Goose’s SocCon thread – why did Goose single Trip out for a report?

Who should have been reported for their behavior in Goose’s thread?, ATTN SOC CONS: Family Values Trumped By Economy

Start with Goose himself.   He made  demeaning posts to Satchmopants.  Two examples:

Your ignorance of history is noted.

Try reading a book sometime and get back to me.


Clearly, if you think neoconservatism of today is what conservatism has always been, your education is clearly lacking. That doesn’t make you stupid, it just make you ignorant. And that’s not an insult. Nothing wrong with that, I assume you are capable of learning.

And yes, I am arrogant. Extremely arrogant when it comes to matters of conservatism. I’ve been a student of conservatism since the early 80’s and I can guarantee you, I’m far better versed in it than most people here. That much is evident in this thread alone, not to mention my 30,000 other posts on this board.

But tell me, where have I promoted redefining marriage or infanticide?

Astonish me with your knowledge young satchmo…

Satchmo’s reply to the latter:

LOL! Could you BE any more condesending?

The 80’s. Really? Boy I guess that makes you an authority,(in your own mind).

The 80’s

Goose’s reply:

You made an assertion about my beliefs. Are you going to back it up or continue to troll?

We’re here to discuss political strategy and issues. Feel free to join in at any time.


If Satchmo was trolling  then there were two responses which would have been appropriate from Goose.  If Goose was acting as a moderator then he should take action against Satchmopants for trolling.  If Goose was acting as a member then he should report Satchmo in the TTTM.

Goose violated the Terms of Service at least by accusing Satchmo of trolling within that thread.  Satchmo had grounds to report Goose in the TTTM.  Of course it would have been futile but it would have been at least as fair as Goose reporting Trip since it is still not clear what Trip’s violation was.


Who else might have been reported if the participants were evenhanded?


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26 Responses to Goose’s SocCon thread – why did Goose single Trip out for a report?

  1. duncanmccloud says:

    Why would any reasonable person expect consistent behavior from a Hannity mod?

  2. Wavefarer says:

    The Good Goose evidently believes he was baptized in the river Jordan, leaving a permanent seal emblazoned on body and his very soul. There’s definitely something going on with his ass too. Strangely that’s the way JRocks behaves as well, with his idolized politicians, as if their names alone somehow validate him. Hell, I’ve been a staunch conservative all my days, but I still don’t expect Reagan nor anyone to be “Mister Conservative” in everything they do.

    What we got here is a couple of ideologic fruitcakes that don’t realize that being conservative isn’t just about embracing blanket ideals in a vacuum. But then were looking at a thread essentially blaming Social Cons for the failure of the Libertarian candidates, and doing so this far in advance of the primaries. This whole thing ain’t exactly well thought out, which explains the wagon-circling and the gross conduct from Mods and Libbertars alike. But at Hanster Land, this is only part of a much larger problem.

  3. Waterboy says:

    What Goose hates is cons on that board who are utterly embarrassing to other conservatives through either sheer idiocy, sheer arrogance, or acting like a petulant child. In other words posters like Spinach. Its no secret he hated Spinach because Spinach routinely made all cons look bad through his postings much like Gene would make many cons look bad with some of his outrageous statements.

    Now he obviously does have some dirty hands in that thread but at the same time kudo’s to him for not using his mod powers like Waterboy would to ban someone right within the thread he was actively involved in.

    What really should have happened over there is for the mods to be secret. Oh sure it would be conspiracy theory central as to who the mods were but at the same time it would keep people from trying to ply favors from their favorite mods and would allow the mods to post freely as their regular selves. Its how the board used to be when it was just anonymous Moderator and Moderator 2 and its how it should be again.

    • KloknDagr says:

      Waterboy, Goose demanded Trip be banned for “personal” comments. And what were those personal comments? Trip made a reference to Johnrocks repeatedly statement pot use, made even in the quoted post. But not only that johnrocks had several times indicated his pot use had not hurt his recall of OTHER people’s claims about issues. Yet Trip has shown that johnrocks has repeatedly made false accusations about Trip’s own claims! Suddenly this pattern and johnrock’s own reference to his pot use in this regard, recalling other’s claims, becomes a “personal attack” to call him on his falsehood?

      Yet the Mods refuse to recognize this as a throughly dishonest way to debate, making repeatedly false claims about other’s arguments and practically calling them liars when they point out the false statements about themselves! To be blunt, this one policy alone has turned Hannity into a ****ing JOKE as a place for any sort of debate, much less remotely honest discussion.

      How about that honest discussion? At one point Goose claims he doesn’t advocate social engineering. The guy callse for deconstructing all social bondaries, and remaking of Marriage into whatever two people, and this isn’t social engineering?

