HeyJude: Shining a light … and getting banned

About this thread  in the “Talk to the moderator” forum, Mod Posting Rules vs Regular Members Posting Rules, http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=2186771 .

HeyJude was correct.  The moderators are contemptuous in addition to other violations of the Terms of Service.  There was probably no good way HeyJude could have asked the question.  Banning was almost guaranteed.  Talking about this elephant in the room  is taboo.

Defenses when offered are as flimsy as “The moderators work hard so cut them some slack” or “It’s their house so they decide whether they are breaking the rules.”

Members who address the abuse and disregard for rules are called contemptuous and are subject to banning.

Lee Kington’s final word:

NO…. I am simply going to ban you because I am tired of you.


An element of callousness is needed for the job – the moderators shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to explain every decision.   In a gray area, moderators should get the benefit of the doubt.  Even a little gallows humor is excusable because it is a tough job.  But do they really have license to blatantly violate the terms of service?

“I’m tired of you” should not be a justification of a banning.   “Do not tire out the moderators” is not in the Terms of Service.  At most it should give rise to a time out.


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