Words, just words

How is Trip more deserving of a lengthy timeout than WildRose?  How is WildRose even still posting at Hannity?

DaGooseMon’s pronouncement about ArmyCowboy and WildRose in March, from WildRose-Insulting Honored Guest, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2214711:

You two are making me nuts. This is the 2nd spat in a week.

Place each other on ignore. I see either of you interacting with the other, directly or indirectly, I drop the hammer.

A month later, ArmyCowboy violated that order by accusing WildRose of selective judgment in a comment to someone who had quoted WildRose.  See Army Cowboy COM, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2244101.

As AeroEngineer pointed out, WildRose probably violated the order by reading ArmyCowboy’s posts.

There was no consequence from the moderators.  WildRose and ArmyCowboy are both still posting.  Words, just words.


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