      Goose started this thread and ensured it doesn’t involve any sort of honest debate, by repeatedly abusing his mod authority, intimidating people, threatening others, and even calling for Trip’s banning! This isn’t the first time Goose has abused his position staking out a piece of ground. He did it with Marriage previously in a thread called, And Goose refused to respond to Trip’s great post there! Hmm, a pattern here?

      Waterboy you got your name right. “What should happen over there” is the axe needs to fall and they need to get Mods that don’t fly their fragile little-boy egos ahead of doing an even-handed job.

      • Waterboy says:

        Trip is a troll and has repeatedly gotten away with stuff that should have gotten him banned than nearly anyone. Trip has repeatedly called for violence against our politicians yet always get a pass.

      • Waterboy says:

        Trip is a troll and has repeatedly gotten away with stuff that should have gotten him banned. Trip has repeatedly called for violence against our politicians yet always get a pass.

        (What my other comment should have said. I took out a line but not completely apparently)

      • Wavefarer says:

        @Waterboy: That’s really strange. Are you sure you don’t want to maybe re-think that accusation?

        See, If Trip had ever called for violence against politicians or the U.S. government. then it would make the Hannity Mods incompetent. If Trip were to ever have done anything of the sort, he should rightfully have have been perma-banned. Yet those Mods have never acted against Trip.

        Waterboy, to be blunt, the problem here isn’t Trip. The problem is you’re an idiot.

        You don’t understand that in the USA our freedoms are nonnegotiable. That we do not have to endure those freedoms being taken to remain lawful Americans, but rather our government itself has become unlawful and illegitimate. Defense is not any sort of advocacy of violence. Give the founding documents a read sometime.

  4. Wavefarer says:

    Waterboy, what Goose hates is being challenged. He demands people recognize him as an authority. Did you know he’s an authority on Conservatism since the 80’s? To those whose eyes didn’t roll into their head on reading that, there’s a problem with your perception.

    Some of us had a good laugh at Goose’ expense last night. Any reg at Hannity has to notice Goose repeatedly talking about the length of Trip’s posts in TTTM. Goose even brings up Trip’s post when Trip isn’t involved in the thread there, not even as peanuts! It doesn’t take a genious to know why Goose is intimidated by Trip. Goose cannot debate with Trip, he’d be handed his ***, so instead he criticizes Trip’s post length and mocks him where he’s an authority.

    And this is why Goose went and reported Trip for posts in Goose’s pet Soc Con thread. This isn’t rocket science, peeps, it’s quite obvious. Goose has a glass ego and is insecure about being challenged.

    Here’s s-more news for ya: Goose ain’t any sort of Con. Carry that back to the benchwarmers.

  5. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    how ’bout a cookie…?

  6. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    a request to White Rabbit…

    could we have a single blog thread devoted to having an overall general discussion about the Hansterland mods…?

  7. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    ummm… both…

    btw… that question reminds me of sumpin’ my wife would ask…

    • white rabbit says:

      You have your canvas. Start painting.

      We make no promises about “single” though. The blog format might make that difficult. We will look into whether posts or pages can be made sticky.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        You’re the only one who can start a thread in here, WR…

        I’d like one entitled “A General Discussion About The Hansterland Mods”…



      • white rabbit says:

        No problem. Anything else?

        How would you like the body to read?

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      wherein I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind…

  8. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    lol… always with those negative waves…

  9. ahelluvalady says:

    wul yeah, and you fussed at me for callin you Bill, my feelins are hurt. 😦

  10. duncanmccloud says:

    KloknDagr is exactly on the mark with respect to JR in that thread, I was there…
    Trip was tagged for quoting a post and goose called it a personal attack, it was not.
    The mods are not independent of their own prejudices against people that they are not able to intimidate.
    Trip doesn’t cow to the ‘authority’ of the mods, and it makes some of them nuts.

    And Wavefarer is right that goose is one of the ones that need to validate the position of mod as being a place of incontestable power. He is wrong even as he takes out his inadequacies on posters.

  11. tinydancer says:

    My issue with Da Gooseman on his campaign for Gary Johnson is that he is a moderator at an internationally known political chat board and is using
    his bully pulpit to rave on for Johnson.

    The Hannity Board is no longer fit for “fair and balanced” and is skewered way way to the left.

    How in Hades can one even dream of trying to call oneself balanced when one can support pro abortion and pro legalized marijuana and be a moderator of
    conservatives at Hannity?

    The Hannity forum now becomes a lib joke.

  12. lookingoutfromunderthestair says:


    Yes Goose has done it again…. Goose has been gunning for Trip for a long time…

    Funny that he used proper grammar and Keppler posted trips real name AGAIN.. yet Trip is BANNED and Keppler is let go to troll some more… AND GOOSE CANT SEE THE SHIT PILE HE IS IN AGAIN…. what an IDIOT…

    GOOSE pull your head out of your ass…

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