TrapperMN: four day time out for f-bomb

Since we learned that the filter bypass committed by treadmill was for a word other than an “f-bomb” here is a different incident to compare to Eventual’s permaban.

On March 1, TrapperMN received a 4 day time out for an f-bomb filter bypass in the title and a worse in the OP.  F-Bomb: trapper,

Remus Lupin:



An F-bomb filter bypass in a thread title?

Lee Kington:

Title edited.

OP, hence thread, deleted for containing another (and worse) bypass in the text.

96 hour time-out (non-negotiable).



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30 Responses to TrapperMN: four day time out for f-bomb

  1. ahelluvalady says:

    Oh but that was in March. All F-bomb filter bypasses get 96 hours in March.

    I think it has something to do with Lent? …..hmmm…..

  2. lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

    don’t you just love those moving goal posts?

  3. lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

    “Let’s do this. Trip did delete. An act generally appreciated but not always ones salvation. Trip has a LONG history of personal attacks and totes around an attitude that he has a right to say what he wants on these boards.

    OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION: The very next time Trip engages in a personal exchange of notation and is in violation, deleted or not, he catches a ban. I will make it and I will do so regardless of other consideration or moderator action directly related to such individual incident. I will do so without further explanation or cited reason. The determination is hereby made as of this time.”

    speaking of moving goal posts… how about this one.. now any mod that perceives an “exchange of notation” can flush a poster. this will be abused by those who dislike trip.. when did commonsense leave humanity? this is one that should have been handled in private… now the bone has been thrown out for all to use as a stick… they are setting up people for a flush…

    which is worse? a heated exchange or those in authority setting you up to fail?

    • What does that mean? says:

      “Exchange of notation”? What is notation? Could Lee have been a little more vague?

      You’re right about them setting him up to fail. Trip makes nuanced posts. Anyone can deliberately or ignorantly misconstrue them and if Trip tries to set things straight that could be all it takes.

    • Clearly defined? says:

      Now Lee is congratulating himself.

      Well with this approach any future action is clearly defined and need for any appeal at such time would be unnecessary. The ‘chance’ now given any exit will be a one way trip. Pardon the play on words.

      Clearly defined? The action might be clearly defined but the trigger could be anything. The need for appeal will always be there. What is Trip supposed to do if someone baits him? Report it in the TTTM every time? If enough people bait him then the moderators will ban him just because they’re tired of seeing him in the TTTM.

      • Or ... says:

        Or they’ll ban him because one day he gets impatient and gets a little testy and they’ll say his “bad attitude” is a reason to show him the door.

        Catch 22 all around.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      “which is worse? a heated exchange or those in authority setting you up to fail?”

      That’s exactly what they did to Spinach, set him up to fail.
      And when it happened, Goose took GREAT delight in banning Spinach. Asked him if he had any last words before sentencing took place, as if Spinach was a damned criminal. Made me want to puke. Hide and watch, the same thing will happen to Trip. The noose is already around his neck, just waiting for the final word from the executioner. Goose will take great delight on Trip’s execution day, as will all the other fat-headed mindless liberals and liberaltarians.

      • Spinach power says:

        Spinach hadn’t even violated their special rules when they banned him.

        He was banned for saying “liberalism is pure evil”. He did not say “liberals are pure evil”. Saying that about liberals would have been against their special rule but talking about liberalism wasn’t. The mods frequently say there is a difference between talking about an ideology and talking about the people who follow the ideology. Spinach made a great defense but it didn’t matter. Goose said “The rule was crystal clear. You broke the rule.”

        Yes, the rule was crystal clear and Spinach didn’t break it.

        Trip is facing that same sense of fairness and this time Lee left the mods a wider opening. There isn’t even an explicit rule for trip to break. He just has to get defensive and he’s out.

  4. GWH says:

    Then he shouldn’t have been such an ass up to now. You reap what you sew.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Actually, you wear what you sew, or somebody else wears it.
      Or may be you are making kitchen curtains??
      Oh wow, I love homeade stuff.
      Are you a seamstress?

