The teflon Noose strikes again

What percentage of complaints in the TTTM are about Noose?

Noose posted this insinuation, in response to this thread,

Whats with the Michelle Obama hatred? Pigmentation.

Nortman reported it  in Hatred of Michelle Obama d/t racism?,


Looks to me like a blanket racism accusation

Rick’s response:

It wasnt directed at any particular poster so a simple deletion occured.

Two other recent complaint threads:


Is this allowed? Noose4,


Noose simultaneously demonstrates that he knows how to couch his insults in terms the moderators will swallow and that the moderators are more than willing to swallow, despite  their recognition that he is a chronic problem.

Recall this from February, Noose4 Banned: 30 Days,


For trolling, insulting guests, and basically being a pain in the ass.

I’ve asked him nicely to mind how he responds to perceived insults. He refuses. Maybe he’ll learn some self discipline with a month off.

See  Noose4 – portrait of a free pass for a rundown of Noose’s extensive presence in the TTTM leading up to that 30 day ban.

What makes Noose so special?


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30 Responses to The teflon Noose strikes again

  1. ahelluvalady says:

    “What makes Noose so special?”

    1. – He is a personal friend of the mods
    2. – He is a personal friend of the mods.

    3. – He is a personal friend of the mods.

    Maybe LEE is his daddy.?. Goose has called him a brother.
    Noose loves to whine and whine and play the victim.
    Noose loves to run to Papa and bro, crying and whining about how everyone picks on him.
    It’s a good thing Noose never got called up. I’ve never seen such a sissy baby.

  2. white rabbit says:

    We appreciate Noose’s willingness to serve.

    It is only human for him to take advantage of the willingness of the moderators to accommodate him in any way possible. The moderators are responsible for their inconsistent moderation.

  3. Blair Cullen says:

    A report submitted to

    The entire blog, is an attack site aimed at the volunteer moderators of

    The blog features extensive use of material from which may be a violation of Fair Use. In addition, the blog’s author has revealed IP and home location of one of the moderators of That moderator has young children in his home and this I feel could endanger him and his family. Given the obsessive nature and hatred evident in some of the posts on the blog in question, such a reaction is to be expected.

    I have made the moderators at http://www.Forums., and that forums legal dept aware of the blog in question as I believe it may be in violation of Fair Use.

    I believe according to your Terms of Service, that the blog in question is a “scraper blog” as it take content from other blogs and re-publishes it without permission (, according to your Terms of Service “If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone!”.

    Also, it would seem to be a “Personal attack blog”, again as defined by your Terms of Service as a blog whose primary purpose is “attacking an individual or group of individuals.” Your ToS on the subject goes on to say about Personal attack blogs “We have a particularly low tolerance for anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks without standing by their words with their real name.” The blog in question main purpose is to personally attack the moderators of http://www.Forums. Hannity.Com, who DO use their real names.

    I look forward to your swift response.

    This message was forwarded to the legal dept at

    • white rabbit says:

      The definition of a “scraper blog” does not apply to our site.

      Scraper blog: Blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission (this is sometimes called scraping). If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone!

      The Hannity forum is not a blog. Thus, quoting content from that site is not taking anything from another blog.

      We do not violate Fair Use either. We make reports on incidents, with documentation and commentary. Fair Use laws were written to protect this kind of reporting. If someone had to get permission for reporting on events, that would severely inhibit freedom of expression. We give credit for what we quote. We believe that we are in keeping with Fair Use provisions.

      Our purpose is not to personally attack the moderators. Our initial purpose was to bring to light conditions which Sean Hannity might not know, about what is going on at the forum which operates under his name.

      As traffic has increased, we find we are happy simply to allow people a place to tell their side of events. With all the bans and deletions it is difficult to get the story out. This is only the internet but those are real people who are posting, people who have invested a lot of themselves into their postings. We give them a chance to have their say when they are silenced. Too often, lies were told about them at the time of their banning. The little people deserve a chance to make their case and correct the record.

      We have not posted anyone’s exact IP. We reported on the vicinity in which suspicious and abusive posting appeared to originate. If someone is going to come here and call other posters the c-word that makes us less willing to protect their anonymity. So far we have not reported any location information about anyone at Hannity which is not already in the public domain. The people in question have other blogs, facebook pages and so on where they publish this information.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Soooooooo, the babies can’t stand the truth, OR, the babies can’t tolerate the truth.
      Which is it……

      “We suspend blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse:

      Personal threats
      Calls to violence
      Impersonation of a private person”

      In no way, has this blog EVER made any threats against anyone.
      Nor has this blog EVER made any call to violence of any kind.
      And has not impersonated a private person.

