Trip: 30 day timeout

A thirty day time out where others would receive 3 or nothing, issued by Lee.

Example of the kind of post Lee objected to:

I’m pretty certain you’ve got no clue and you adhere to an ideology that is undeniably Un-American. If anything else where true, you wouldn’t be trying to convince me of the Progressive mindset that any agenda is equally supported by the Constitution… and “patriotism” is just a matter of what’s in the person’s eye!

You’ve fooled no one. The one thing about thorough ignorance is, it is blatant.

From Trip’s response:

It sure looks to me as if i was referring to an “ideology”, not a person.

See  Lee Kington – Request for Clarificatio of T/O,

Lee’s take could make sense but for the times when  posters were able to skate for the reasons Trip gave – that the objectionable wording was about the ideology and not the person.

When such posts have been found to cross the line, a common response is  simply “Removed”.  Nothing else.  No penalty.

How did Trip rate a 30 day time out?


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