gdoane relieved of duty

A couple of threads to show why it needed to happen:

Heartbreaking story,

Have You Ever Smoked Pot…?,


A couple from the TTTM forum to show how it finally came to a head:

hay_zeus-making it personal?,

On 3/15/2011, Hey_Zeus received a 10-day TO for “contempt of moderator” for this post:

Gene, you should step down as moderatror until you can get your hatred of humanity under cotrol.
You make a decent site, seem foolish
Plus I could then ignore you, instead of letting you abuse your bully pulpit as a moderator.

You just make stuff up, and it’s gettin old.


You could keep talking, thats useful too. Whatever you do is good for the Drug lords. And they’d like to send another big wet kiss. While they laugh hysterically at your teensy weensy back account.

Contempt of guest – gdoane,

On 3/16/2001, Gene was reported for calling a poster “beyond worthless”.

The thread culminated with this announcement from Rick:

It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this but after much thought and discussion, the rest of the staff and I have decided that Gdoane no longer will be a member of the Moderator team.

We understand his loss and can sympathize; however, he has crossed the line with his posts on more than one occasion. We (the staff) are to be an example for the rest of the member base, we should hold to higher standards. We’re tasked with enforcing the rules, that doesn’t make us above those rules.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Gene for his years of service to these boards. He’s done more behind the scenes than most will ever realize. These boards would not be the exemplary place that they are if not for Gene and his leadership and vision over the years. That debt can never be repaid.

All this being said, anyone caught attempting to taunt, bait, ridicule, mock etc Gene because of these actions will be banned immediately and without consideration for reinstatement. Cross that line and you will never be allowed back. Let it be made perfectly clear, there will be no “oops” factor for this, ignorance will be no excuse for violation.


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3 Responses to gdoane relieved of duty

  1. JT says:

    They let the wrong guy go.

  2. Visitor says:

    gdoane’s views on drug users were outrageous, but he seemed to be a fairly decent moderator who was fair and not too harsh.

  3. roger watts says:

    Sorry, gdoane needed to go.
    He is a crackpot.
    The “bully puplit” comment is more than accurate. He should not have been allowed to comment on pot-related threads due to his non-science-based ideology. I would have liked to “ignore” him but due to the fact that he was a mod I could not. The other mods made the right decision, despite the fact that it was LONG overdue. When Drug-War tribunals are in place he should be prosecuted to the full extent.

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