PeterGriffin: no foul

PeterGriffin in the thread, michelle obama: pushes the poetry of thugs,

So basically, its “ZOMG another one of *those people* is going to the White House”, and we have to use “thug” and other code words because we can’t just come right out and say “******”.

The complaint in the TTTM, Peter Griffin-major racially loaded post, extremely offensive,

Nothing personal against PG, just pointing this out. Sounds like he’s calling a whole bunch of Hannity forum conservatives racist. And maybe it’s a coincidence, but note the number of characters in the word that was filtered out.

This has been reduced to a complaint about using filterable words.  DaGooseMon’s ruling:

No foul. The filter did what the filter is supposed to do.

A post was deleted which readdressed the OP’s main point: the accusation which PeterGriffin made against those such as Sean Hannity who objected to Common’s invitation to the White House.


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One Response to PeterGriffin: no foul

  1. ahelluvalady says:

    Goose has no problem with a member using the “N word”?? LOL.
    Oh wait, PG is a lib, k, now I get it….

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