Bluejacket – will he return?

We wait . . .

Request for re-instatement,

BluejacketTemp’s appeal:

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my behavior and ask that my access under the Bluejacket moniker be restored.

While there may still be disagreement over the particular issue. I was wrong, to continue the discussion after the mods decided to close it. Instead of letting it go, I posted a “call-out” thread and made a poorly veiled attack, towards a mod and another board member. I also took issue with Goose’s interpretation and laid into him.

For letting my ego get in the way, of proper forum decorum and ToS violations… I apologize.



I remember thinking when I responded to you post after I banned you, “he’s never coming back.”

That was some pretty bad form you displayed. Way over the line.

Callout thread and contempt of my brother in arms, Rick.

I dunno…

I know I don’t want anyone to grovel. That’s not the intent of the appeal process, contrary to what Hannity Haters believe.

The purpose of the appeal process is to allow somebody that may have gotten too emotional over an issue a chance to redeem themselves. People do make mistakes.

I dunno…


As to BlueJacket, I’m torn. I don’t recall him ever being any trouble prior to this. And while he was woefully inaccurate in his assessment of our Moderation practices here, he was essentially sticking up for a woman.

But then again, he didn’t just cross the line. He skipped over it like a young girl in a hopscotch competition and seemed happy to do so.

I dunno…

GregMartin and Noose4, to pick notorious examples, remain members after complaint upon complaint but Bluejacket apparently has not been a problem before and might not get a second chance?  Either the moderators are honestly in doubt about it or they’ve made a decision and are waiting to tell Bluejacket.   How long should it take them to decide?



On the next day after a lot of “peanuts” and some more rather intense discussion of a personal nature, the ban is lifted.


Now see, I’m in an impossible position really. If I don’t grant the reinstatement, I’m the biggest jerk on the planet.


Oh for crying out loud, what the hell are we doing? It’s a freakin message board on the internet.

Ban lifted, don’t do it again.

And good luck with your health man.


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