avrgbear – capricious penalty?

avrgbear – links, no commentary, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2206541

No commentary – or so the complainant said.  There actually was a great deal of commentary.

DaGooseMon’s verdict:

7 days off for trolling and Nazi references and just being ridiculous.

Soon it became clear that DaGooseMon had spent little or no time examining avrgbear’s post before passing judgment.  When another poster pointed out that commentary was present, the timeout was reduced to 3 days, justified by what was deemed a Nazi reference.

The word “Nazi” wasn’t mentioned in avrgbear’s post.  Rather, he made a reference to the 1930’s, maybe even 1930’s Germany, which could reasonably be taken as a Nazi comparison of course.  Vaard got a 7-day time out for a similar reference to 1930’s Germany.  Vaard’s reference had more sinister implications, involving death, not merely indoctrination, but it could be called similar.

The decision seemed impulsive and the reasons given seemed to be tailored to fit the decision.  However, it was not out of line with past decisions.


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One Response to avrgbear – capricious penalty?

  1. trequan says:

    i am a member but mostly a lurker at hannity.com. i read the bear thread. the problem seemed to be that his “commentary” didn’t reflect what was in the link he posted. i saw a number of members ask for clarity once it was pointed out. he knew he was lying. i’m surprised he’s gotten away with it so often. he regularly posts misleading ops. he’s a jerk.

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