Noose4 – portrait of a free pass

These are only the threads currently available in the TTTM forum, dated from 8/20/2010 to 2/23/2011.  It’s a long list of appearances.  Maybe you’ll want to skip all the way to the end.  How long it takes to get to the end would be enough to make the point.   Noose must have a protective mantle over him to be featured in the TTTM that frequently and still be welcome back.


noose4: name calling and general incivility

Lee Kington:

No foul (other than the minor issue of addressing the member rather than the issue / facts).

Noose- baiting (no foul other than a warning about bickering in the TTTM)

wildrose incivility taunting (report by Noose, where Noose was penalized)


I’ve had it with the both of you. Seriously.

I can’t take it any more. You’re like a couple of 5 year olds that just can’t get along.

3 Days off for both of you and upon you’re return, you will place each other on ignore and I will never, ever hear from either one of you about the other again. If I do, you’re both banned.

noose- trolling?


Yes, attacking another poster by bringing their religion into the argument for no reason is trolling. That sort of personal attack will not be tolerated. Noose, the next time you see someone leveling a personal attack against another poster, just report it in here rather than starting a fight and attacking their religion. I’m tempted to give you a time out, but I’m sure you’ll read this and not do it again… right?

Noose4 – incivility (no foul)

Mr. Capitalism– personal shot (report by MXdad, resulted in rebuke to Noose)

General statement from DaGooseMon:

Several posts have been deleted as they seem to be a direct insult towards you in response to Who’s comment.

If you people think you’re going to skirt the rules when it is absolutely obvious you’re not really making a general statement, I can just start start dropping the hammer now and save myself the aggravation.

MXDad knows when he’s being insulted. And the intentions of those comments I’ve deleted are quite clear.

If this type of thing continues, I will start the bans because I’m am getting quite sick of long time members thinking they can skirt the rules. Keep it about the topic and not the member. It’s really quite simple.

Quit being cute. You know the deal and I will grant no quarter to anyone because they have a high post count or have been here a long time. Enough is enough.


Just for clarification purposes my removed statement was not aimed at MXDAD but at the outrage over this ornament expressed in that thread by multiple posters.


So, because you didn’t single out MXDad, and you were directing your insults at multiple members, it should be allowed?

I don’t think so.

Keep it about the topic, not about the members, or don’t post anything at all. It’s not rocket science. Read your posts back to you before you submit them and if they can be interpreted in any way as an insult to a guest of Sean Hannity, I advise you not to post it.

We have advised people to refrain from using the words “you” or “you’re” in posts here because it’s usually not followed by anything nice. The same thing goes for an implied “you” or “you’re.” We’re not stupid. We can interpret intent. And even if we interpret it incorrectly, the ban may remain. So post wisely.

Noose attempting to provoke a response (no action required)

Lee Kington:

Neither of you is out of line to where I should need be involved. If I do have to get involved then both participants take a hit. Perhaps placing noose on ignore (if you cannot do it mentally) will resolve your problems with him.

darkwind (report by Noose which resulted in a sort of rebuke for Noose)

One of Noose’s comments:

Yes being mocked is insulting. So I take it the personalizing thing is no longer in affect?, thank you.

DaGooseMon’s response to that:

Noose, you know damn well that’s not the case. You keep coming with these ticky tack reports, making silly comments like this one when you know the answer. I’ve had about enough of it.

Just because there is a comment about your POST doesn’t mean it’s an insult about YOU. That comment was about your post, not you and that is abundantly clear. So man up or we can remove your access to the TTTM. I’ve asked nicely before. Now I am instructing you, as a moderator. Quit playing these silly games. We don’t have time for your desire to be overly sensitive.

JohnP: Is it appropriate to imply murder? (report by WorldWatcher which implicated Noose also and resulted in a small action against Noose, only a deleted quotation)

B’ En Natuf and Noose4 engaged in ****ing match (no foul)

Noose trolling (no foul)

Noose – Trolling (10 posts reported in one thread)


Noose, just delete the junk. It’s uncalled for. If you’re responding to someone who is posting like garbage, your punishment is to repost this warning: knock it off NOW or I’m going to be dealing out bans.

Noose… Uncivil… I Hate to Report it, but…


Well, I see you getting into the middle of their little silly spat, perhaps adding some fuel to an already existing fire maybe? “Their spat” being Zantax and Noose.

Given the history between you two and since you just can’t get along, I’m ordering you both place each other on ignore. That way we don’t have to keep separating the two of you at recess…

It’s so ordered. Noose and Mal are to place each other on ignore.

Bookmark it.

What I think of this board. (a thread about impressions of fairness – Noose weighs in with an ironic post)


I am very good friends with a few of the mods and have met them on multiple occasions and still I received a perma ban that I had to come back after over a month and make an apology in order to post here again.

He has gone so far over the top that even his very good friends had to ban him, yet they still let him back on.  As is seen from the plethora of complaints, he is a chronic irritant who has been given repeated warnings yet is still a member in relatively good standing.  He is on a 30 day timeout as I write but that will be over in two weeks.  The timeout announcement was mild and included no public notice of future consequences.



You’re both out of line, but Noose crossed it first. 

Both of you remove your posts and stay out of the thread. There’s no need for this childish bickering.

Of course Noose objected, to which Goose responded:

How many times do you need to be told a perceived insult does not in any way justify a personal attack in response?

You and you alone are responsible for what you post. Reactions that violate the TOS are still violations of the TOS. Remember it well. Because next time we start issuing lengthy TOs.

Of course more argument ensued.

Noose4…. Trolling? (no foul)

Uncivil and personal? Noose4 (no foul)


Noose had posted this which some interpreted as Contempt of Host:

Only in right wing brain washed radio land.


No foul.

There are some right wing radio hosts that are not good at what they do. And I’m not talking about being a broadcaster, but being a commentator. I won’t name them here, but believe me, they do exist. And I have plenty of contempt for them as they hurt my cause as a conservative.

I’m sure these are whom Noose was referring to because he would never badmouth our host.

calling for violence..noose (no foul)

noose4 – uncivil comment


Post removed, infraction issued.

He’s pushing his luck today…

Noose4 Banned: 30 Days


For trolling, insulting guests, and basically being a pain in the ass.

I’ve asked him nicely to mind how he responds to perceived insults. He refuses. Maybe he’ll learn some self discipline with a month off.


What is there to say?  After all of the history, he gets 30 days, and not even a warning of consequence if he doesn’t change upon his return.


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2 Responses to Noose4 – portrait of a free pass

  1. Blue Jackets fan says:

    Funny thing is I never had an issue with Noose in my 4 years on Hannity. I do agree however that he does manage to get plenty of handslaps while most of us would of banned in a instant.
    Hannity forum is dying slowly but surely.
    It used to be a good forum till they had recruited Rick and Goose to moderate and they been doing nothing but bully other posters they have had an axe to grind. It don’t matter what political slant you are on.
    Look what Rick do to Who a while back.

    I’m for one will not be returning to Hannity.

  2. Visitor says:

    Look what Rick do to Who a while back.

    What did Rick to do Who a while back?

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