Person of interest: GregMartin

Lima India Bravo posts:

Disgusting post from GregMartin

He frequently tosses out disgusting scatological references in his posts. Many people find it offensive…as do I….. and I recall it being complained about in TTTM before. It doesn’t really contribute anything even remotely worthwhile to a thread.

[Then a link is given but the post has been deleted.]

Lee Kington:

He deleted the post himself. However, others quoted it and I have removed their posts.

Between that incident and an earlier one with members quoting an f-bomb violation enough is enough. Any more such quotes of violations and bans will be issued.


Will GregMartin be disciplined? Lee’s post gives the impression that the quotations of the violations are more objectionable than the original violation. GregMartin trolled obnoxiously, then deleted it, so he is off the hook? Is that what happened?

Will GregMartin be allowed to continue his reign of scatological terror?  Or will only the people who take his bait face consequences?


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2 Responses to Person of interest: GregMartin

  1. white rabbit says:

    The next day in a thread on the general topic of bannable language, Lee says: “The hard and fast rule is: I ban people for being crass, crude, uncouth, and vulgar. ”

    Apparently not! Or else GregMartin would have been gone long ago. Lee fools himself.

  2. white rabbit says:

    GregMartin is on a timeout. Post here deleted by DaGooseMon:

    Really Michelle…a Thousand Dollar handbag?,

    “Reason: Over the line. TO issued”

    No announcement in TTTM at this time.

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