Does the punishment fit the crime? Vaard

The original thread, Obama’s Final Solution .

The complaint thread, VAARD: Another Outrageous Comment,, indicates a pattern of behavior.

Vaard’s post:

most republicans will not be happy until muslims are treated like jews were in 1930’s germany………

DaGooseMan’s verdict:

Yeah, that’s over the line. That’s not a historical connection. That’s equating “most republicans” to Nazis.

7 day TO issued and Vaard, when you read this, understand I better never see anything close to this kinda comment again. The next ban is permanent.



Bluesgtr44 apparently said something similar later in the thread.


Post removed, infraction issued as a warning.

Why the disparity between the punishments? Was the severity of Vaard’s timeout so much greater because of past behavior? In light of past behavior why did Vaard ONLY get a 7 day time out?


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