Maelstrom: another falls

maelstrom : COM,

Another objection to Rick’s violations, another ban.  When will they learn?

ksdb defended maelstrom with:

There are pretty clear ground rules that were set up in the OP by a different mod. It’s not contemptful to expect consistency and for other mods to enforce the rules.

The moderators at Hannity obviously differ with that point of view.

Rick declared open season on “birthers” in the one thread at Hannity where it was determined they would be allowed to post without derision.  It was their safe haven.  The only place they were allowed to post their frustrations with Obama’s lack of disclosure.  People could disagree with them, as of course many would, but mockery was off limits.  Rick has violated that rule before and now has made it an official moderator notice that the original rules of the forum don’t apply.  His “right” as a moderator.  However, it’s only an excuse to cover the violations he was already committing.


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4 Responses to Maelstrom: another falls

  1. Maelstrom says:

    Aw, shucks,

    I didn’t realize you guys cared.

    I only wish you had seen the post I had written before Rick deleted it.

    It wasn’t particularly contemptuous in the first place, but it did point out how the coward could not find it within himself to follow his own rules instead of acting the part of a mind-numbed robot goose-stepping to the groupthink band in his head.

    And no, none of that well-deserved jibe was in the deleted post.

    In the deleted post I remarked upon Rick’s decision to allow ridicule against so-called “birthers”, who were, if anything, more patriotic than those who attack them. (and that’s the source of the “contempt of moderator” charge.

    I pointed out the foundation of the forums itself disallowed ridicule in the first pplace, and he, as a “moderator” violated that for those who care enough about our nation and our Constitution to question the veracity of a document that is indistinguishable from a forged instrument.

    Oh, if only Rick were not such a coward, he would have let that post remain. If only.

    The only thing damning him more than my post was his decision to ban me for responding to his hypocrisy.


    Darth Maelstrom

  2. Visitor says:

    Was it a permanent ban?

  3. Visitorrr says:

    Rick didnt ban you or delete the post douchestraw!

  4. Blue Jackets fan says:

    Hey Mael. It’s Remus, while I never really debated with you, I always respected you.
    I left the forum on my own too because of all the BS that was going on there.

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