

      Stu or Noose….Hmmmmmm

      • Maelstrom says:

        The do require someone pretty stupid.

        Are you sure they are *that* stupid though? Capital letters, punctuation..3rd grade mentality. I think whoever it is is smarter than noose…at least.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Since you have accused me of lying, how ’bout if I post Rick’s OWN words?? Which he stupidly posted in the TTTM??

      “Hey urbody, in Vegas for the weekend and a bit drunk already. Just make me a list of who I need to ban when I get back and I’ll get right on it (that’s what she said!!!) Sunday night bye”

      “Went to Minus 5 and then Pure last night. We got a little toasted, so we came back to the room and Liz went to bed around 3am. I decided to do some exploring, ended up in the desert east of town on the other side of the mountain. Apparently convinced a cabbie to drop me off and told him I’d call him told him I’d call him to come back for me… Then fell asleep..good times”

      • ahelluvalady says:

        Now I really don’t give a damn about Rick’s personal life, but when he decides to post about it in the damn moderator forum, he puts it out there for all to see. Sean Hannity DESERVES a moderator who has the decency to at least act professional while in the moderator forum.

        If he wants to get drunk and pass out in the desert, that’s his business. Just DON’T go telling me what a fine example of a husband and father he is, because he is anything BUT responsible.

      • GWH says:

        First you say that Rick is a bad husband and father. Then you elaborate with innuendo:

        “Oh and we won’t talk about Ricks ADVENTURES in Vegas, uh uh.

        No no no, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas,,, riiiiight??”

        Compared to the rest of this worthless site, and your worthless posts therein, one could interpret that to mean what EVERYONE who’s ever muttered that “happens in Vegas” phrase means.

        You also wrote:

        “LOL. So, I take it, you think responsible men get high and run out in the desert?”

        Infering that he was on some type of illicit drug.

        Yes, I read the thread in question, probably a month ago, but again before posting to see if there was anything I missed. I was persuaded to by your original indictment of his character stating that he was a bad father and husband. But low and behold, nothing damning was written. It seems he and his wife had a great time, he had a dumb drunk moment, which he paid for by sleeping in the desert that night, and laughs were had. I created a thread on that very subject called the Boobytrap in which I encouraged people to post their aw shucks moments in life.

        And that’s just what this was, an aw shucks moment. But you and your band of halfwits are so invested in vilifying the man, you just can’t help but find fault in everything he does.

        I’m over it. I thought I might be able to shed a little light on your clueless ass, but you prefer to live in your dark basement, attacking people who could give a damn about your irrelevance.

      • Maelstrom says:

        That isn’t a rumor *cough*

  14. Wavefarer says:

    Rick, if we were really God forsaken losers, even just one here would follow up with the “rest of the story”, but every one of us is better than that, even anonymously.

  15. duncanmccloud says:

    Those who have their ego invested in a forum define loser as someone who disagrees with them or is out of their circle of power…

  16. that was too easy says:

    “Window licking retarded” – Rick

    “You’ve never driven by one of the “short buses” and seen one of the more unfortunate kids licking the windows? You’ll start to look for it now.” – Rick

    laugh laugh laugh – Iggy

    crickets – all the other mawds

    ’nuff said – me

    • ahelluvalady says:

      What amazes me is all the folks who come in here taking up for the Rickster, as if he is anything but a lowlife. Only pond scum would talk about children the way he talks about them. Well guess what, Jesus warned against harming the little ones, and Rick will have to answer to God for his evil and sick comments about the little children who ride the short buses.

    • Visitor3 says:

      Birthers don’t deserve much better, even if I disagree with his language.

      • JT says:

        Then ban birther talk. Or ignore it like the birther thread said. Don’t violate the TOS. Don’t make fun of special needs children on their way to school. And don’t defend Rick for doing it.

        Rick is the window-licker. Pathetic “man” who makes fun of others to make himself look big. People who defend him are like the high school kids who stand by while outcasts get beaten up. They would rather belong than do the right thing. They see what happens to people who are different. Rick makes Hannity a schoolyard. He makes people afraid to do the right thing. The other moderators seem to have better impulses but they ignore them to avoid judging Rick.

        We’re the goth kids out back smoking. We don’t have anything to lose by telling it like it is. 😉

  17. Rexburg moderate says:

    Don’t worry kids. Rick will vanish in a puff of smoke when Romney gets the nod and Hannity lines up behind him.

  18. ahelluvalady says:

    Excellent post, JT, excellent excellent post.

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