A reminder

If hannitywatch went quiet because there was nothing else to report, we would be happy about that.  We value the Hannity forum as a platform for the dissemination of information and ideas vital to the political debate, as well as for the friendships some of us have made there.

It is a busy forum.  The moderators have a herculean task to perform which for the most part they do well. We do not quibble about small inconsistencies in moderation.

Nevertheless, when spirited human beings are unceremoniously evicted from the forum debate without recourse, sometimes without violating the Terms of Service, at other times for violations which others received hand slaps for, and sometimes by someone who has himself been violating the Terms of Service, we find that noteworthy.

Those impacted by such decisions are invited to post here for as long as WordPress allows us the privilege of having this blog.


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40 Responses to A reminder

  1. ahelluvalady says:

    My computer crashed yesterday, am just now back on line. I agree with everything you say. Having been a moderator at a large and active forum, I know what a job it can be to moderate a large forum. And I am also well aware of the fact that there is a LOT of stuff that goes on behind the scenes, stuff that most of the members never know about. Most moderators do a good job, even great at times. Their basic purpose being to keep the place clean, keep everything running well, getting rid of trolls and spammers, and dealing with the regulars who are at odds with each other.

    This is all well and good, as long as the moderators are honest and above board, not showing any partiality, having very high standards, understanding that their roll is not dependent upon personalities, or friendships, but rather is devoted to the rule of the forums, TOS.

    It is also important to note, that a moderator must guard against becoming a sort of dictator, somehow believing they are above the rules that other members are required to follow. A good moderator will not ask anything from the members that he is not willing to follow himself. A good moderator will set the example for the rest of the members.

    • Wavefarer says:

      Moderating the Hannity forums is not that big of a task, and the moderators have little pigeons doing their work for them. The problem with Hannity forums is the moderators themselves, as they have erected subjective standards, particularly intended to allow them to play favorites and exercise their own personal influence, which result in more turmoil on the forums than is necessary. The result is the moderators s deliberately flaunt their latitude in a varied posturings and entirely unnecessary insults and personal commentary to the so-called “Honored Guests”. This display does nothing to help their esteem except for to those who respect nothing.

      The result doesn’t work as a country’s laws,, nor on a forum. There is one reason only that the Mods are ridiculed here and elsewhere, and that is their own actions have caused the contempt they are held in.

      There also appears to be a growing need to give out the Brown Noser Award, with that noxious affliction having tracked all the way from Hannity’s Mod Forum over to here, filling this commentary with unsavory emanations. We can only hope that some clean up their act before they foul their costume at Alice’s Tea Party.

  2. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    how ’bout a theme song for all of us in here…

    including those who come in here to give us grief about this blog’s mission…

    we’re all invested in working for a better world…

  3. Wowzer says:

    Lolz, this site is hysterically insecure. It took me all of 10 minutes to get the IP of everyone that has posted here. I think I’ll send them to Rick and let him have a party 😀

    • white rabbit says:

      That is a clever way to try to inhibit conversation. Did you get any feedback from all the reports you made yesterday?

      • ahelluvalady says:

        It’s really very disturbing. Sean is a conservative. You would assume his staff is also conservative. But obviously, they are not. Liberals will stop at nothing to squash the truth. Including making all sorts of threats against conservatives, in a vain attempt at silencing conservatives. How odd that Sean’s “team” will also stop at nothing to silence the truth. Very odd indeed. Very disturbing.

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:


    • KloknDagr says:

      OK then whats my IP ?
      That should be an easy question to answer.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Rick, please, stop with the lies. For God’s sake, you call yourself a Christian, if nothing else, for the sake of your own soul, please stop with the lies. We post the truth here. I’m sorry you can’t handle the truth. You need to reach out to your Saviour, maybe He will forgive you.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        ya know, I’ve got my issues with Rick…

        but I think the wording of this post by lady is over the line and entirely inappropriate…

  4. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    here’s a tune for my ol’ buddy Rick…

    hope all is well on your end… 🙂

  5. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

  6. ahelluvalady says:

    Rick needs to stop lying. If Rick will stop lying, and will admit to his lies, Hannity might become the place it used to be. But he will have to come clean, and admit the lies he has told. Not holding my breath. I seriously doubt Rick will ever admit to the lies he has told. Lies that have harmed people. As a Christian, he should get honest, and admit his faults, admit the times he has hurt people. Admit the times he has falsely accused people. Admit the times he has called former members a slut, and worse. Admit the times he has treated good members as dung beneath his feet. Will any of this happen?? No. Why? Because Rick does not have a conscience. Rick is a sad sad person, with no regard for others, or how his lies affect others.