      What this blog has done, and ONLY does, is to talk about the discrepancies in moderation at a message board.


      And just for the record, there are a couple of message boards that do the same thing. They post about moderator inconsistancies that take place at hannity. Last time I checked, this country still allows free speech?? Damn the idiots all to hell who wish to take away our right to free speech!!!!!!!!!

      • white rabbit says:

        WordPress is not the government. However they do seem to have a liberal freedom of speech policy,

        Hopefully WordPress will allow us to continue. We think we have something of value to offer to our circle of posters. We think we fall more into the category of a blog which comments on the experience we’ve had at a business, which is what the Hannity franchise is. The wordpress reporting page gives that as an example of allowed blog activity.


        We will not suspend blogs for other reasons you might find objectionable. For example, we don’t suspend blogs for describing a negative experience they have had with a business, or for being generally offensive (see this section on freedom of speech for more information). Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, by simply ignoring the issue (blogs that use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place), or by seeking a court order against the blog.

        Blair Cullen’s post has caused us to take stock but as you say, we have not made personal threats nor calls to violence, and we have not impersonated a private person.

  4. ahelluvalady says:


    Rick thinks his family is in danger?? From this blog?? What a load of BS.

    Someone is damn desperate. And someone doesn’t like the truth being told.

    • white rabbit says:

      Thank you for your support, lady. We have been intentionally vague about IP’s. We have tried to speak in generalities even as we have attempted to warn our posters about those who seem to want to make mischief here.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        Just to be safe, HannityWatch should prolly avoid discussion of IP’s altogether…

      • white rabbit says:

        You are prolly right!

      • ahelluvalady says:

        I can tell you in a few words what I know about Rick, and ALL of what I know, I LEARNED AT HANNITY, NOT HERE!!. I learned at hannity that he lives in Miss., I learned at hannity that he is a cop or a P.I., can’t remember which. And last but not least, I learned at hannity that Rick is a damned LIAR. And that’s my biggest beef with him, that he lies. If he would just be honest, just tell the damned truth, I really wouldn’t have too much to say about him.

  5. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    HannityWatch is a place for commentary about the goings-on at…

    all in all, the only comments that could be considered personal attacks are the ones that have come from certain supporters of, who have come in here to post nasty hateful comments about the other HannityWatch posters.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      Exactly. I have been personally attacked here by those who come here to abuse this blog. Which is fine, coz I don’t really care what an anonymous peep has to say about me, lol. However, I think it says a LOT that those same folks are now attempting to shut down this blog. This smacks of the typical liberal way of silencing ANYONE who dares to tell the truth.

  6. ahelluvalady says:

    OH, and LEE is a pain in the arse, doesn’t mod fairly at times, seems to get great delight from banning folks, etc. HOWEVER, I can’t recall LEE ever lying, not ever. So, props to LEE for his honesty. I may not like him too much, but I do appreciate his honesty.

  7. lol says:

    Is Blair Cullen someone or is that Rick trying to worry us? If would be funny if Rick has anything to do with trying to shut this blog down. He is the one who advertised it over at Hannity.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      lol is right. This blog was relatively UNKNOWN until Rick gave it “free advertizing” over at hannity, LOL!! Btw, just for the record, isn’t it against TOS to promote another website at Hannity?? Oh deary me, yes,,,,,,,,yes it is,,,,,,,,Ruh Roh, Rick violated TOS, AGAIN!!!

      • lol says:

        lol says:

        lol !

      • Visitor3 says:

        It’s against TOS to LINK to blogs or other forums. It’s never been against TOS to mention the existence of other blogs/forums.

        If it were, I’d have been banned LOOOOOONG ago.

      • white rabbit says:

        A link was not required to make this an instance of deletable redirection:

        He did not only mention us. He announced our existence to a wide audience and pointed out how to get here. People who could not figure out how to get here with the information he originally gave were given extra help. That was more than redirection. It was taking people by the hand and walking them over here.

    • Waterboy says:

      Yep. If not for the Waterboy I’d never know of this blog either. He truly is the Waterboy. If you don’t get it then go watch the movie Waterboy with Adam Sandler. Not only does Rick kind of look like Waterboy he has the temper and intelligence of him too.

  8. lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

    Poor Ricky getting his feeling hurt….

