Crimes & misdemeanors

Many feel that the punishments at Hannity do not fit the crime.  Some receive warning after warning with not even a time out.  Some are banned for what another moderator might have  called “no foul”.

Some feel that conservative posters are dealt with more severely than liberal posters.  Of course some feel that some moderators have pets who are cut greater slack.

Some are disciplined for doing what the moderators do without apology and others are disciplined for pointing that out.

Feel free to add your observations and impressions.

How much is perception?  How much reality?  Perhaps it would be useful to give examples of who is punished, for what, and with what sentence?  An infraction but not time off?  24 hours off?  A permaban?


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2 Responses to Crimes & misdemeanors

  1. Blue Jackets fan says:

    The forum is dying. When I joined 4 years ago, it wasn’t the way it is now. I wasn’t banned, but I won’t be going back to Hannity

    • white rabbit says:

      Hi. Sorry your reply didn’t post automatically. I will try to find out how to let people post without having to be preapproved.

      It will be a shame if you aren’t there. I understand though.

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