Through the looking glass

Who do you see?  A special request has been made.

so… white rabbit…

how ’bout a blog thread wherein we all try to guess who each of us are…?

We live to serve.


Continued here: Through the looking glass, version 2.0


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Through the looking glass.
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81 Responses to Through the looking glass

  1. UK Glenmont says:

    i am this guy.

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      you da man, UK…

      stay fearless… but watch your back at all times…

    • Visitor3 says:


      You’re that other guy.

    • JT says:

      I’m that other guy. People confuse me with UK all the time.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      UK, you need to be careful, just a heads up. Keep yourself far far away from the TTTM, and you might last there. Just a friendly warning, Lee & Rick wouldn’t think twice about cutting your head off. You are in my top ten list of folks who might get banned next. Not that I don’t like you, I do like you, however, the mods have you in their cross-hairs. So be careful, stay away from the TTTM, don’t post there.

      • Visitor3 says:

        Aww…it’s cute that you think you can protect people.

        UK has never run afoul of the moderators. He’s good people. He doesn’t complain about them constantly…just reports what he believes to be violations and moves on with his life. Same as 99% of the people who hang out there.

      • JonasBrothersFan says:

        If you wouldn’t mind sharing, who else is on your might-get-banned-next list? Merely curious…

  2. ahelluvalady says:

    CutiePie has admitted that she is not CutiePie, so we are making some headway. She says she’s not Theranna, but says she is close. At least she has admitted to being a fraud, so that is good.

    • JT says:

      Would Theranna admit it if you guessed right about her while she kept batting .000 about your secret identity?

      • ahelluvalady says:

        I dunno. I’m thinking we might have some of the really bad libs here, people like SideStreamer, Noose, those types.

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      dunno why bad things are being said about Sidestreamer and Noose…

      I like those guys…

  3. ahelluvalady says:

    I thought Visitor3 might be WHO, but who ain’t that nasty. Who has a really good side about her, not something I can say about most of the libs. Oh she can be sarcastic as hell, and sometimes posts crap, however, I don’t think Visitor3 is who.

    What’s amazing is how easy it is to distinguish the libs from the cons, regardless of user names.

    • Visitor3 says:

      What makes you think I’m nasty?

      But you’re definitely right…I’m not Who.

      And I’ll give you a hint…I too am into chicks.

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      Regarding nastiness, I don’t understand why libs are being singled out…

      it’s been my experience that there’s plenty of assholes on all sides of the political spectrum…

    • JonasBrothersFan says:

      I’ve always had a lot of respect for Who. Decent, thoughtful and articulate poster, though I rarely agree with her.

  4. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    meh… the response structure of this forum makes me crazy…

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      dang… that shoulda been put at the end of the comments list…

  5. I see you says:

    Melinda you sexy beast.
    Physics Hunter
    I see you crazy bastages.

    🙂 peace

  6. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    yo… White Rabbit… I was just now thinking how cool it would be if everyone in here took a name from a character in Alice In Wonderland…

    mad hatter…
    march hare…

    ‘course, I’d wanna be the Cheshire Cat…
    and if that wasn’t available, the caterpillar…

    lol… Rick could be the Queen of Hearts…

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      dang… why wasn’t this put at the end of the post list…?

  7. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    what’s yer poison…? next round’s on me…

  8. I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

    meh… navigating this list makes me wanna kill sumpin’…

  9. ahelluvalady says:

    I see that SideStreamer ran back under his rock after I ID’ed him, what a wuss….

    • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

      Sidestreamer was actually here…?

      and didn’t even bother to tell me “hi”…?

      I’m heartbroken…

      • Visitor3 says:

        Nope…if Sidestreamer’s around, he’s not me.

        But ahelluvalady thinks she’s got me all pegged. It’s cute.

    • Visitor3 says:

      Aww…you’re adorable.

      You’ve got the same radar Remus Lupin has for retreads…

      Wanna bet me your Blue Jackets tickets?

  10. I see you says:

    Visitorrr says:
    June 2, 2011 at 9:11 am
    This place is the septic tank of the Hannity forums, you know, where all the shit that gets flushed ends up. You people really fucking idiots.

    ^ that’s funny shit, and pretty accurate. I’m outty before I get labeled as one of the flushed.

    🙂 peace

    • Visitorrr says:

      That’s a good move baby. This place is the filthiest, trashiest place since TrollsRevenge. Just being here makes me want to take a shower. This is my last time here. I’m out before I break bad on some stupid bitches. WildRose, you keep being you baby. So bitter about not becoming a mod. HAHAHA

      • ahelluvalady says:

        I love it when the nasty libs show their true selves. 🙂
        Now git on back to hannityland, baldy, and show your
        true self over there.

      • I'm new here (but I'm not I'mNewHere) says:

        lol… you think WildRose is White Rabbit based simply on the initials…?!

        you have sht for brains, plsd…

        but, then again, why should we expect intelligence from someone who insists that white people voted for McCain simply because he’s white… (insert eyeroll…)

        btw… I know who White Rabbit is, and it sure ain’t WildRose…

  11. Lady Gaga says:

    I love this place. More sour grapes than a failed vineyard. What’s more fucking pathetic? Being banned from Hannity, or creating an entire webpage to bitch about it? Fucking children, you didn’t know how to behave, now you sit here and cry about it in your little cave.

    • ahelluvalady says:

      LOL!! Hi Rick!! I knew you’d post eventually,,,How’s it goin dude??

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • ahelluvalady says:

      btw, Rick, we know you are a liar, lied about the PM’s.
      Just thought you’d like to know.
      It’s that damn google cache thingy.

  12. ahelluvalady says:

    LOL, Rick was here, dang! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Gerald Rivera says:

    All i get from this discussion is that ahelluvalady doesn’t have much to occupy her time so she’s probably one of the yentas that posts nonstop in the meaningless parts of the forum… which suggests that WP actually has a purpose other than being a sounding board in the echo chamber… so nevermind what I said. She’s just a nice yenta.

    Btw, who here loves to fuck?

  14. Aids says:

    You think he “breeds” them himself?

  15. GW says:

    I have an idea who White Rabbit is. And no, not Trip or Wild Rose. But I’d like to see others’ ideas as well before spilling the beans. I’ll give a hint, it’s a she.

  16. GW says:

    Who wants to guess who white rabbit is?

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