  9. Blair Cullen says:

    “Also, it would seem to be a “Personal attack blog”, again as defined by your Terms of Service as a blog whose primary purpose is “attacking an individual or group of individuals.” Your ToS on the subject goes on to say about Personal attack blogs “We have a particularly low tolerance for anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks without standing by their words with their real name.” The blog in question main purpose is to personally attack the moderators of http://www.Forums. Hannity.Com, who DO use their real names.”

    The posts in this thread after my own have proven this blog to be exactly what I claimed it to be, a Personal Attack Blog as defined by the WordPress Terms of Service. Thank you for proving my point. A screenshot of this thread will be included in my follow up to WordPress’ abuse dept.

    • lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

      interesting perspective… however, due credit is given for all uses. therefore credit is given the original writers. no foul here…

      next, the ability of a person to refute the data presented is open at all times. this is a place for those who feel that they have not been given a fair shake and need a place to air their side of the story. funny how you wish to silence this right and close off their free speech.

      exposing those who lie is not a crime…

      • ahelluvalady says:

        Exactly. This blog is not about Rick. This blog is about the actions of some of the hannity mods, actions which we see as anything but fair and above board. If we were to air our complaints at hannity, we would immediately be banned for telling the truth, for expressing our opinion. This is a safe place, where we can freely speak the truth, where we can expose the truth that some of the mods wish to hide.

    • lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

      next thing you know you will be demanding all data on every poster here..

  10. white rabbit says:

    We might need to close this thread early. We’re obviously a little off topic thanks to the threat from “Blair Cullen” AKA “Shakes Head” AKA “I see you” AKA and so on.

    Don’t make it too easy for the people who want to stifle our free speech.

    Rick is by far the most dishonest and immoderate moderator at Hannity, so yes there are a lot of hard feelings about him in particular. But that is in his capacity as a moderator. This is not an attempt to harm Rick as a person. Most who post here care about the Hannity forum. Yes, Rick’s petty actions matter to us for many reasons. He is not the only problem but he is a big problem and the other moderators having to look the other way compromises their credibility also.

    So, to review, it is difficult not to sound personal sometimes about people who have been unfair and especially about people who have lied. But try not to let the “Blair Cullens” of the site bait you.

    • lookingoutfromunderthestair says:

      you mean Blair isn’t who she purports to be? LOL

      well i guess there is justice in the world…

  11. white rabbit says:

    Blair Cullen:

    … the blog’s author has revealed IP and home location of one of the moderators …

    Though we did not actually reveal the IP and only alluded to the vicinity from which it originated, if this is an acknowledgement that it was indeed the IP of a moderator, then do you support the moderator posting here and calling a former Hannity guest a slut?

  12. GW says:

    This whole place is funny, and I’m sure it’s nice to have a purgatory for those of you who couldn’t make it the tough cruel world that is Hannity forums. 
    Bill, sorry you got banned, but you pushed the limits everyday you were there bro, kinda surprised it took this long. 
    White Rabbit…I have an idea of who you may be, but I’m not going to be so foolish as to play a guessing game. But let’s see who you are on this site. You obviously have a beef with Rick, and I can only suppose Lee as well, but moreso with Rick. In fact, your second archived thread on this site is entitled “Firewatch” the first being a welcome thread. It is only until the third thread that you decide to include the rest of the moderator staff. Then you posted some kind of TP thread for music interests, or maybe you just got bored at that point. Who knows, but it is clear that you created this site with one person in mind, that being Rick. Maybe you’re jealous, ticked off at some infraction you’ve received, or just don’t like the guy. Or maybe you’re just a control freak and can’t stand to see the site go in a direction that isn’t of your choosing. You wouldn’t have chosen Rick to be a Mod, and now you just can’t stand it that he is.
    I happen to think he is a good mod, for the record. He rarely puts up with a bunch of crap, has a sense of humor, and gives plenty of chances if your intent is honorable.   
    So what if you compile a bunch of crap on a wordpress site that you call inconsistancies in the moderation of Hannity forums? What are you going to do with that info?You probably don’t even know anyone, even in the ether, that is influential enough to do something about your frivolous claims. So really, what’s the point? Other than a sounding board for the damned, or the gutless. 

    • ahelluvalady says:

      I think the problem might be that Rick sometimes MWI and PWI. That’s when he starts breaking TOS, and that’s when he makes the most idiotic posts. Then he starts deleting stuff, when he realizes he has screwed up, and then starts lying about what he has deleted. Google cache does not lie.

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