  7. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    Y’all may think I’m crazy, but I feel a certain amount of affection for Rick…

    • ahelluvalady says:

      INH, affection for Rick? lol…… Did you mean to say “infection”??
      Kinda like a nasty boil on yer butt,,,,that just won’t go away…..

  8. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    Here’s another tune for my ol’ buddy Rick…

  9. Bwuhaha says:

    ahelluvalady aka JenT lol

  10. Bwuhaha says:

    I doubt Rick has ever posted here. He’d hardly concern himself with this level of stupidity. I think what we have here is a circle jerk by Trip or is it White Rabbit? Sounds like Trip anyway. I bet all these posters he’s identified as Rick are probably White Rabbit himself attempting to create drama and draw interest. Sounds like something someone as pathetic as he would do.

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      lol… Bwuhaha discovers what he believes is a circle jerk… and feels compelled to participate in it… 😉

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      here’s a tune for Bwuhaha…

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Bwuhaha, are you kidding or what,,,,,,Rick LOVES the attention he’s getting!!
      He’s almost world famous now!!
      I’m sure he comes here every day, just to read about his wonderful self. 😉 😀

    • white rabbit says:

      If Rick has not posted here then that should remove the worry “Blair Cullen” AKA “Wowzer” AKA etc has that we posted Rick’s IP information. If Rick did not post then we do not have his IP.

      “O_o” AKA “Visitorrr” AKA etc was probably someone else from the Jackson, MS area. Rick would not lower himself to posting here. Thank you, Bwuhaha, for clearing this up for us.

      • Bwuhaha says:

        I’m not a moderator, but I know of at least 5 regular posters at Hannity from the Jackson area other than Rick. If I know of 5, there are probably several more. Just because you had an IP match to the Jackson area doesnt mean it was Rick. You guys are castigating Rick for dubious bannings using faulty or limited information, yet you’re using the same sort of information to accuse Rick of being multiple posters here. The irony would be funny if it you werent so pathetic.

      • white rabbit says:

        We (White Rabbit) have stated facts. We have not castigated Rick for posting here. We have observed that someone whose IP is within 7 miles of Rick’s reported home has posted here. We have noted that this person used an unusual emoticon expression Rick is known for using in his posts elsewhere. The odds favor it being Rick. However we have been careful in case it is not Rick.

  11. GW says:

    Sour grapes have no logic, bwuhaha.

    • white rabbit says:

      Try your logic on this. How many people from the Jackson, MS area who post at Hannity know about this site? How many of those use the emoticon “O_o” with the capital O in the first position? There are other elements in the tone, word choice and post structure which also sound like Rick but we want to keep this simple. How many Hannity posters from near Jackson, MS even know about this site?

    • KloknDagr says:

      Eventus Stultorum Magister.
      In Pace Requiescat!

  12. ahelluvalady says:

    While on the subject of Rick, I wanted to devote this song to him,
    I swear, it brings tears to my eyes,
    just for you Tricky Ricky!! Enjoy!!

  13. Bwuhaha says:

    Hey JenT, I heard there are some pornographic pics out there from you “previous” life before you found Christ. Reading your posts here, it’s obvious that you’ve once again turned away from your good Christian ways, so, can you hook a bruva up?

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Lol, so glad I got your attention, BWU, but I ain’t JenT!!!
      Guess again!!
      Okay, here’s a tiny hint:
      I love Paul, and he makes it so much better!!

  14. GWH says:

    Dreamy, is that you? White Rabbit.

  15. GWH says:

    Well, in that case you’ve lost my interest.

  16. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    Do you remember that interview with Paul McCartney…?

    that was awesome…

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