WhereSheStops: Another light … another ban

Another poster foolish enough to ask about moderator caprice, another ban.

Concern about interacting with moderators. , http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2246271

WhereSheStops asked in part:

What is the right way for us to handle situations where we feel personally threatened by a moderator?

Rick’s reply:

MY issue with you is that I’m 99.9% certain that you’re a retread and I’m also 99.9% certain that I will have the final piece of the puzzle shortly Stor..err, WWS.

Another issue is that you’re constantly attempting to play the martyr, everyone is out to get you. Everything is taken personally and is just further proof that everyone is against you. You’re always in threads attempting to slyly paint the mods in a less than favorable light, and when challenged, once again you’re the victim.

None of this matters however as I’m dont believe you’ll be here much longer.

Two days later he made his prediction true for at least a month with this announcement, WhereSheStops, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2247661:

has been given a 1 month vacation for making ridiculous accusations of religious harassment via pm and being an all around annoyance.


WhereSheStop’s “Concern” thread mentioned a thread about insults to the mentally retarded.  That would be  Proud Mom and Teacher’s, Just checking, which deserves its own entry here.

She also mentioned other matters, including comments about religion.  That part was apparently taken to PM after Rick closed the  thread.


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5 Responses to WhereSheStops: Another light … another ban

  1. that's me! says:

    He banned me permanently for appealing the 30 day ban.

    The Terms of Service say we’re allowed to appeal but Rick made a special rule just for me. First I heard was when he banned me forever. He said he told the other moderators about it, as if that makes it okay to hold me accountable for a rule he just made up. He is so full of you-know-what.

    It’s been a full month since his permaban. I waited that long before I tried to appeal again. I didn’t want to give him the excuse of me knowing his rule this time and still not waiting the 30 days. So now I have appealed again and they just deleted my appeal without saying anything.

    Bayoubill asked about my thread disappearing and now he has been banned too.

    It’s only the internet. We shouldn’t take it too seriously. But that’s no excuse for being the kind of louse Rick is, making up special rules to get rid of people he doesn’t like. Aaargh. I better stop before I say something my mother would be ashamed of.

    • white rabbit says:

      Bill is a stand-up guy. Hannity’s loss.

      We missed when Rick upgraded your time out to a permaban. Let’s capture that for posterity. The TOS are worth the paper they are printed on.


      In the response to the PM you sent me and the other mods, I said that any temp account created for appeal during your month long time out would result in your permanent ban. That response was forwarded to the other mods as well for the record. The ban is now permanent.

  2. that's me! says:

    The PM stuff started with me defending myself against him calling me a retread. I had figured out who he meant – he was accusing me of being someone named Stormy – and I’m not Stormy. But I think he called me a retread to deflect from me saying he harassed me about my religion. I said as much in the PM.

    In his PM response he said, “I have not ONCE harassed you about your religion.”

    Since he did it not once but twice and I had the links to prove it, I sent the links to the moderators. And that’s all she wrote. literally! hahaha. Wham Ban Thank you ma’am!

    But he did hassle me about being a Mormon. Really and truly no lie. First he just asked me what my religion was. That could have been innocent enough but it made me uncomfortable and I told him I didn’t want to say. And then he outright accused me of being a Mormon. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Mormon. But it is very very wrong for a moderator to accuse a poster of being some particular religion as a way to diminish their argument in a debate. I can’t think of another word but harassment. Whatever you want to call it, it’s very uncool for Hannity’s moderators to get personal like that with Hannity’s posters … and then ban them for defending themselves.

    I still have the links somewhere. I’ll go get them.

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