  5. Waterboy says:

    While Trip’s most recent posts were tame by his standards he brought it on himself by routinely being one of the biggest baiters and personal attackers on the board. He is always pushing the line and he’s on the mods radars. There are countless posters there who get in and debate without ever drawing a mod complaint but Trip always does because of his tendency to go personal. Like a storeowner is going to watch a known shoplifter very carefully the mods are going to be watching Trip very carefully. And his 1000 word rebuttals don’t help as they just annoy the mods. The dude just can’t say “I’m sorry, I let my temper get the better of me” as he should have many times in the past but instead has to give a lengthy narrative on why he did nothing wrong.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      I see lots of crap on the boards that never gets reported. 8-10 hours go by, and no one makes a report. You really think there’s nothing to report in that time span? There’s lots of shit on the boards that never gets reported. Insults flying right and left, and none of it gets reported.

      However, Trip, being that he is a conservative, and is very knowledgeable and able to put the asses in their place, leaving the liberaltariens like John and Goose in his contrails, well, of course Trip will be reported. Jealousy is so ugly. Anyone at hannity with an ounce of intelligence has a target on their back or on their forehead.

      • Waterboy says:

        How often does Ddye get reported? Oh now and then but as Doug will admit its almost always deserved when he does and he always apologizes. How many times has Trip actually apologized without some rambling dissertation about why he did nothing wrong?

        Trip is a troll, thats why he gets reported.

        How often does Wildrose get reported by anyone other than Noose or Stu? Wildrose is a petulant little cry baby that is utterly despised by so many on that board for being a tattle tale yet he rarely gets reported except when going tit for tat with Noose or Stu.

  6. GWH says:

    Funny, seams anyone with an ounce of intellegence would read the rules and not go personal after being told time and time again.

    And yes, that was a sewing reference.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Read the damned forums. There are a shitload of posts that go personal. Crap that never gets reported. If you don’t know that, then you aren’t reading. Most folks have enough sense to let stuff slide.

      • GWH says:

        Personal attacks? Report them, if you feel they are in violation. In fact, if you don’t report them, you’re doing the board a disservice.

  7. WildRosiePalm says:

    Trip is a repeat offender who would have been gone a long time ago if the mods weren’t so friendly with him. That is why he only got (another) warning this time instead of being banned like everybody else.

    • JT says:

      Like everybody else? Try that line again when Noose’s reign is over.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      LOL. The mods hate Trip, coz he post stuff that they ACTUALLY HAVE TO READ AND THINK ABOUT!!

      The only reason he gets a “warning” is because they know damned well they don’t have any reason AT ALL to ban him. So they make shit up, just to cover for their own stupidity, which quickly receives confirmation by the libs, and then EVERYTHING IS COOL!! As long as the ignorant libs give the ignorant mods a “high-five”, then ALL IS COOL!!

    • WildRosiePalm says:

      I didn’t know Trip had his own fan club here. He is a troll, and he is a favorite of Lee Kington’s. That is why he hasn’t been banned.

  8. ahelluvalady says:

    The bullshit in here is nearly as thick as the bullshit at Hannity. A so called conservative website, moderated by liberals, does it get any funnier than that. Conservatives like Trip and Spinach don’t have a hope in hell of surviving at Hannity. But assholes like Noosey and Stu and Doug, and a host of other libs, get coddled by the mods, and are even encouraged to continue their bullshit. But thank God for this blog, where the TRUTH can be told, even as the liberal shitheads come here and defend the BS that goes on at Hannity.

    • GWH says:

      That tounge of yours sure is liberal with the swearing. Thank GOD indeed.

      • ahelluvalady says:

        My tongue tells the TRUTH, something you can’t understand.

      • GWH says:

        Actually, I do understand what your tounge is saying. Basically, you want a conservative only forum, an echo chamber in which you can espouse your views and not be taken to task. If Wild Rose wasn’t so hated by you guys, I’d say it really chapped your ass that a lib won the moderated debate. I’ll bet that before you were banned, it really got your blood boiling when a lib got the better of you in a discussion. If it were your forum, all the libs would be held to a higher standard to insure that it stayed a conservative forum.

        To bad it’s not your forum. Go find one that better suits your standards.

    • WildRosiePalm says:

      Hello spinach.

  9. GWH says:

    Lol, nope. I’m a rare occurance on this board; I am who I say I am.

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