COSPRINGS: contempt of gdoane

COSPRINGS has been a Hannity forum member since 2005.  On Sunday he had a bad day.  In a nutshell, he had a gripe with gdoane which was dismissed and so he lodged one or more additional complaints.

His mode of complaint was over the top. He was banned. He appealed on Monday. His appeal was denied.


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One Response to COSPRINGS: contempt of gdoane

  1. roger watts says:

    Sorry, gdoane needed to go.
    He is a crackpot.
    The “bully puplit” comment is more than accurate. He should not have been allowed to comment on pot-related threads due to his non-science-based ideology. I would have liked to “ignore” him but due to the fact that he was a mod I could not. The other mods made the right decision, despite the fact that it was LONG overdue. When Drug-War tribunals are in place he should be prosecuted to the full extent.

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